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Post by Adley☮ on Sat Sep 13, 2014 2:42 pm

Created by Genevieve Ward

This assignment this week is a little different than the norm…rather than focusing directly on improving your writing, it’s going to concentrate on one aspect of writing: creating characters. As any writer knows, good characters can make or break a story (much like overused clichés), and it’s always helpful to work on making them in-depth and complex. The format is pretty simple – for anyone familiar with RPGs (role-play games) it should be quite easy to figure out. Simply fill out the specifics for each category, and try to take the time to create a truly “round” character. Notes contained within asterisks (*) are simply there to provide further explanatory notes on some of the details, so feel free to delete them when you’re done (or even before you start) writing. If there’s any confusion, skype me or leave a message on the KotP skype group, and I’ll send you an example character sheet that’s filled out. Minimum is 500 words. Have fun! Very Happy
Also a note – try to make the character up entirely out of your own brain, since the focus is on creating rather than defining a character. No cheating with describing characters that already exist in movies or books. xD



Occupation (if applicable):


Appearance: *try to make this detailed – some ideas to include are height, body type (thin, muscular, etc), hair colour, eye colour, skin tone, significant features…work on getting beyond simply calling them “pretty” or “ugly” – explain why*

First Impression: *as a total stranger meeting your character for the first time, what would you notice first?*

In Depth Personality: *What are the things that only those closest to your character, or maybe only your character themselves, know?*

Fears: *not just snakes and spiders, although those can count too…what really terrifies them?*

Desires/Dreams: *What do they want most in the world?*


Pet-Peeves: *What bothers them beyond compare – maybe even for no sensible reason?*

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September 12 - 26 Empty Re: September 12 - 26

Post by Wlonnie on Tue Sep 16, 2014 11:13 am

Yay for my super random character!

Age: Thirty-eight
Gender: Female
Occupation (if applicable): Special education teacher
Home-town: Williams Lake, British Columbia
Appearance: Tall and lanky, rising to 5’11” when she stands up straight. 153 pounds. She has short, black hair that she keeps spiked up in a pixie cut. Her eyebrows are black and she generally adds some eyebrow pencil touch-ups to them. Her cheekbones are finely chiseled, and her eyes are a deep sea blue. She is Caucasian, and her skin is just a few shades lower than a decent tan. Her lips are the feature she hates the most, as they are unnaturally plump from a Botox injection she got when she was twenty-three. She wears a modest amount of makeup, and wears a mixture of classy and creative clothing items between her work life and her casual time. Her nose is small and slightly curved at the tip, complementing the rest of her face. Ink smudges can often be found on her hands, which are long-fingered and agile. She doesn’t give much focus to appearance anymore other than making sure she has a professional aura and doesn’t look like a zombie.
First Impression: Most people who meet Eliza come across her at the elementary school where she works. In this setting, her co-workers and the parents of the children she teaches all hold her in high respects. Not only does she easily connect with special needs children, but she teaches them in such a way that they are able to overcome their struggles and learn with skill. Most people don’t see past the label of a great special education teacher. If someone were to meet her outside of work, they probably wouldn’t think too much of her. She’s a quiet, logical, and orderly person when placed in social situations. The fact that she doesn’t say anything can oftentimes lead people to believe that she’s being rude or inconsiderate. Some days, this is simply because of her quiet nature. Other days, she honestly doesn’t care.
In Depth Personality: Eliza is a person who doesn’t like showing her true face. She only came to terms with this fact around the time she turned thirty-five, and her husband is the only other person who fully recognizes this. She is a very reasonable, kind, and helpful person, but can only utilize these attributes when working with children. She finds it extremely hard to relate to adults on a level deeper than business. This frustrates her, though she usually tries to ignore the problem.
Fears: Eliza is scared of being vulnerable and alone, like most people are. More unique fears include confined spaces, the sound of fire alarms, and cows.
Desires/Dreams: Her biggest dream for the future is to start her own special education school filled with teachers who have gone through similar training as her. Her husband is an artist, and the two of them have discussed the possibility of joint career efforts in the future. The idea is that when she starts her school, he will teach art at the school once a week as well as sell paintings and sketches in order to raise money for the school. Another dream of Eliza’s is to travel with her husband back to his hometown of Dusseldorf, Germany.
Talents: Eliza is talented at explaining ideas, theories, and formulas. For this reason, she generally teaches her students in either the math or science branches. She is also very good with computers, and uses a variety of programs to write curriculum. The oddest talent that Eliza possesses is her ability to bake really good monster cookies. Other than this one snack, Eliza completely fails at making food.
Pet-Peeves: She gets riled up when she sees young girls obsessed with their own appearances. She knows how that road ends, and hates seeing mistakes she’s made reflect back to her through other people. The best way to annoy her is to leave the dinner table messy. Earlier on in their marriage, she would get quite upset with her husband when he didn’t put his dishes in the dishwasher. Another pet peeve of hers is when adults look down on children. In her opinion, all people are people, and children deserve just as much proper attention and consideration as adults do.
Interests: Eliza is interested in studies such as quantum physics and philosophy. She highly doubts ever making breakthroughs in the studies herself, but she loves reading about what other people have discovered and theorized in these areas. She is quite interested in travelling, but unfortunately does not have the funds to do so more than once every few years.
Things that make them happy: Eliza’s main source of joy is the children she teaches. Other things that make her happy: her family, her husband, getting things accomplished, and spending long nights lying awake thinking about anything and everything.
Family: Eliza’s husband is forty-year-old Arlen Bücher. Her parents’ names are Andrew and Marina. She has a good relationship with both of her parents, although they live four hours away. She has an older sister named Karen, who is a doctor in Vancouver. They have their differences, but have decided to set them aside for the sake of their parents. Karen is unmarried and has no intent of ever settling down. On Arlen’s side of the family, there are three brothers-in-law. Between these three men, Eliza and Arlen are aunt and uncle to five children all under the age of nine. Arlen’s parents live close by, and oftentimes spend an evening at the Bücher home.
3 Random Facts: Eliza hates science fiction. Daisies are her favourite flowers. She loves the larger cities where she’s lived the latter part of her life rather than the small town she grew up in.
History: Eliza was born and raised in Williams Lake with her older sister Karen. The two were very different, as Eliza was a quieter, studious girl who oftentimes got more approval from her parents than Karen did. Karen was loud, outspoken, and partied throughout her work. This huge difference set a gap between the two, and ever since they were small they often fought. After Karen straightened herself back out and went to school, Eliza took her turn on the rebellious road. This didn’t last long, and only resulted in a plastic surgery job and many hung-over mornings. Eliza went to school in Kelowna and achieved her status as a special education teacher after a few years of practice and training. She was moved around a few of the larger British Columbia cities before finally settling in Vernon. The city is not too big and not too small. She met Arlen a few years later, and they married in their late twenties/early thirties.
Full Name: Eliza Sabine Bücher
Nickname(s): Her friends call her Liza, her husband calls her Schatz, and her students call her Mrs. B.

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September 12 - 26 Empty Re: September 12 - 26

Post by Adley☮ on Fri Sep 19, 2014 5:21 pm

Sorry I did not have time to completely finish this.
Age: 56

Gender: Male

Occupation: Prime Minister of Malahivia

Home-town: Cappad

Appearance: Short, Skinny, Arab/Indian skin colour, Stern face, Trustworthy eyes, Black hair, Walks with dignity and importance, Maintains an interested expression and appears quick in all his movements.

First Impression: He appears absent when you first set eyes on him, absent and intelligent, then his attention focuses on you, he seems interested in whatever you have to offer. He speaks slowly and deliberately, unlike his movements, which are quick and abrupt. He is very convincing and leaves you with little room to negotiate.

In Depth Personality: Aamil is in love with his country of Malahivia. He has a deep understanding of how production and efficiency work. Aamil believes that everyone and everything has a specific value and it is his job to make sure these values are properly used to benefit his country and people.

Fears: *not just snakes and spiders, although those can count too…what really terrifies them?*

Desires/Dreams: Aamil is intelligent enough to understand that Utopia cannot and will not exist on earth, but he dreams of making Malahivia as close to a Utopia as possible. He wants his citizens to have money, he wants his country to have money and he wants Malahivia to be known as the most productive and efficient country in the world.

Talents: Besides being excellent at maintaining control of his country, Aamil is also very good at painting; he has a specific interest in Picasso style painting.

Pet-Peeves: Inefficiency, why would anyone want to waste time and energy, it’s so annoying.

Interests: Aamil is interested in a number of things, but his highest interest is in efficiency. He is always fascinated by the way production can be multiplied so many times, simply by having a means to work efficiently.

Things that make them happy: When Aamil is working any good news about his country will make him happy, such as higher approval rate, higher production, higher income and lower crime. When Aamil is not working, he enjoys painting and swimming.

Family: Aamil had no siblings and was raised by his father who was a fisher man.

3 Random Facts: Aamil actually dislikes schedules, although he completely hides this side of himself. Aamil attends a live theatre performance once a week, usually ballet or flamenco. Aamil’s favorite season is spring.

History: Aamil was born and raised in Cappad, which is the capitol city of Cappadcia, one of the seven provinces of Malahivia. Despite being the capitol of a province, Cappad is now reduced to a medium sized city, with fishing as the main industry. Aamil was immediately recognized in his school as brilliant, by the time he was 18, he received a free university scholarship. Aamil originally studied business, after which he started a number of factories. When he was 38, Aamil became interested in law and went back to university to study the subject. By the time he was 47, he was voted prime minister of Malahivia.

Full Name: Aamil Hashid


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Post by Natarsha on Fri Sep 19, 2014 6:29 pm

Age: Twenty-five

Gender: Female

Occupation (if applicable): Scientist (Studies Astronomy)

Home-town: Auckland, New Zealand

Stands around 5’4” when she decides it is best to stand up straight. Long brown hair just past her shoulders which she ties up most of the time in a high ponytail, Green-Blue eyes. Her skin colour is tan. 140 pounds Her lips are small which she hates as well as her eyebrows because she finds them oddly shaped. She wears a bit of makeup but she always wears a light shade of red lipstick as well as a little mascara and eye liner. She usually wears casual clothing for work and at home. She wears a mix of dresses and sometimes jeans and a blouse. She wears her black sneakers all the time. She does her best to always look happy.

First Impression:
A first impression on Isabella is her smile, she seems to be always smiling and looking happy. Many say that they haven’t seen her upset, not even her closest friend. Besides her husband who knows who she really is. Despite her happy personality Isabella is very quiet and likes to keep to herself.  

In Depth Personality: Isabella has had a bad past and only her husband knows about this as they got married when she was twenty he knows who she truly is, past the walls she puts up. Isabella is a kind and caring character she is also very helpful, she is very quiet and doesn’t really let anyone get too close to her.

Fears: Isabella has a fear of being alone and tight spaces. She also has an absolute fear of flying. What really terrifies her is the fact that were not alone in the universe, the fact that she feels as though someone from up above is watching them scares her.

Desires/Dreams: Her biggest dream is to be able to open up her own observatory her and her husband have both discussed this as he is an architect. She wishes to one day open up her own observatory to watch the stars and teach others about space. But she also dreams of travelling in space but that wouldn’t happen because of her fear of flying.

Talents: Her talents include being able to hold her temper and drawing, as well as baking. She has a love of art and absolutely loves drawing. She also loves to memorise quotes and pin them up in oddest of places (you should ask her husband)  

Pet-Peeves: What bothers Isabella most is young girls and boys fussing over love and their appearances she believes that it’s not right for society to label what is okay and what is not. What also bothers her is society itself.

Interests: Her interests are astronomy and reading, she loves learning about the stars and space and developed that as a career. Reading is another interest of hers, as well as being creative she believes in handmade gifts.

Things that make them happy: One thing that makes her happy is her husband from the moment they started dating at the age of sixteen till when they got married at the age of twenty and twenty-one and since then they’ve been married for five years, other than that her career makes her happy as well.

Family: Isabella’s family is her husband Chris West who is twenty-six and an architect. She lost contact with her parents and older brother Mark when she left home at eighteen to follow her dreams, and to get away from her past. She and Chris moved from their home town and went down south to Dunedin, New Zealand where they live in a small town. Chris’ parents live in Kerikeri at the top of the north island, but sometimes his parent’s visit. Chris has one younger sister who moved overseas to Russia to live with her husband.

Three Random Facts: Fox gloves are her favorite flower, she loves cats and has an obsession with books.

History: Isabella was born in Auckland, she was the youngest and seeing she was so quite she was sometime forgotten and left at home. Which she didn’t mind at all seeing it gave her time to read and explore. Around the age of seventeen when her and Chris broke up for the first and only time she wanted to be noticed so she decided to be rebellious and decided to steal her dads smokes (She didn’t actually smoke them) and steal her dads Harley Davidson and drove it straight into a lake, of course being the goody-two-shoes she is she repaid him and never did anything like that again. All through her college and high school life she was top of the class and got straight A’s. She did her best in school and tried not to get into trouble. She was in the school’s football team at high school and that’s how she and Chris met. Through their love of the sport football (Soccer for those who call it that).

Full Name: Isabella Rose West

Nickname(s): Her husband calls her Izzy or Ella, Her fellow workmates and friends call her Bella.

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September 12 - 26 Empty Character Description

Post by ScrambledMemories on Fri Sep 19, 2014 6:45 pm

(Hello people. This is a filler. A filler because my creative juices ran dry.
Now to make a title)

Molina Caton Jusiran, a Character Description.
Age: 16

Species: Palintions

Gender: Female

Occupation (if applicable): She works part time at a fast food restaurant near her house with her friend, Gathlon. He works at the counter, and she works the drive-through window.

Home-town: Farontion, near the city of Gigalet.

Appearance: 5”4’, skinny, pink hair that reaches the middle of her back, grey eyes with golden flecks, blue skin tone, and a light smattering of green freckles.

First Impression: At a first impression, you’d think that she was a bookworm, shy, nervous, and not very social. She’d seem geeky, and kind of weird.

In Depth Personality: As you get to know her, you learn she loves jokes, and making those around her laugh. She prefers to speak her opinions around people she knows, rather than strangers.

Fears: She’s terrified of the dark, of being rejected and alone. She has a constant fear of nightmares, which she used to have frequently when she was younger. She’s afraid of being abandoned, or left by her family.

Desires/Dreams: She wants to move to the city Gigalet, and become a professional cook, or to create her own album as a singer. Another wish of hers is that the characters in her book could come to life, even if just for a day so she could ask them questions about their lives.

Talents: Cooking, from meals to desserts, singing, and Hudrom board flying.

Pet-Peeves: When her pet yiton decides to leave ‘presents’ in her boots. When people forget to replace the toilet paper roll in the bathroom. Being called from her book at an exciting part. Her boss ‘forgetting’ to pay her, and then insisting he did when it comes to payday.

Interests: Cooking, playing with her pet, reading fantasy books, listening to music, chatting with friends, riding her bike around her town.

Things that make them happy: A day curled up under the blankets reading, Kalenka (The Palintions version of chocolate.), listening to music, Hudrom board flying, singing, biking.

Family: She has her two parents, Heila Jusiran (mother), and Takuen Jusiran (father), and her brother Kalten Jusiran.

3 Random Facts:
1.She’s self-conscious about her hair colour, because none of the others at her school have pink; they have blue, green, and orange, the natural colours.
2. Her favorite dish to make is Quentin, the closest human dish we have is Shepherd’s Pie.
3. Her pet yiton’s name is Viven, after a character in her book.

History: She was born in the Farontion hospital on Thandurl the third, 12:45 PM. She went to school at Farontion elementary school, and then Farontion high as she grew older. Her life has been so far normal; living with her parents and brother, hanging out with her friends.

Full Name: Molina Caton Jusiran

Nickname(s): Mol, Lina, Lin.


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Post by Admin on Mon Sep 22, 2014 10:55 pm

"There's a bit of Jenna in all of us..." -Author

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Occupation (if applicable): Student

Home-town: Los Angeles, CA

Appearance: Tall (5’8”), bodacious, medium length dark hair, dark brown eyes (wears bright green contacts most of the time) with a sense for fashion (clothing choice fairly colorful, borderline gangster with enough well known name brands to display her resources), skin is a tanned olive shade. Her long(ish) hair often falls into her face, which she pushes back over her head regularly. Has a perfect smile1 and thin lips. Has never gone through plastic surgery but is considering to get liposuction on her slender waist.

First Impression: The first impression observed from Jenna varies from person to person, most girls her age feel uncomfortable and threatened by her presence, while the males get taken off guard and feel silly in their stomachs. She immediately gives off a cheerful personality, and although they may not always approve of her apparel, adults tend to speak highly of her when asked. She appears confident, yet not overly extroversive2 when meeting someone for the first time.

In Depth Personality: Jenna enjoys hanging out with her close friends, which consist of two other girls around her age. Although not openly rebellious, they will often sneak into nightclubs where they don’t always make it out completely sober. Jenna currently has an ex whom she still sees from time to time, along with two other guys she deems “cute” and gives abnormal amounts of attention to on both social media/mobile mediums and in person. The catch, the two boys are best friends. She generally tries to avoid trouble, and blames problems for knocking on her doorstep rather than her being the one who originally initiated them. Although she will never admit it, she has a texting addiction and whenever she is not in a real life conversation/activity, she can be found talking with others on her iPhone 5s. She loves kittens, boots, and the latest trending magazines in fashion which she reads only when sun bathing3. Jenna doesn’t have the most colourful personality, but rather enjoys the benefits she invests the most into (such as self image and appearance). Gets above average marks in school, English being her strongest subject.

Fears: Jenna is afraid of not being accepted, although she would never admit so even to her closest friends. She’s also scared of heights, large bugs (moths in particular), small lizards, excess fat, drunken males (though she couldn’t care less when she’s had a few too many), the dark (particularly being outdoors alone at night) and getting abducted.

Desires/Dreams: Jenna aspires to be a celebrity. How or what? She doesn’t know, as long as she sees herself one day on the cover of a Chic magazine. She’s also always wanted to learn the guitar, but doesn’t want to take the time to learn (despite the guitar in her closet).

Talents: Jenna has a natural beauty which can be seen prevalent beneath the layers of makeup she puts on everyday. She is also fairly good in school and has an interest in the medical department. Although not extraordinary, she’s a fairly good singer and can hold a tune better than most.

Pet-Peeves: Jenna can’t stand broccoli. Broccoli and health foods, even though she forces them both into her diet in order to maintain a “healthy lifestyle”. She also can’t stand people who drink Starbucks all the time and complain about being fat, especially because she knows she is one of them.

1Or, teeth

2From root word: extrovert

3”Or when it’s too bright to see anything on a screen.”

Apologies that the hyphenated numbers didn't translate as expected.

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September 12 - 26 Empty My Character

Post by Sunshine1498 on Tue Sep 23, 2014 12:05 am

Age: 18

Gender: female

Occupation (if applicable): N/A

Home-town: Jacksville, a small (fictional) town about an hour away from a larger city.

Appearance: 5’5”, athletic body type, russet brown hair with lighter natural streaks, green/hazel eyes that change shades depending on her mood, lightly tanned skin, has a large birthmark on her right shoulder that she is modest about. She tries to keep it hidden all the time and very rarely talks about it. She dresses modestly, and prefers pants over a dress or skirt.

First Impression: She has a quiet but bold spirit. She positively affects those around her by her calm nature, but also frightens some by her occasional fierce outbursts for justice. People respect her, and she respects them. She might seem like she’s ignoring you at first, but actually she’s just a little shy. She doesn’t smile very often when meeting someone new, but that’s not because she’s not friendly; she expresses her emotions with her eyes. She may seem sad or arrogant, but she’s just cautious and protective of herself and those she loves.

In Depth Personality: When no one is around, she breaks down and cries to let off tension and stress. Otherwise, she tries hard to not get emotional. She has a secret that no one knows about, and it haunts her from time to time. Her dreams sometimes get confusing and troubling, and at times she carries the weight of them with her to the waking world. She really loves her family and those close to her, even though she might not show it, and would protect and defend them with her life. She loves to sing and has a beautiful singing voice, but doesn’t sing in public.

Fears: She has a fear of blood and injuries. Sometimes it gets to be so much that she almost passes out or hyperventilates and has to find a way to calm herself. Spiders and snakes also freak her out, as well as touching or walking through spider webs. Ironically, she is afraid of speaking in front of large crowds, even though she is a strong leader.

Desires/Dreams: She doesn’t exactly know what she desires most, but she really wants to find a way to stop the troubling dreams or find out what they mean. She also wants to keep her family and those she loves safe, especially from the injustice of the government.

Talents: She has strong leadership abilities, even though she is a bit shy. She is able to bring a chaotic situation under control easily, and people listen to her. She is also quite skilled with the bow. She has a beautiful singing voice, but only sings when no one else is around.

Pet-Peeves: Any mention of her birthmark. Also, she gets annoyed when she sees a couple being… a couple. When people use her things and don’t put them back in the same spot, she gets mildly ticked off.

NOTE: She has no name, I know. I can't really come up with a good name for her... Maybe it'll come to me sometime later.

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September 12 - 26 Empty Re: September 12 - 26

Post by LittleDancer on Fri Sep 26, 2014 2:38 pm

This may be a little messed up because I am not using my computer, my dad has it -_- So I did the best I could and hopefully I got all the categories correctly. XD

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Occupation (if applicable): Student

Home-town: Cranbrook, BC, Canada

Appearance: She is 6’3 when she stands up straight. Light golden brown hair, green eyes, a stubborn face with a definite jawline, light skin tone with a few freckles. She has a tall thin frame, with long legs and arms. Always wears the same earrings and perfume.

First Impression: She is very stubborn and won’t give up. She has a nice personality. When you first meet her she seems distant off in her own place, she may seem cold or unfeeling.

In Depth Personality: Her parents run a dive-bar in Grand Prairie, Alberta. She has never taken a shower in her life (She only has baths.) Her real name is Elizabeth but everyone calls her Honey (Because of her beautiful honey coloured hair.) She is an only child and has always hated taking care of little kids. She can’t cook; she can burn just about anything. At night she sleeps with a small light on and a dream catcher beside her bed as a good omen. Sometimes she’ll make cookie dough sandwiches with a glass of milk and marathon her favorite show on Netflix. She works out twice a week.

Fears: Clowns, avalanches, people dressed in those big costumes, spiders, all her professors except one, rodeo’s, cows, and deep water.

Desires/Dreams: To become an architect and design buildings all over the world. To design and win an award for best building in Canada. To make her parents proud.

Talents: Balancing a metal spoon on her nose. Longboarding, math (Geometry, algebra,) Burning food, and acting.

Pet-Peeves: When people call her Elizabeth (She hardly tells anyone her real name.) Lining things up and then they get out of line. A bad paint job.
Interests: Architecture, painting.
3 random facts: She lives with her best friend Anna, Has a secret love for art, hates pudding.
History: Honey grew up in Cranbrook helping her parents around the house since they were so busy in the bar. Honey never had any friends except for Anna and they have stayed best friends since they were seven. Her parents and her lived in a small crumbling house with cracked paint (wonder why she hates bad paint jobs?) The house also had a leaky roof. Her parents were constantly drinking and taking drugs.
Full Name: Elizabeth Mary Shanice Heral.
Nickname(s): Honey, Child, Miss Mary.

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September 12 - 26 Empty Re: September 12 - 26

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