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Post by Wlonnie on Fri Aug 29, 2014 5:38 pm

Challenge Six: Write a story about anything you want, in any genre, and with no word limit. The only thing is that you must include this sentence into your story, and it must make sense: "Don't you ever speak to me about chihuahuas again." Challenged invented by Jennica.

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Post by JustJosh on Wed Sep 03, 2014 2:36 pm

Based on Star Wars the Clone Wars.

Darth Maul burst open the door and stormed though, his metal feet clanking loudly as he angrily walked away. He was covered in scratches and bruises. Outside, Savage Oppress stood by the pet shop.
“Did you get one?” he asked eagerly, hope gleaming in his eyes.
“No brother, I did not get one,” Maul replied, anger brewing in his eyes.
Savage’s face fell. “Did you look at all of them?” he asked.
“Yes, I looked at all of them.”
“None of them worked?” Savage asked, sounding disappointed. “The labs? The retrievers? The Chihua-“
Maul’s eyes flamed with fury. “Don’t you EVER speak to me about Chihuahuas again!” With that, he stormed off to their ship and flew away.
Savage looked up at the Turtle Tanker. “... Brother?”

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Post by Wlonnie on Wed Sep 03, 2014 4:42 pm

A Fun Story - Chapter Twelve

“Core was founded as a safe haven.” Russian Spy said, her gaze shifting between Wlonnie and Jubses as she spoke. “You know that we all have our special skills, right? Paigey does the questioning and elimination, Navid and Geven run the tactical side of things, Han’s the ninja, and so on and so forth. Well, we used to be part of a larger group called Taco Tickle. There wasn’t much structure in the system, and people were allowed to use their skill sets in any way they wished. Things were going well until two of the members got into a fight. Core was then created, and those who were deemed worthy to work in a structured system that allowed them to grow in their talents were picked to be part of the group.” She smiled. “It was a strange situation, but after we fought in a few deadly situations together, we found out that Core was more than just a club for special people. We were a family; a collection of people who could trust one another in the darkest of times.”
“That’s insane.” Wlonnie breathed. “How did you get all of the technology and security that backs up Core? That would have been a chore.”
“Oh, that was easy.” Grinned Paigey. She shot a creepily meaningful look at Jubses. We had help.”
Startled, Jubses’ wide-eyed face shook rapidly from side to side. “I didn’t even know about Core’s affiliations until the other day. How did I help?”
Paigey giggled. “We don’t ignore the fact that you have stalking powers.”
Wlonnie burst into a fit of laughter. “Twin ... y-you were ... stalking for them w-without knowing?” The girl fell over onto the TARDIS’s mesh metal floor from where she had been sitting. “You rock.”
The others laughed, and Jubses made a quip about her fabulous stalking abilities. Paigey continued explaining after the noisy girls calmed down.
“Jubses researched everything we had to know in order to get started. Our conversations aren’t exactly normal – never have been – you know that. The Eye called in a few favours from some other-worldly friends. It was a great start-up system.” She said. “Russian Spy, why don’t you tell them about our first two missions?”
A sparkle of mischief passed between the two girls’ eyes, leaving Wlonnie and Jubses hyped with anticipation to hear the stories.
“The first one was after Davin was allowed to fly his TARDIS.” Russian Spy began. “It was pretty neat – I wasn’t there, but Oranje, Han, Geven, and Navid tell me it was brilliant. Anyways, the TARDIS was flown by the four of them to some deep-space base that was planning an attack on Earth forty years ago. I know, time-travelling stuff is weird. Anyways, to stop the attack, the four of them had to pretend to be the military commanders of the base. Han was their “prisoner”, and through a dramatic spiel of love, war, and ... well ... drama, they returned home safely, saving the Earth in the process.”
“Sounds an awful lot like one of their role-plays,” Wlonnie muttered to Jubses. The dark-haired girl giggled at the comment.
Paigey arched an eyebrow. “Where did you think the role-plays came from?”
The girls became silent.
“The second one was the best.” Russian Spy continued. “All of the Core members were undercover at their homes, just living their lives as normal teenagers. By this time, we were fairly well-known by smaller galactic groups and a few random people who had tried pushing the wrong buttons. We got a random anonymous call from some guy in Croatia. He was pretty vague about his problem, but from what we could tell, he was concerned about aliens invading Earth in the form of Chihuahuas.”
“It was the perfect plan on those aliens’ part.” Paigey added. “Do you know how many people think Chihuahuas are adorable?”
“Too many,” Jubses muttered. “Too yappy,”
“Well, we investigated the tip.” Russian Spy said. “Turns out that the Croatian guy was the real alien – a harmless guy, really – just a prankster. You wouldn’t believe how hard he laughed when he heard we’d bought his joke.”
“We’d been investigating for two months at that time.” Paigey said, shaking her head. “It sucked.”
At that moment, Navid walked over to the four girls. “Hey, we’re almost done the final research and tune-ups. We’ll be landing back at base in ten minutes.”
“Sounds great!” Paigey said.
“They’re just telling us about the Chihuahua incident.” Jubses smirked wickedly.
“No.” Navid smacked his hand across his forehead. “Just no.”
“Come on, Navid, that experience couldn’t have desensitized you to Chihuahuas! They’re so cute and barky and little.” Russian Spy teased.
“Ugh. Don’t you ever speak to me about Chihuahuas again. The guys and I will be up by the controls if you need anything.” Navid turned from the girls and walked away. Of course, this set them into another fit of giggles.
“So it was all just a big prank?” Wlonnie wiped a stray tear from the corner of her eye. Her cheek muscles hurt from smiling too widely. “Sounds like something I’d do.”
“Don’t you dare,” Russian Spy laughed. “I think the Eye and Navid are still recovering from that one.”
Jubses chuckled. “You folks must run into quite a few ETs, eh?”
Russian Spy shrugged. “Navid doesn’t have a TARDIS for no reason.”
Cue Wlonnie’s brain concocting the beginnings of a story.
“Anyways, does that answer most of your questions?” Russian Spy asked with a smile.
Jubses shook her head. “Not all of them, but that covers the basics. Questions kind of pop up when the people you thought you knew well end up leading a secret organization thingie that deals with aliens and psychos who want to destroy guys.”
“Understandable.” Paigey said. “But hey, we picked you two because you’re ready for this. You girls are wired like the rest of us: totally crazy.”
“We’re crazy, that’s for sure.” A ghost of a grin passed over Wlonnie’s face as she said the next words in a very serious tone, “We’re Core-crazy.”

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August 29 - September 5, 2014 Empty I. CAN'T. EVEN.

Post by Hybukee on Thu Sep 04, 2014 3:02 pm

What did I do wrong?! Well, other than mentally killing someone for talking to me about Chihuahuas… It’s complicated. You see, I was THAT KID that everyone shunned because I wasn’t interesting. I’d get called “special”, but that was even worse. Life sucked. It was depressing, actually.

Today was no exception. It was a dreary weekday, and as I was walking to the library, some swagged out white boy approaches me with a macho smirk pasted on his face. “Great, I’m going to get kidnapped by a hipster skater boy”, I thought to myself as I tried to hide my perturbed state.

“Heyyyyyy gurl, sup?”

Oh no, oh no. Please don’t try to talk to me.

I had to reply, unfortunately. “Umm, not much… I’m just heading to the library.”

“Sweet, a bookworm, arentcha? You like them yappy Chihuahuas too huh.” He smirked, pointing to my binder cover.

Not sure if that was an insult. Ignore, ignore! Act normal, c’mon…

I let out a little chuckle. Winced. That sounded absolutely girlish and gross. “Maybe a little. I--”

I was rudely interrupted by his high pitched, mocking voice.

“Those little things kill my vibes, gurl. Huskies and pugs are all the rage these days. Don’t you go outside sometimes?” He inspected his cuticles as he finished speaking.

At that very moment, my blood started to boil. My face was red, I could feel it. He is a sad, insolent product of our modern society and I was not about to tolerate it any longer.

“Look, I’m in a hurry so I should go. Good day!”

I tried to push past him. OWWW SWEET DIGGETY DAWG OW OW. I just HAD to stub my toe, right at that moment. Madly searching for the inanimate culprit of such a darned injury, I notice that the boy was hiding a laugh, his foot on the skateboard. The little hipster had stuck his board out purposely to trip me!

“Did you seriously just – omg, I. CAN’T. EVEN.” I quipped, incredibly agitated.

“I wasn’t done chatting about your darling Chihuahuas, hun. Where do you think you’re going?” A smug grin danced across his face.


With that, I stalked off angrily. His expression was priceless, though. Jaws inches off the ground, hands limp at his sides. One should never underestimate a girl. Serves him right for being such a creep.

August 29 - September 5, 2014 Comical-Chihuahua

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Post by Natarsha on Fri Sep 05, 2014 2:55 am

I'm sorry...

We wondered along the dark underground tunnel, gun in hand. The only thing to be heard was the drips of water hitting the pavement, we went around the bend and I checked to see if the coast was clear “Okay... it’s safe to talk” I said in a whisper only for her to hear me “Oh thank god” she stood up straight and put the pistol back in her belt “It’s so hard to talk about all the different types of breeds of dogs in sign language” I shake my head and remove my AK-47 sitting against the wall. “So there’s German Shepherds, Great hounds oh and of course Chihuahuas which I’ve told you about many times before” “Bella as much as I love you please don’t ever talk to me about Chihuahuas again.” I say as she sits beside me “Oh okay Matthew” she hugs me and kisses my cheek, we talk for a bit until I hear the moans and groans of the zombies. I stand up grabbing my AK-47 “Wait here Bella, don’t move” she nods and grabs her pistol, I kiss her “I love you” I say “I love you too” she smiles and I walk around the corner, about 3 ft. down the tunnel is a herd of zombies. I shoot them before they come closer and walk back to Bella when I hear a scream “Bella!” I shout and run towards the scream as I see the zombies’ crowd around her “No! Bella!” I shoot at the zombies “Matthew! Help me” she says scared and crying “I will” I say to her but more to myself. I shoot the zombies just before they reach her I grab her arm and pull her down the tunnel and to the ladder “Go up first” I tell her “I can’t, I’m scared of heights” I sigh “Okay I’ll go first and you can follow?” she nods and I start climbing up about half way up the ladder I look at her “Okay you coming” I say “Yeah I am” she starts climbing up the ladder, I watch her and the zombies come and start pulling her down “No! Bella!” I try shoot them but I’m all out of ammo “Bella give me your hand” I reach out to her “Matthew it’s too late...” “No… No one gets left behind remember? I can’t leave you…” I say trying to grab her “Matthew, I love you okay.” “I love you too” I say and try once more and I pull her up and kiss her one last time until she falls out of my grip “Always..” I say to myself and hear her scream as she falls down a never ending tunnel, I scream her name and cry as I climb out of the tunnel. “Matthew… Matthew” I hear in whispers “Hmm? Yes” I wake up in bunk and see who was saying my name “Another night mare mate?” He says “Yeah sorry Josh, I can’t seem to get her out of my mind” my hand goes to the necklace she gave me before the mission, it was of a two little birds flying she has one the exact same a on the back it has the words Always. “I know you miss her mate but try sleep?” “Yeah, okay...” I lay back down and close my eyes.

I listen to the static of the radio “It’s the year 4000, the zombie apocalypse has started. My name is Matthew Parker me and my soon to be wife Bella Michigan have traveled far and wide in search for this place, we are about to go on a mission in search for survivors” The voice gets cut of and its silent, I wait and hear it return “The mission has failed I repeat the mission has failed, I lost her my one love Bella…” he’s silent till I hear him again “Bella if you somehow hear this come back to me please? I miss you and I love you…Always” And that was the last I heard of his voice. “Always…” I hold the necklace we both have. “I will find you Matthew...”

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August 29 - September 5, 2014 Empty "Don't you ever speak to me about Chihuahuas again!"

Post by ScrambledMemories on Fri Sep 05, 2014 4:11 pm


Peter Parker, AKA Spiderman, the web slinging vigilante, was staring down at himself in shock.

Loki stood to one side, failing at trying to hold his snickers in, while Peter stood on four legs in front of the mirror, watching his reflection with astonishment.


Loki lost it them, collapsing onto the couch in a fit of laughter as he desperately tried to get back up.

“I-I didn’t know the spell would work like that!” he gasped, his hands clutching his middle as he lay on Peter’s couch.

“Turn me back!” The young adult whined, running over to land on Loki’s stomach. Reaching over, Loki absentmindedly stroked his friend’s head, his chin propped up by a fisted hand. 

“Weeell… I, uh, never actually took the time to find the reverse spell.” The raven haired adult admitted, his cheeks growing a rosy shade of pink. 

Peter’s Chihuahua eyes bugged out of his furry head, and he backed away from Loki’s hand.

“What do you mean?! You’ve got to know it!”

Loki shook his head, and said mournfully “I never thought it would work, so I never thought I’d need the reverse. It could take weeks, months, to find the correct spell, and turn you back to your human form.”

Peter let his little furry body fall backwards onto the couch, and sighed “Don’t you have a spell to turn me human?” 

Loki shook his head again. “Nope. You’re just going to have to be a Chihuahua, for however long until I find the correct spell.” 

Groaning, Peter closed his eyes, tiny whiskers drooping.

Then, a few minutes later…

‘Ring, Ring!’

“Oh no.” 

His eyes shot open again, and he raced randomly around the apartment.

“Gwen’s here! I invited her over here for supper, and a movie, and now I’m a Chihuahua, what is she going to think? What am I going to do?!”

“Peter, calm down!” 

Loki put down a hand, and grabbed his friend, who was still babbling incoherent nonsense. 

“We’ll go answer the door, and she’ll understand why this happened. She, does know you’re a superhero, right?” 

He furrowed his brow, and Peter nodded. 

“Yea. That’s how I’m able to keep her around” he joked, as Loki strode to the door. 

Peter twitched nervously as Loki opened the door, smiling brilliantly at Gwen as she smiled back. 

“Hi, are you a friend of Peter’s? I’m Gwen Stacy, his girlfriend.” 

Loki nodded, and said “About Peter…” 

Gwen frowned, and asked “Is he okay? He invited me over this morning, but if this isn’t a good time…” 

Unable to take it anymore, Peter jumped up, and exclaimed “It’s me, Gwen! I’m right here and perfectly fine! Except, you know, for being a Chihuahua.”

Gwen raised an eyebrow, as and Loki backed up to let her in, she picked Peter up and stroked him.

At first he relaxed into her rhythmic strokes, then he jumped back, an offended expression on his face.

“Why does everyone keep petting me?” He complained, and Gwen chuckled.


Loki sat himself down in the seat beside Peter, and asked “How is this going to affect him being Spiderman? Is Spiderman going to have to have a sidekick, SpiderChihuahua?”

Peter adopted a look of horror, and exclaimed “Heck, no! Spiderman is just going to have to take a break, until SOMEONE finds the correct way to turn me back.” 

He glared Loki, and the older man threw his hands up in defence.

“How was I supposed to know the spell was going to work!?” 

The two men threw insults back and forth, till Gwen glared at them, causing them both to shut up.

“You two are acting like kids! And, I know a cure.”

Peter looked at her with an adoring expression on his face, while Loki just looked surprised. 

“What is it?” They both asked at the same time, and before they could get into a fight about yelling ‘Jinx!’ at the same time, Gwen hurriedly said “We must climb to the top of the Empire State building, and Peter has to eat a bag of blue gummy bears.”

“But there are no blue gummy bears! Everyone knows that” Loki protested, and Gwen smirked and dug into her purse.

“Exactly, that is why I have cleverly stowed away a bag, just in case something like this might happen.” 

Peter grinned, and said “Everyone, to the Empire State building!”


When they reached the Empire State building, they had to wait as a group of rowdy teenagers were joking around, shoving and poking each other with what looked like… baseball bats?

Peter shook his head, and instead watched as one of the teenagers, a tall guy with black, messy hair, and green eyes leaned over the front desk, looking for all the world like he was threatening the poor desk clerk.

“Hey, Loki, look it could be your kid” Peter snickered, as he squirmed in Loki’s arms. 

Loki scowled, and muttered “I don’t have any kids. And probably never will…”

As the school group- That’s what Peter had decided they were, headed towards an elevator, Gwen pulled Loki and Peter the Chihuahua forwards. 

“Just us, doing some sightseeing.” She announced cheerfully, and the desk clerk smiled up at her.

“Of course.”

He pushed a button on his keyboard, and they continued walking towards the elevators. 

As they reached one, the doors slid open with a chime, and a tall, slender, curly haired man strode off, a black trench coat swishing around his legs.

He pushed rudely between the three, and a smaller man jumped off after him. 


He apologized hastily to Gwen, Peter, and Loki, and ran after the so called ‘Sherlock’, calling after him with a vaguely British accent. 

“That was weird…” Gwen muttered, and Loki shook his head.

“You’re telling me.” 

They got on the elevator, and after a few minutes, were on their way. 

About halfway to their floor, the bell chimed, and they came to a stop, two younger kids coming on.

Peter studied them, and his sensitive ears picked up what they were muttering about.

“Sadie, Amos said we weren’t supposed to go here.” 

The younger, slightly darker skinned one said that, his eyes darting around nervously as he whispered. 

The girl, Sadie, rolled her eyes and whispered back while munching loudly on a piece of gum “Its fine, Carter, he’s never going to know we went here. I just wanted to get out, and see something new!” 

They got off at the next stop, leaving Gwen, Peter, and Loki alone on the elevator once again. 

“Anyone else we’re going to meet?” Loki mumbled, and Gwen elbowed him. “Loki, don’t be rude. We didn’t even really meet them, we just happened to be on the same elevator with them.” 

Loki rolled his eyes and sighed, leaning back against the elevator wall. 

Finally, they reached the top, and Peter the Chihuahua hopped off Loki’s shoulder. 


He scampered up the satellite pole adorning the roof, and began munching on the blue gummy bears rapidly, looking down at himself from time to time.

After a couple minutes, he began scratching himself, suddenly aware of being itchy.

“I think its working!” he called down to Gwen and Loki, who were squinting against the afternoon sun. 

He gulped down the rest of the bag, and with a ‘poof’ of green smoke, he was back to being Peter Parker.


He jumped down, performed a cartwheel, then collapsed in a pile at the feet of Gwen and Loki.

Loki screeched like a girl, while Gwen knelt down and checked his pulse. 

“He’ll be fine, just a sugar high. He always falls asleep; I guess it’s his body’s defence against going crazy.”

Loki nodded sheepishly, and hoisted Peter up on his shoulders. 

“We should probably get back.”


As they dragged him into the apartment, he opened his eyes sleepily, and murmured “Don’t you ever speak to me about Chihuahuas again.”

Loki smirked, and said “Never. Unless, it’s for blackmail.”

He and Gwen high-fived, then headed out the door, closing it behind themselves.


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August 29 - September 5, 2014 Empty Re: August 29 - September 5, 2014

Post by Admin on Tue Sep 09, 2014 11:20 am

Hairy Sven's Friend

Once upon a time there was a man named Sven
Sven liked to compete in all sorts of fun trends
One trend Sven attended every third weekend
Was a cake-making contest made for big hairy men
Sven had little hair in comparison to a hen
But Sven had more hair than his hairiest friend.

One afternoon during cake-making recreation
Sven’s hairy friend went to the store next store to the gas station
There it was Sven’s hairy friend had hoped to find Dalmatians
But instead all Sven’s friend found was a Chihuahua infestation
“Oh me, oh my, they’re everywhere!” said Sven’s friend in frustration
He grabbed his hat and fled the store alarmed by dog gestation

Sven’s hairy friend ran around the block searching for a way
To find where friend Sven’s cake making lay on weekends (not weekdays)
Sven’s hairy friend found Sven in blend with hairy cake making play
But to Sven’s hairy friend’s surprise, the dog’s had kept in shay.
“There is no way”, thought the friend of Sven, “These dogs be kept at bay,”
“For no matter which way I run or dash, it’s me upon whom they prey!”

Sven saw his hairy friend come forth, flailing arms to send
A message of panicked desperation asking Sven to fend
The army of Chihuahuas off and force them around the bend
Away from Sven’s poor hairy friend who wanted the chase to end
But to Sven’s shock, when Sven’s friend stopped, the Chihuahuas didn’t rend
Instead they ploughed past Sven’s friend towards the cakes that Sven did mend

The dogs did chew all in sight, on Sven’s friend’s new Mercedes Benz
They chewed up the hairy mens’ pride and joy and ruined Sven’s creation
Svens hairy friend smiled once he’d realized the dogs were here to stay
To Sven he spoke in a light mannered tone, “Chihuahua food, I am not today.”
But Sven was red with angry zeal and looked upon his friend
And said  “Don’t you ever speak to me, about Chihuahuas again”

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August 29 - September 5, 2014 Empty Re: August 29 - September 5, 2014

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