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Post by Wlonnie on Sun Nov 16, 2014 11:13 pm

Write a story in which a character you are fond of dies. It can be from a book/movie/cartoon/anime/TV show, or completely made up. The cause of death can be anything, from peaceful to tragic. The word minimum is 500, and maximum is 2,500. Have fun!

Challenge created by Jazzie.

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Post by Wlonnie on Tue Nov 18, 2014 12:03 am

Walk Away

I’d spent the first fifteen years of my life hearing stories of the little girl who lost her life on 580 Lockhart Road. She’d only been eight years old, the poor waif. No one knows exactly what kind of abuse and exploitation had taken place in that house, but the bruises on the little girl’s face and cuts running up and down her arms when she’d go out to play were proof enough that something was amiss. According to the stories, neighbors had tried to give the girl little glimpses of relief. Older ladies offered her whole wheat buns and hairbrushes for her dusty gold curls. The little girl was said to have accepted small gifts, but lived in too much fear to run away from her unnamed nemeses. One day, she disappeared altogether. The neighbors searched for her, but their efforts became placidly ghost-like as the weeks passed by. Before long, everyone had forgotten about the little girl. It was like she’d only been a legend, a cold-hearted storybook that the masses had chosen to forget. But I never forget her. In the end, I was the one who chose to avenge her. And avenge her I did.
It was when I turned twenty that I started to go after the ones who had wronged the little girl – the ones who had stolen her innocence. Growing up in pain and destruction myself had formed me into quite the weapon. I wasn’t a professional, but I knew that skin and blades made a nice sound when rubbed together. Bullets simply weren’t my style. Fear tactics, ugly truth, and sharp knives were how I made my way through the world. These things were how I made my way through them: the men who killed the little girl.
“Please, don’t do it! I ain’t done nothing to hurt anyone, I swear it.”
My teeth grazed over my lower lip, biting down hard at his words in order to curb my anger. “Nothing?” I whispered, touching the knife against the dirty sleaze’s neck. “You hurt her. Your name is Jess K, and she remembers you.” The man gasped for air. His feeble wails echoed about the darkened old alleyway. As if his words held any meaning in my eyes.
“And now,” I said, “I’m avenging her. It’s too late.” The sharp shnick of my blade made its final cut on his neck and he slumped to the ground, all life draining from his body as a ruby-like pool of blood seeped from his neck. Four down, one to go. The souls of these men belonged to the girl now, given to her by the one who was avenging her sufferings. If the little girl had still been alive today, I think she would have been comforted by the fact that someone had her back. If only this had been done over a decade sooner; perhaps she wouldn’t have had to lose so much at such a tender age.
Perhaps I wouldn’t have had to lose so much at a tender age. There was a reason I was such a fighter for that little girl with gold-curled locks. The little dead girl was me.

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Post by Melody on Fri Nov 21, 2014 5:54 pm


“Katniss! Run!” Gale screams from behind me, urging me on.
Rain streams down my face. My heart pounds. I have to reach it in time.
Darkness surrounds me. It is night. My only source of light comes from a large house—a mansion—about a hundred yards in front of me.
Five months ago, it was discovered that president Snow had a son. Marcus. He had been planning replace his father for years. Even before Snow died. After the Games, Peeta and I were appointed head of the government. He was president, and I was the first lady. But Marcus changed all that.
He framed us with several offensive crimes. Close friends suddenly became mortal enemies. Gale has been the only one to stay true to us, the only survivor since our time in the Games. Haymitch is dead. Mother is dead. Prim is dead. And Effie? Who knows.
Marcus had not been content with simply disgracing us. He stalked us. When he threatened my children—my beautiful, sweet children—I swore I would kill him. Peeta begged me not to. He wanted to run. To leave our problems. I have never been one for running.
In my hands, I carry a bomb. A ticking bomb. A minute left. Tick tock, tick tock. My mission is to throw in into Marcus's house. He is home, I know. He is hosting a big party, filled with all his friends.
Or fellow conspirators, I think.
Peeta's face flashes through my mind. I can see his tears as he begs me not to go.
“Think of the children,” he says.
I am thinking of the children.
With Marcus gone, they will be safe. That is all that matters.
I am almost to the house now. Light streams out through the windows. An alarm sounds.
I dash for the cover of a large, scraggly bush. The sound of barking fills the air, adding ear piercing whine of the siren. I have only one option.
Summoning all my strength and speed, I make my way to the window. I jump. I can feel the glass piercing my skin. Hot blood oozes from the wounds. I throw the bomb.
There is a long gash on my forehead. Blood runs into my eyes, making it impossible for me to see. I can hear people running and screaming.
Wiping my eyes, I look around. The bomb lays on its side. The timer has stopped. It is stuck on ten seconds. I make my way to it as quickly as possible. The bomb is crudely made. A wire has come off. I try to paste it back on, but it won't stay. Unless I hold it.
In my peripheral vision, I see Marcus slipping away.
I know what I have to do.
I press my thumb firmly on the wire.
10, 9, 8...
Marcus disappears through the doorway.
7, 6, 5....
If the explosion doesn't get him, the shrapnel will. He will not get out alive.
5, 4, 3....
But neither will I.
2, 1.

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Post by JustJosh on Fri Nov 21, 2014 6:30 pm

Author's Note: Attention all Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fans: This story is a terrible one and you may only want to read it if you want ultimate feels. I apologize for making this so terrible.

There he was. Working in his lab, all alone, as usual. It hurt Jemma to stay away from him, but she knew that Leo wouldn’t get any better if she were around him all the time. But every time she had to go in to see him, to give him a report, a quick helping hand, anything like that, even though it didn’t always turn out the greatest, she was still happy to at least be in the same room as him.
As she walked in, Fitz looked up at her for a quick second then back down to his work.
“Um, what are you doing here?” he asked.
Simmons lowered her gaze a bit and replied, “Director Coulson wanted me to help you with the transceiver.”
Fitz looked up at her again.
“Um…yeah, yeah, I was actually, um, waiting for you, so I was working on the…the…radio…wave….”
“Radio-wave emitter?” Simmons suggested in a helpful manner.
“Yes, yes that,” Fitz replied. “I don’t need you to tell me, I know that Simmons.”
Jemma’s face lowered even more and an almost depressed look came over her face. “I’m sorry Fitz, I was only trying to-“
“Well I don’t need your help, Jemma!” Fitz nearly shouted. “I-I know what I’m doing. I don’t need everyone telling me what to do, because they think I can’t do it. I can Jemma, ok, I can!”
Jemma looked up at him. “I know Leo, I know you can do it. We’re not trying to judge you or to tell you what to do, we’re just giving you some extra help.”
Fitz looked down at his work desk. He was frustrated, but Jemma could see that there was pain in his eyes too.
“I know you’re just trying to help Jemma, but I don’t need it. I can do this by myself. It just takes more… time for me to do certain things.”
Both looked down and there was a short pause of silence.
Jemma looked back at Leo, tears starting to form in her eyes.
“Leo, why does this keep happening? Every time we’re around each other things go terribly wrong, and I end up pushing myself away from you more and more. I can’t handle this anymore!”
Fitz looked back up at her.
“Jemma, I… I don’t try to make it like this. It’s just that… I’m not the same as I used to be. And because that, we can’t be the same as we used to be.”
Jemma was crying now. She knew that they couldn’t be the same as they used to be, but she just couldn’t help it. She loved him, but their love was falling apart and she didn’t know what to do about it.
“Fitz, I-“
Suddenly the building started to shake. The ceiling was starting to crack and pieces of it were falling down.
“Jemma go!” Fitz shouted as he pointed toward the door. He started grabbing the important things off his desk.
“Leo leave it!” Jemma shouted. “We have to get out of here!”
The rumbling was getting louder now and the ceiling was crumbling faster.
The ceiling caved in and the debris fell on top of Fitz.
“No! Leo!”
Jemma rushed over to the fallen debris that had covered Fitz completely. She started hastily moving away the rocks and debris to try to uncover Fitz.
At that moment Skye came down to the lab.
“Simmons!” she shouted. “We’ve been attacked! C’mon, let’s go!”
Jemma was still trying to uncover her friend, tears streaming down her face.
“No!” she screamed. “I’m not leaving Fitz!”
Skye kept shouting and grabbed Jemma’s arm.
“Simmons we have to get out of here or we’ll die!”
She pulled Jemma’s arm and dragged her out of the lab, right before more debris fell and covered the entire lab.
“No!” Jemma screamed. It was too late now. Too late to save Fitz, too late to tell him all about how she felt, and too late to work things out. He was gone and he wasn’t coming back. Jemma just watched her best friend ever die, and now she was being pulled away from him. There was no chance now. It was all over.

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Post by ScrambledMemories on Fri Nov 21, 2014 6:46 pm

"Captain Levi, you, Mikasa, and Jean take the titans over there. Eren, Sasha and I will take these, and Squad Leader Hanji and Commander Erwin, you'll get the civilians to safety!"

As soon as I was finished speaking they were off, attacking their targets with precision and speed. The Colossal Titan had appeared again, weakening the wall, and the Armored Titan had finished the job, allowing titans to flood in through the multiple breaches in Wall Rose. Civilians were being evacuated behind Wall Sina, as the Military Police and the Garrison were helping to defend them from the titans that managed to get past the defenses.

'This has to work. It just has to.' I thought to myself, gnawing on my bottom lip nervously as we took down the titan. 'If it doesn't... that means that everyone I care about will die. I can't let that happen.'

"Armin! Look out!"

Eren's frantic voice snapped me out of my thoughts, and I quickly shot towards the nearest roof as a titan crashed to the ground behind me, the nape of its neck steaming.

"Ahh!" I scrubbed my hand against my cloak frantically, the blood burning my hand slightly before I got it off. "You okay Armin?" Sasha and Eren landed beside me and I nodded, hiding my hand slightly. "I-I'm fine. Just got burned a little."

Eren frowned, and was about to say something more, but a gunshot and a burst of purple smoke flared up from our left. "That's Levi, Jean, and Mikasa!" Sasha shouted, and Eren started running towards it.

"We have to help them! We've gotten our titans, come on guys!" He yelled, and Sasha looked towards me worriedly. "Should we Armin? It's your call." "I, uh..." I looked towards the stream of panicked people, and then towards the dissipating curl of smoke in the air.

"... Let's go help them."

Guilt gnawed at my stomach as we followed Eren, and I kept glancing over my shoulder. "Mikasa!" Eren yelled, and as we got closer my heart leapt into my throat. Jean and Levi were bent over her still body, Levi pumping his hands over her heart and applying mouth to mouth.

"W-what happened?" Sasha gasped, as she came to a stop beside Eren, wringing her hands nervously. "A titan glanced her, and she hit the wall really hard, got knocked out. She's not breathing, and her heart isn't beating!" Jean answered, clenching his fists tightly as he watched Levi.

"28, 29, 30." Levi muttered, leaning down and pinching her nose shut as he breathed into her mouth. "Come on brat, don't die on me!" He growled, as Eren cradled Mikasa's head in his lap. "Mikasa, please," He pleaded, brushing her black hair away from her eyes tenderly.

"15, 16, 17 18," The rest of the noise around us died out as we sat in our own little world, the minutes stretching on. After what seemed like an eternity, Mikasa gasped suddenly and sat up, coughing violently and clenching her hands. Eren grabbed her as soon as her coughing had stopped and hugged her, his eyes closed tightly. "Don't do that again." He whispered, and she nodded mutely, hugging him back just as tightly.

Sasha, Jean and I also hugged her, Jean's face growing red as she hugged him back. "Not meaning to break up the cuddle fest brats, but we still have titans to take care of." Levi called, collecting the scattered 3DM gear and handing Mikasa and Jean theirs. "Let's go, there's a 15 meter over by the market!"

"Yes sir!" We shouted in unison, as we followed him towards the square. The titan was an abnormal, crawling to a group of people that hadn't mad eit to the safe zone yet. "Jeager! You, Ackerman, Kirstien, and Braus get the civilians to safety! Me and Arlet will take the titan."

"S-sir?" His glare deepened as it turned to me, and he almost snarled "You have a problem with that?" "No sir." "Good." He nodded, and waved the others off, running towards the abnormal rapidly. I landed on the rooftops and followed along the abnormal, waiting for a chance to get at its weak spot without being killed. "Arlet! Do you think you can get in without it hitting you?"

I looked up in surprise as Levi addressed me, and nodded faintly. "Yes sir, I think I can." "Do it then." Nodding again, I activated my gear and flew towards it, raising my blades as I got closer to its nape. I brought them down, and-

No. No. I overshot. I should have taken that burn into consideration, I was over confident and sloppy.

Flipping over, the titan grabbed at me and instead knocked me off course, sending me flying towards a pile of debris. "Arlet!" "Armin!"

The world blacked out as I hit the pile roughly, dust flying as I landed on the hard cement. Pain flared in my body as I hit different objects, skinning my hands as I tried to stop myself from crashing into a pile of rubble.


There was ringing in my ears, and a sharp, piercing pain in my middle. I could hear someone screaming, but it sounded so far away. It registered momentarily in my mind that it could be me, but the thought fluttered away as the pain hit me with its full force.

"Armin, no, no, don't die please, you still have to see the outside world with me!"

As my vision cleared I could see Eren and Mikasa kneeling beside me, Eren pressing his hands onto my middle. That's why it was hurting so much... He brought his hands up to let Jean put more preassure on it, and my eyes widened slightly as I saw they were covered with blood. My blood.

I closed my eyes tightly as Jean shifted his hands, and he muttered "Sorry," as I cried out a little. "E-Eren, it hurts," I whispered, and Eren sniffled, wiping at his nose with the back of his hand, leaving a streak of red across his lip. "Just hold on Armin. We'll get Hanji over here, and she can help you!"

I shook my head faintly, fumbling to push Jean's hands away weakly. "It's not going to do any good guys... I'm good as dead." "Don't say that Armin!" Mikasa yelled suddenly, gripping my shoulders tightly. "You still have to show us the outside world, you can't die yet!" Tears streaked her and Eren's cheeks, and I shook my head feebly again. "I can't guys. I know when a wound is fatal, and with this much blood... I'm not going to make it, even if Hanji gets here."

I coughed harshly, tears prickling behind my eyes as I asked weakly "Eren... Can you sing something?" He looked slightly surprised, but nodded slowly, his hands clenching mine. "Y-yea, sure..."

He paused for a second, then quietly started humming, his eyes closed as he started singing softly. "Schlaf, Kindlein, schlaf, Der Vater hüt die Schaf," His voice was rough at first, but then softened a little bit as he got farther into the song. My eyes started to droop closed as the calming melody lulled me to sleep, to a place away from the pain.

"Die Mutter schüttelts Bäumelein, Da fällt herab ein Träumelein. Schlaf, Kindlein, schlaf..."


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Post by NoodleBop on Fri Nov 21, 2014 6:51 pm

John hopped out of his cab.
“Hey Sherlock, you okay?”
Now walking a little faster, John made his way to the hospital.
“Turn around and walk back the way you came!”
“No, I’m coming in.”
“Just do as I ask! Please.”
John turned back to fulfil Sherlock’s wishes.
“Stop there.”
He did so and looked around, confused.
“Okay, look up. I’m on the rooftop.”
He looked up and frowned.
“Oh god…”
“I-I… I can’t come down so we’ll just have to do it like this.”
“What’s going on?”
“An apology. It’s all true.”
“Everything they said about me. I invented Moriarty.”
“…Why are you saying this?”
“I’m a fake.”
“The newspapers were right all along. I want you to tell Lestrade, I want you to tell Mrs. Hudson, and Molly… In fact, tell anyone who will listen to you… that I created Moriarty for my own purposes.”
John started getting annoyed at Sherlock now.
“Okay, shut up Sherlock. Shut up. The first time we met. The first time we met you knew all about my sister, right?”
“Nobody could be that clever.”
“You could.”
“I researched you. Before we met I discovered everything I could to impress you. It’s a trick. It’s just a magic trick.”
“No. Alright, stop it now!”
“No, stay exactly where you are! Don’t move.”
“Keep your eyes fixed on me! Please, will you do this for me?”
“Do what?”
“This phone call, it’s um… It’s my note. That’s what people do, don’t they? Leave a note.”
“…Leave a note when?”
“Goodbye John.”
“Nope. Don’t…”
The phone falls harshly on the cement rooftop and cracks open, never able to be used again.
Horror struck John’s face as Sherlock leaped off the building and crashed down on the pavement.
They were ready, but John didn’t run, like they suspected him to. Instead he froze. There was an awkward silence. It hissed in the background. Then John ran, but instead of running to Sherlock, he ran to the building. He rushed up the stairs with all his ex-soldier might and made his way to the rooftop. Molly found him running and almost started talking to him but then John cut her off.
“Sherlock’s dead.”
Molly squeaked and ran outside. John didn’t care.
He made his way to the top, finally. He passed Moriarty’s bloody body and ran over to the edge. He took a deep breath.
“You can do this.” He said to himself, not quite sure.
He bent down and picked up the phone that was scattered in pieces. He attempted to turn it on, but it wouldn’t work.
His vision started getting blurry.
“No…Sherlock how could you?”
Tears rolled down his cheeks, causing him to wail.
“Sherlock, how could you!?”
John stroked the destroyed phone with love.
“Bob…” He whispered. “I thought we could be something more… something beautiful…”
He sniffled and wiped a tear.
“I thought we would get married and move to Hawaii, everyone loves Hawaii.”
He chuckled slightly, imagining all the happy times that would never come.
Then he heard something hissing. He ignored it and continued talking lovingly to the phone.
Suddenly, the phone got thrashed out of his hand and all the way down to Molly’s head, which some pieces bounced off and fell onto Sherlock’s dead body. Molly squeaked again through her tears.
“NO! How could you!”
John turned around and saw a horrible thing that he had forgotten was there. If you could call what was in the spot for a mouth, a mouth, then it was covered by strings of skin while electricity bounced off of the creature.
“You… you bloody thing… You threw Bob down there! You killed him for good!” He breathed in before he said another word. “I could have fixed him! You’re even worse than Sherlock!”
He looked down where the phone had fell and wiped a tear. He looked back up and yelled in terror.
I told you.
“What the heck are you? Why where you behind me? I’m going through a tragedy right now, you can’t just come and scare me!”
The creature just hissed and swayed its head back and forth.
“D’you want to fight?” John raised his fists and started swaying as if he was in a video game.
Electricity suddenly jumped at John’s body and threw him harshly down towards Sherlock. Why did it always have to end with the two of us? At least Bob is here. Now I can rest in peace.


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