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Okay the challenge this week if you choose to accept it is. You must write about you being a secret agent, going on a mission the twist is you must include mythical things e.g fairys and dragons etc etc and include it in todays time with the technology we use today. Oh the genre is adventure/action. Good Luck ducklings ^·^

Challenge by Natarsha.

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Post by Wlonnie on Fri Jan 23, 2015 1:28 am

The Secrets of the Heart
Word count: 2,300
Author: Jennica

Some people say that love is a mystery. I used to think like they do. To me, love was orange. It was like silk and fire and disease all leeched into one waxy orange flame. Kind of weird, right? But bear with me here. I thought love would be exciting, exasperating; but it isn’t. Love isn’t how someone lives their life to please you; it’s about you living your life to help them grow.
Some people say that love is a mystery. I say they should try living with a four-year-old.
“Mommy, I made you a picture of you and Brad from work!”
A listless groan fell from my lips. I set down the bowl of dry chocolate chip cookie ingredients I’d been mixing and ran to the kitchen table. “Amber, you can’t keep drawing pictures of Mommy and random guys. It’s not . . . I don’t know, it’s not appropriate.”
The comment didn’t seem to dissuade my daughter from her adventures in crayon. As her chubby little fingers took a hot pink crayon to colour in my stick figure self’s hair, Amber looked like the picture of perfection sitting up against our two-woman dining room table. Curled-up crayon shavings had somehow ended up tangled in her hair, making her halo of chestnut ringlets appear peppered with waxy blues, reds, and greens. A smile had created the perfect coral curve in her lips to complement her full, dimpled cheeks. I could never get mad at Amber; not really. There was just too much beauty in the soul of my perfect little partner.
Still, I wasn’t appreciating the recent string of pictures.
With an arched eyebrow and a serious expression, I picked up Amber’s masterpiece. “Honey, why is Brad holding my hand on a ship?”
“Because you need friends,”
“Thanks for the concern, sweetie, but you’re the only friend I really need. Besides, you missed the point. Why are we on a ship?” I stared at the image in confusion.
“Because,” Amber beamed up at me with a smile of sunshine and baby teeth, “I ship it!”
Before I could register what my daughter had said, the doorbell rang.
I growled. “I’m coming!” I didn’t even bother to brush the flour from my hands when I opened the apartment door. “Kayla?”
“Hey Maggie!” My best friend/work colleague stood in the archway of the door, grinning from ear to ear. “Listen, you wouldn’t believe who just talked to me. They want you to take the Broadway mission, Mags – you!”
A frown quivered over my face. “The mission? Work? Dang it, Kayla, I have more important things to talk about.” I shoved a finger in the direction of my daughter. “What have you been filling her head with about me and Brad?”
Kayla giggled. “What? We were just having a little girls’ time on Saturday when you had to take Morgan’s shift. Besides, it’s just slang. She’ll grow out of it eventually.”
“Yeah, right after that slang becomes the foundation of her vocabulary for a week.”
Kayla smiled at me again. Between her mischievous grey eyes and the adorable intentions behind Amber’s disturbing pictures, I couldn’t bring myself to act reproachful. Not a great start to a day like this.
With a sigh, I brought the tips of my fingers to the sides of my head and began massaging my temples in brisk, thoughtful motions. “Listen, Kay, I’m having second thoughts about the Broadway mission. I mean, I have a family, a life now. Back when we were kids, fairies and yales were just part of everyday life, but now . . .” I shook my head and lowered my hands. Invisible lead weights fell from my head as a result. “Now I just don’t know,”
In the seconds of silence that followed, a twinge of unsettling ambivalence crept into my bones from the air around me. Kayla was a firm believer in her work – in what used to be our work – and had been trying to get me to do more behind-the-scenes office duties as of late. The reality is, I couldn’t. Everything I’d said was true. I wasn’t sixteen anymore, and my priorities were filled up. Amber was the most important thing in the world to me. It wouldn’t be fair to run around the world battling monsters with a little girl to take care of. It just wouldn’t be right.
Kayla reached out her hand and took mine with it. Her warmth spread to me like hot embers to a dying fire. “Are you sure this isn’t about Ardal?”
Ardal. That’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time. Out of instinct, I reached for the steel cross necklace that I’d taken to wearing around my neck.
“I haven’t given thought to him since Amber was six months old.” I murmured, glancing over my arm to make sure the girl couldn’t hear me. True to her nature, Amber was still pouring time and colour into her questionable picture. “He made it clear when I left that there would be no future for us; that he’d stop protecting me from everything else.”
Kayla nodded. “Well, I trust your judgement. Although,” a sly smirk spread to the corners of her artificially-coloured lips, “that was one hot fairy.”
I ripped my hand from hers and nudged her sharply, my eyes as wide as the full moon. “Don’t tempt them, dang it!” Of all people, Kayla should have known that supernatural beings were dangerous. After all, they were her specialty; and once, almost exactly five years ago, they had been mine.
My best friend chuckled. Her way of living was a lot like mine had been. When I was sixteen, tempting fairies and Fates had been a commonplace occurrence. But I had a little girl now. My days of keeping the dark and the light from killing each other were over, and I was more than happy to leave the Broadway missions to Kayla.
“Listen, I’ve gotta get back to the office. Tell Amber I love her, okay?” Kayla stepped back from the door and sent two blow-kisses into the space between us. “One for you, one for her,”
I chuckled. “Love you too, Kay.”
“Watch your back, Mags.”
And then she was gone. As quick as a storm unannounced, the brave-hearted Kayla is gone. In all honesty, I didn’t know if I’d ever see her again. Logic told me that she was accompanying the next Broadway crew; she wouldn’t have asked me to join the mission any other way. Stupid girl. Stupid, brave, dangerous girl.
I laughed and walked back into the kitchen.
Truth be told, I hadn’t rightly known the meaning of love as a young teenager. It had always been something of a mystery to me. The colour orange, like I said, had posed some kind of an inspiration in my younger years (red and pink were awfully overrated, and didn’t quite seem to fit the passion aspect of things). I guess that finding an orange-haired fairy on my first solo mission had been the Fates’ way of teaching me a lesson.
“Mommy?” Amber’s innocent voice made me jump.
“What do you need, sweetie?”
She looked up at me, those bright, wide green eyes beaming with excitement. “What did Aunty Kayla say?”
Someone that young and fragile could never know the truth, especially when they meant the world to me. Still, I made it a personal point to never lie to my daughter. I’d been lied to far too much in days gone past. I wanted to protect her from a life like that.
“She wanted to let me know about a promotion at work.” I said.
“What’s that?”
“It means they want me to do more work and get a bigger job.” I explained, using the simplest words I could manage. “But Mommy said no. I already have a good job, and it gives me time to spend at home with you.” I grinned and bopped my little wonder on the nose. “Good choice, don’t you think?”
Amber giggled and clumsily poked my nose in return. “If you’re with me, I think that’s special. And I think we could have ice cream.”
I arched an eyebrow at her playfully. “What do you say?”
“Okay, two bowls of ice cream, coming right up!”
If only life could always be so simple. But long ago, my life had been the exact opposite of simple. Once upon a time, things had been very, very different...


I’d left the team just before sundown, a sprig of rowan berries sealed deep in the lining of my coat for protection. A steel dagger was mounted on my hip, clothed in a salty steel-and-leather scabbard. After two years of intensive training, this was it: my first Broadway mission for the Yips & Yaps Stationery Company. Everyone knew that drama was a necessary evil when it came to dealing with otherworldly beings, and so the mission nickname was founded.
Pine needles trickled down the back of my coat as I trudged through the forest. I had every logical reason to turn back and run, for this wasn’t just any gathering of trees. It was the home base of every dark, twisted supernatural thing in the whole county. Between the Native American lore and British stuff that had been imported with the Pilgrims, American soil was tainted with all of the old beliefs. To put it simply, this forest was crowded with powerful beings and magicians alike. I’d been sent in as a sort of last resort; I was the human who was supposed to solve the problems of the gods.
“Come out, come out, wherever you are.” I murmured sarcastically, sweeping down the area with my bright blue eyes. A rustling of branches sounded in the distance, and I turned my head to see where the sound was coming from. To my surprise, I saw a figure in the distance. It was tall, that was for sure, with slender yet well-built arms and legs.
“Are you the stiff who’s here to clean up that banshee’s mess?” The voice was distinct in both its masculinity and its Irish brogue. Thankfully, he didn’t sound like the type who was about to swarm me with downtrodden slang.
I placed my hands on my hips and tilted my head to the side. “That’d depend on who’s asking.”
“Groovy,” His sarcasm matched mine. “Well then, take a good ol’ looker.” As he stepped out from the shadows, I realized that this ethereal being had the power of changing his form. The being must have been thousands of years old – possibly even a millennia or two – but I wouldn’t have guessed it under normal circumstances. He looked like a regular teenage boy on the outside. His hair was a tousled red mess, like he hadn’t combed in a week. His eyes were an intense chocolate brown, and his mouth was pulled into the most unamused, sarcastic of smirks. To put it simply, he looked like an escaped model from a high-priced runway.
“Done looking?” He snapped. I cursed myself inwardly. My eyes had the tendency to wander when my thoughts were distracted.
“The name’s Ardal,” he continued in that knotty brogue, “Ardal of the fairies.”
“Fairies, huh?” I nodded and shoved my hands into my jacket pocket. “You can’t come near me, you know.”
“Yeah, I can sense the rowan,” Ardal made a face. “It’s almost like you don’t trust me.”
“Banshees, remember?” I smiled and tilted my head. “Your Royal Sparkliness changed the topic.”
“Oh, right, banshees.” His tone carried the same sickly sweet drive that mine did. “In case you haven’t noticed, the bloody monsters have up and run with my good mate’s food supply.”
“Well then,” I unsheathed the steel dagger from my belt. “I say we go talk to them, shall we?”


Weeks passed. And then months. Each time a Broadway mission came up in Ardal’s forest, I found myself jumping to the front of the line, practically begging my superiors to let me face the dangers. If it meant I’d see him again, I was happy.
Weeks turned into friendship. Months turned into more. Within the timespan of half a year, I had broken nearly every fraternization code that the Yips & Yaps Stationery Company had to offer. But I didn’t care. I was sixteen, reckless, and living on the tipping point of light and dark magic. Back then, I’d entertained the thought that maybe, just maybe, my dark fairy loved me. It had been an orange kind of love. Fast, exciting, and grand – but the passion wore thin soon. What could have been love died faster than a fire doused in mud.
The starting of Amber had been the ending of Ardal. Looking back on it now, I couldn’t care less that my days of espionage and romance were over; they had never filled me with purpose like taking care of Amber did. Maybe I was just a working single mom with a life filled with bills and sugar-sweet pictures, but it was the good times that made it all worth living. Amber’s excited little squeals made Monday mornings a pleasure to behold.
Love isn’t a mystery; not really. True love is the willingness to get down and bake cookies, to walk to the park in the middle of the rain, and to spend countless nights sleepless because a four-year-old has an upset stomach. I think, at twenty-one with a mind newer than the one I’d held as a teenager, I’ve finally uncovered the secrets of the heart. Love is whatever you treasure the most, and the fight inside of you to make it yours, no matter what.
I’ve found my magical remedy; and it’s in the shape of a brown-haired baby girl.

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Unfortunately, i couldn't think of a title for this. Razz
Also, word count-4,245
Standing before the metal door, I feel queasy. Today is the third interview, and this “organization” has chosen me to join their top secret society of agents. Four interviews are required to pass, but they all have to have good results. If you could impress three of the bosses, then you would get an instant rank. Of course, I won’t get my hopes up too much-the first two had been just ok. I have very little experience. From the corner of my vision, I see the secretary walking from the desk and coming towards me, moving her lips. I suddenly realize it must be my turn. “Alexander! It’s your turn!” I turn towards the door, and it slides open. The third boss stands before me, or, rather, sits. There is a plaque behind him and those metal nametag things that sits on your desk. His reads Drakus Molronsifer, head of sector 2. I take a deep breath, and look him in the eyes. “Hello,” I manage to say with some effort, “I’m Alexander Willowfoot.” Our interview has begun.
Half an hour, and, regretfully, a lot of nervously spoken phrases later, I stand back in the hall. The secretary is going to give me results in a few minutes, so I think back, reflecting on how it had gone, what mistakes I had made. We had discussed whether I was ready, the costs of joining, regular stuff. But near the end, he leaned across his desk and whispered, just barely audibly, that he had expectations of me. Big ones. I take that as a sign that I have exceeded his expectations somehow, though I haven’t tried to be impressive. “Alexander Willowfoot! This is the third time. Do you have problems hearing!?” the secretary looks at me warily. “Uh no, ma’am, I’m just... just lost in thought.” I take the tablet from her hands and read the info typed out.
To Mr. Willowfoot, Alexander,
Congratulations on passing this third interview. You have impressed Mr. Molronsifer, Drakus, in your third and final interview. You will be expected in the guidance chambers with Miss Lee, Janice, room B62 on the left hall. Again, congratulations for exceeding our expectations of you.
The head board of administration, SMGP.
I start towards the hall, thanking the secretary, Mrs. Railek, on the way, and make my way toward the designated room.
The room was... homey; mocha brown leather sofas, a fire crackling in the hearth, and on the coffee table sits a mug with my name on it. Compared to the rest of the compound so far, this is the best I have seen. As I wait for my turn, I begin to wonder things that haven’t come to mind yet. I only remember a few things before being taken here-smoke, and lots of it. We had been spending a day at the lake, me and my two siblings. Then a storm had risen, quite unexpectedly quickly. We got back to our vacation cabin, and I realized we had left the canoe behind. As I raced down the sandy hill, thunder boomed and lightning crackled. I was almost hit by a bolt, but got to the canoe. Unfortunately, a lightning bolt was aimed straight for the tree I was standing under, and it struck with terrifying heat, light, smoke, and sound. Thrown off my feet, I splashed backwards six feet into the lake and went out cold. I had woken up in tank of some type of gas, but it definitely made me feel better. When I tapped on the glass, a scientist had come up and unlatched the cover. Then he explained why I was in there and asked me if I wanted to join. “We are chosen for a reason. We’ve seen special qualities in you. Things that would make the perfect agent.” But he, or anyone else for that case, wouldn’t tell me exactly where I was. It was only now that I realize that I had joined without thinking of my family. This was actually the first time in the two days I had been here that I thought about them. “Alexander, come in.” I sigh and step slowly into the room.
“So do you have any concerns, any thoughts before entering the real facility, before becoming an agent?” Janice looked at me seriously.
“Uh no, no I’m good. I’m just wondering, where is this specifically? And also, what will happen to my family? What am I even supposed to be doing here, anyways?”
“SMGP is a top secret espionage/counterforce created by the UN to protect against terrorists, extremists, and most of all, to hold in mystery the question of the existence of mythical creatures. I’m sure you’ve heard of these. They are, very much, real. I cannot disclose information as to where they are right now, but you’ll know if you decide to join. This is serious, Alexander. There is no trial and error in our league. I also cannot answer as to where we are. For now, you don’t need to know. Your family is fine, by the way. If you join, you agree to solely protect the world in what ways you can. You will learn about everything you need, not to worry. Does that answer all your questions?”
“Yeah, I think I’m good.” I say, shuffling my feet on the shag carpet.
“Excellent. You must take this vow, and then you may enter.”
I read the vow, but stop short at the second line. “Wait. So I’m not allowed to tell anyone? Not even my family, or my friends, no one?”
Janice smiles and shakes her head.
I finish the vow and as I open the door I consider what I had read.
I, Alexander Willowfoot, pledge to protect the world in keeping with the qualities of SMGP.
I solemnly swear that I will not tell anyone or anything about this society and all its motives, relations, and subjects of protection.
This I will hold covertly for the rest of my life.

There it is-the doorway that leads to all the secrets. It slides open silently, and I follow Janice down the hall.
The corridor is deathly silent and nothing moves but us.
“These are your quarters. I’ll have to leave you here, but I’ve prepared some necessary items for you.” She leaves briskly.
Stepping into my new home, I soon settle down on the sofa, and press a button on the supposed TV remote. But I don’t see a TV anywhere near. Suddenly a metal bar-like thing I hadn’t realized was there beams out a thin black background, and emits a holographic guide. I choose channel 64, the science and tech channel. This is so cool! I thought, impressed by the TV’s unique features. I walk up to the hologram/screen, and put my hand through. My hand just gets immersed in the light and comes out the other side! I jolt suddenly upon hearing the door click open, and for the first time, I realize there are two magnetic floating beds. I twist my neck in the door’s direction, and before me stands a 7-foot-something guy, with short blonde hair in a buzz cut and broad shoulders. High set cheekbones and calm blue eyes feature his face. “Hey, you must be my new room mate!” He says, and offers me a fist bump. I return it, and ask “So what’s your name?” He grins and says “Mark Jerricus. Yours?”
“I’m Alexander Willowfoot, nice to meet you. How long have you been here?”
And just like that, we spark into conversation and soon become friends. He explains about training sessions, missions, and the “rookie test”, which was basically a sort of “dare” developed by a few senior agents. “It was based on truth, but it’s become a sort of challenge, or “initiation”, if you will.” He says, and I am now resolute on succeed in this “test”, where no one else had ever before.
Training started the next day, and because I had passed with three bosses, I was instantly raised to rookie tier 2. This tier was where rookies could start taking on the test, but no one did it nowadays because it was thought to be impossible for a rookie to do, so those who did attempt were deemed crazy. The day started with a healthy breakfast of some type of smoothie, which didn’t really taste that good. Since everyone was headed to different places, I am at loss at where to go. I check the device Janice had supplied on my bed, which was buzzing. It reads “PARKOUR, SECOND HALL”. I walk towards it, eager to learn.
Each student is given a powered exo-suit of sorts, including me. I quickly learn how the suit works, being as I’ve always been a quick learner at the things I find interesting. Parkour was fun because I got to grab at walls with my gekko gloves, and if I jumped too early or was too low I could always lengthen my leap with air thrusters, but I have more excitement waiting later today. We are told to keep our suits on, which is fine by me. I bump into Mark at lunch, who is wearing a different outfit. I think it may be some sort of camouflage, but I’m not sure. Next is mythology Intel, says my phone, so I head to class. The professor, Mr. Lyrod, is a pudgy little man who wears bifocals. He talks about dragons, gryphons, and basilisk, and gives tips on how to stun them, capture them, study them, and, most of all, how and why they are important to the world. I pay extra attention to the dragons, because I hear I will be finding one for the rookie test. Next I put that newly gained knowledge into action- monster fighting time, the monsters being, of course, farm raised mythical creatures. Today I learned to fight dragons. I feel like this entire thing is set up to make me feel ready to go, but when I get there I probably won’t make it there. I’ve decided to bide my time, because I don’t want to end up like some other rookies from the stories everyone talks about-charbroiled and turned to ash.
I meet my dragon. It’s a male, with emerald green scales on its belly and a more russet-gold for the top. Its wings are a mossy green, its claws have a dark metallic gleam, its eyes are bronze, and its flames make scorch marks on the reinforced concrete walls. One time I nearly got burnt; I could feel the searing heat blowtorch onto the slab of stone behind my neck, barely missing me by a few inches. Though the suit helps me avoid the flaming breath of the dragon, I have to remember that I am the most vital asset in this game of life and death. Fighting the dragon is also a kind of mental war, because the dragon can perceive my thoughts and see what I’m going to do next. I try tricking it with unpredictable moves, but it doesn’t work. Nor does building a mental wall. Wild dragons, they say, can drive you crazy when mature. And you know when they say “If you can’t beat them, join them”? Well, I tried talking to it too, but it didn’t work. So I just have to fight it. I block its whispering voice from my mind as best as I can, and aim for the weak spot with a tranquilized arrow. It’s not easy, seeing as the dragon is moving and you only have one shot at it, but I manage to tranquilize it after some time. I emerge sweating, my lush bronze hair reduced to a clump of dripping keratin.
Returning to my room after the victorious battle with the dragon, I crash on my bed promptly. When I check the phone, it reads “FREE TIME-ARCHERY, FIREARMS, & COMBAT”. I don’t think I can handle anymore-my body is wet with perspiration, my head pounding with pain, and my arms and legs sore from running and leaping. Eventually, I decide to go for firearms, which I think will take the least evergy, though I have never touched a firearm in my life. Half a minute later, in the class, I receive my ballistic armour and weapon-a M4 Carbine, 5.56 mm. I’ve heard people say before that this gun didn’t kick much. Or was it the M3...? I wonder. I’ve never really been good with guns, I admit. But the recoil is way more than I expected. I really have to dig my shoulder to the butt of the gun and brace for the impact. I miss the target most of the time, but I get a few hits and even a couple bull’s eyes. In the last few remaining seconds of the class, I am given a long, arrow-head shaped bullet. It’s coloured orangey red and is covered in scales. No, feathers. I think, and question the instructor about it. He gives me a mischievous look and a twinkle in his eye, and points his finger in the direction of a chart on the wall, a plastic sheet with beautiful depictions of creatures and smaller objects near them. I go up to it, and see that the creatures are mythical, and that this bullet, like the many featured on this poster, is a compacted version of a mythical creature. The one I get is a phoenix, and apparently they SMGP developed a way to compress and capture the essence of the creatures. When fired, the speed would release the essence of the creature, and it would attack whoever you fired it at. The actual animal though is not harmed, amazingly. “So this is like a clone of the animal,” I say to myself, “but more obedient and fearless.”
“That’s right,” says the instructor, who has unexpectedly approached me.
“There are already nine types-phoenixes, griffins, sylphs, hippogriffs, thunderbirds, perytons, aqua dragons, inferno dragons, frost dragons, and terra dragons.”  Turning away, he chucks me another bullet, which I match up to as a terra dragon. I grin, extremely joyful about the bullets.
I have completed my 2nd tier of rookie training. Today I am offered the choice to go on the rookie test or not. I feel unsettled, like something may go wrong, but all the teachers say it is as good a time to start as any. The journey will take around four to six days, depending on conditions. But when I asked my friends (which I have made three more of), they all laughed. Well at least, all but Mark. It’s crazy, they say, and make fun of me every time I bring up the subject. But I am not the quitting type. I am determined, and I will be the first to succeed. I have to. I am fitted with gear of my choice, along with my team, who are determined and set on this as well. My team consists of me and two other people-Madeline Locketril and Argran Northwyng. Madeline, who is in tier 2, is strong willed and stiff necked, and carries a sort of serious air, probably brought around her when her brother, who was also in SMGP, died. I don’t know how though, because she wouldn’t tell me. She has rusty coloured hair, green sparkling eyes, and a grim smile. Argran, in tier 3, is more tactical and strategic than anyone I’ve met so far, but he has a soft side too, considering not only the victory but also values every life, object, and aspect that is compromised. He features a bald, tanned head and strong arms and hands. As I mentioned before, we get to choose our own gear. I choose a new upgraded heavy duty exo suit, which has become my favourite. I also carry a modified blaster, which is capable of emitting lasers, regular bullets, and the special mytho-bullets, as I learn they are called. I have, over my 2 month training, collected more mytho-bullets. I now have a stock of two phoenix bullets, three peryton bullets, one terra dragon bullet, two frost dragon bullets, one thunderbird bullets, and a fire dragon bullet. I also wield a double edged sword that is tempered blue and has a plasma rim. Madeline wears a slimmer model of the exo suit, a modified crossbow which fires Tesla-bolts and mytho-bullets, and an acid-covered spear. Argran has no exo suit but instead a battle mech, just big enough to fit through a door. He carries a lava hammer, which can spring fountains of lava and expel bursts of the molten rock at opponents when struck in the ground. Such marvelous weapons can only be purchased at the expensive SMGP store, which supplies agents (and those in training) with rare equipment. The battle mech must also be bought, because I have only seen it once, in the store. Argran carries a battle axe as well. He looks impressive, I admit.
We set off that day after the farewells of our co-agents and friends. The challenge is to find a dragon egg, but it’s impossible to find unguarded dragon eggs. Even if you did get past the dragon guard, you would still have to protect yourself from the extreme radioactive conditions and the toxic film of the egg itself. And we have to watch out too-this time there is an enemy watching, an enemy to reckon with.  KIL Corp. has been an enemy of SMGP for as long as anyone can remember. They specify in mythical animals, which they trap to sell to wealthy buyers on the black market. Then one day, they mysteriously shut down. But a few weeks before I came, SMGP started picking up signals from them again, but seemingly under a new boss, more dangerous. We had to watch out, because if they got the dragon egg, the world might change forever.
The first few days are undisturbed, which I find a little chilling, seeing as that we should be in prime hunting ground for mythicals. I find myself wondering if KIL is near or if they have been taking the mythicals from here. Then we meet our first animal-a rogue peryton, which we take down, sedate, medicate, and return easily. But there is a branding-KIL’s brand-on the peryton’s back. It is a warning sent from the enemy. But we must push on.
On the fifth day, the day we arrive at the dragon cave, we decide to camp a little ways from the opening, though there is the constant threat of the dragon coming out. But Argran says that we are safe, and I trust him. Later that night though, I wake up because I hear a sound. I am still lying down, but I open my left eye and spot Madeline leaving camp in full gear. Does she sleepwalk? I ask my self, and creep down the clearing after her. She stops beside a truck, and unmarked truck. Then she talks to the driver, and gives him something. Using the binocular feature in my helmet I zoom in to find that she is giving him a strip of parchment that seems to have all the information about SMGP that a 2nd tier rookie would know. This is bad. But I can’t do anything, or else SMGP might have to intervene and the mission would be over. I crawl back to camp and fake sleep, but eventually fall asleep anyways.
Heat is all I feel in the night. I feel restless, but never wake up. Suddenly, I jolt to the sight of Argran’s face. “Someone’s woken and attracted the dragon’s attention. We need to get out of here.” He looks at me deadly serious, and I follow in full gear. “Where’s Madeline?” I ask, but he shakes his head.
“A traitor, she is. I should have seen that long ago, but it’s too late to get angry now.”
A burst of flames sets a bush on our right on fire, and we run faster than our legs can carry us. The golden red dragon with purple claws is upon us. We try to hide, but this is a truly wild dragon, which has amazing psychic skills. I notice a kind of saddle is attached to her back, and followed the leather to the top of the saddle, at where sits Madeline. She points in our direction, and troops drop in from the sky, from helicopter.
“Argran! We’re under attack!” He isn’t running anymore though. He quickly makes a ring of lava with his hammer, protecting us from the troops. But the dragon remained, as angry as ever. I try to find her weak spot, but she has none. I remember training; I remember the time when the dragon’s weak spot was so unnoticeable because the dragon was spotted with black. The teacher had said... “Every dragon has a weak spot. You just have to look for it with your heart.” I now stand in front of the roaring dragon, and close my eyes, shut out all sound, and felt my heart beat speed up and slow down. That doesn’t make any sense, I thought, but suddenly realized that it was like a gauge to my distance from the weak spot. I shifted in all directions, but I was struck down. I lay gasping at the tail of the dragon, the air knocked out of me. My chest is bleeding. My arms are bleeding. Madeline looks down at me, and I mouth “Why?”
She shouts “Because SMGP killed my brother! It was a suicide mission, anyone knew it. And yet here I am, at the same spot where he died. But I’m not on the dying side.” She turned away, and I kept silent. My heart was going to explode-it was beating 120 beats per second every time the dragon’s tail came close. I noticed that this dragon’s tail had a black spot on it, and took up my blaster, and fired a phoenix bullet from my blaster, which exploded into a flurry of dazzling sparks and attacked the dragon, just as the dragon’s tail whipped onto me, driving its nail-like tail spikes into my lungs. I knew I was going to die, my fragile life floating away, running through my fingers like sand in an hour glass. Gasping, I turned my head and looked at the stars. They twinkled, at least.
Argran was badly hurt, worse than me. His arm was mostly torn off, and his skull cracked. But I would have died if it hadn’t been for SMGP’s motion trackers. They saw still readings and decided to investigate, right when I was about to die. As a surgeon leans over me, I mumble “Did we win?” but he shrugs his shoulders.
After my operation, I go check on Argran. I am all better now, though I can’t resume training till tomorrow, in fear of my lungs tearing again. Argran comes out of his room, smiling and waving at me. He has a cyborg arm, and is happy with it, I think. It has fingers and all, and he is marvelling at today’s technology. Then he sits down with me. “Come on, they’re waiting.”
“Who’s waiting?” I ask, not sure who he means.
“SMGP. They’ve come to pick us up.”
“Wait... we’re not in SMGP?” I look at him.
“No, this is just a regular hospital. It’s not far from here though, the entrance. Of course, it keeps moving.”
When I walk out, I read the sign. It reads London hospital, west Thompson street. I catch up to Argran, and ask him why we’re in London. We were supposed to do the challenge in Paraguay. He explains that in order for the world not to know where SMGP was, they had to keep moving their underground base in a random fashion, and that the door was going to be here so they treated us here.
The door, the same one that stood in front of me when I first came here, not stands in front of me again. In the underground subway tunnels, when no one was watching, the tracks had opened in a perfect circle, and we had jumped in, down the tunnel, till we hit the bottom. The air was cold and it was dark, so I flicked the light switch on.  Now the door is here. I touch the handle, and slowly push it after it recognizes my fingerprint. The door slides up and here I am-back at base. But nothing is the same. We have been betrayed by our own. I am confused when the sign on the elevator reads IBGP, instead of SMGP. I ask a passing scientist what happened, and she looks at me surprised. Nothing happened, according to her. Then she looks at me closely, and asks me who I am, not recognizing me. She is one of the senior scientists, not a new one, so she must have known me. I turn away, thinking about what could have happened to this place. From a sophisticated, hi-tech place to a farm/lab. Argran doesn’t know either. We go into our rooms, and mark is in mine. He stares at me, and says “Hey, you must be my new room mate!”
I look at him terrified, because he doesn’t remember. It’s like they... they brainwashed them all. I and Argran escaped because we had been away. I rush to Argran’s room and call him out. He steps out and says it. “They don’t remember,” he whispers, eyes wide in surprise.

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January 17 - 23 Empty The Cave

Post by Natarsha on Fri Jan 23, 2015 5:27 pm

Okay this was super rushed, because I've had a lot on! So I tried hah
“I hate caves, I hate the dark, and I hate water” I kept muttering to myself as I wondered along the wall of the cave, it smelt bad real bad like rotting fish and carcasses bad, I literally want to vomit in my mouth it’s that bad. Why me? Out the whole agency, why’d they have to pick me for this goddamn mission, I hate water so much and they send me into this disgusting cave. I lose my footing and fall into the shallow water,

“Great!” I yell out in anger sitting in the water, I place my hand down in the water and touch something that was all wet and gross, bringing my hand out of the water looking at the object I touched,

“Oh gross you got to be kidding me” I look at the baby Hydrus, looking back at me
“Oh no, no no. Don’t look at me like that, I’m not your mother” I put the baby Hydrus back down, as I do it starts crying

“Oh no, don’t cry please don’t cry” I cradle the Hydrus till it stops crying, I sigh in relief. I sit up on the bank resting against the cave wall, I close my eyes listening to the water crash against the rocks, I hear a laughter in the distant I turn and face the, silhouette figure in the cave opening.

“Go away Derek” I sigh getting up walking towards him

“So this is the famous agent? I guess I found your Achilles heel, huh?”

“Shut up and take the baby” I say shoving the baby into his hands

“How are you afraid of a little baby mongoose? And really water? You drink that stuff”

“One, it’s not a mongoose, it’s a Hydrus it’s a very rare and unknown and has been described as a bird, a snake and even a dragon. It may look like a mongoose close up but it’s not. And it eats crocodiles from the inside out, and two. I realise I drink water that’s not my problem, and anyway this is coming from the water loving sprite”

His laughter echoes the cave as I look at him in anger. “Oh I can’t wait to tell the boys back at base, that the one and only superior agent is afraid of a little water”

“You do that, and I will tell everyone about what happened in Budapest.” I look at him in all four of his eyes.

“Okay, okay I won’t tell anyone. Now quit staring in all four of my eyes, its freaky”

“Good. Now you’re late. So hurry up we have work to do” I say turning around walking back down the cave I hear him mutter but I ignore it    

“Speaking of babies, how are you?” He laughs floating above the water as I walk along the walk along the cave wall

"Ha, funny stuff Derek" I laugh and smile

"Ah there's that beautiful smile and gorgeous laugh I've missed" I blush and smile

"Okay okay, be quite this is a mission" is smile

"So tell me Miss walking Encyclopaedia, what's down caves?"

"Okay, so there's a Red Cap, a small-human like creature, with fiery red eyes, wearing a red hat and has a long white beard. Eagle claws for hands which he uses to kill humans with, he gets the name because he stains his hat with the blood of his victims. He has Iron boots but this does not slow him down he is extremely agile and quick and fears Witch Hunters, and the if one was to recite words from the Bible of which he fears most, hearing holy words will send him running"

"Um... okay freaky but at least he's in Scotland, right? Seeing he is Celtic?"

"I see you've done your light reading, and yes that's right" I say as we reach an 'intersection' of such "We go right, I say looking down at my GPS watch"

"Whoa you have a GPS down here? That's so cool, I want one” He says excited like a three year old at a toy store

"Keep your voice down or you will wake the baby, and it's one of the perks of being s brilliant agent" I smile and turn right

"Okay Miss Encyclopaedia, what else?"

"There's the Hydra, which you know about. Nymphs, The word Nymph means and woman who is fit for marriage. Who are female spirits, and guard natural habitats. They are seen around creatures such as Satyrs as well as gods such as Pan, Hermes, Apollo, Artemis and Dionysus."

"So woman like me?" He asks smiling wide

"Yeap. Woman like you. But they live in Greece" I say as we almost reach the end of the cave/tunnel thingy

"And there are Mimis? Which are what?" He asks showing a sudden interest

“Rock spirits of human form. They live in the mountains whose slender bodies enable them to slide through the thin cracks in the mountain side. They only emerge from the mountains to feed. They are fond of yam but will devour humans if necessary. But were lucky, they only live across the ocean in Australia"

"Oh thank the lord, um miss smarty pants, look up from your everything-in-one watch" He stares at dead end "Guess who was wrong ha!" he pokes his tongue at me

"You were, it’s not a dead end." I look at my watch and find the symbols embedded in the wall pushing them down and turning them counter-clockwise the end of the cave pulls away revealing a long corridor, filled high with books, and creatures from the air to the depths of the sea, Derek stopped talking and started at the wall, the baby Hydrus -Our new companion- looked up in astonishment, I stood un-fazed and started walking along the corridor.

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January 17 - 23 Empty Re: January 17 - 23

Post by LittleDancer on Fri Jan 23, 2015 6:23 pm

So this was kind of rushed and unedited =/

I rolled my eyes as a young man struggled to climb over a chain link fence, I sighed loudly and offered my hand to help him over. Out of breath he landed in a small puddle.
“How you do this every day?” he asked catching his breath. I ignored his question and moved on. James Kirk was a new recruit and I had been put in charge of training him. I walked down the alleyway warily looking up to see if anyone was watching, the dark windows seemed to look at you when you weren’t watching them.
Behind her she heard a loud crash; she whirled around pulling out her gun. What she saw almost made her laugh; James looked up sheepishly from a pile of trash cans. He stood up quickly and brushed himself off.
“Uhhh the pavement tripped me” he said grinning like the Cheshire cat. I smiled briefly and signaled for him to carry on. The next part proved to be tricky for James, not the stairs themselves but jumping from building to building seemed to scare him, it wasn’t part of the training but I decided to have a bit of fun.
On top of the building it was windy, but luckily it was in our favor, so it would be easier to jump.
“Okay, the trick is to not look down and jump far” I took a running start and landed with about three feet to spare. I watched as James hesitated and then ran and hesitated again.
“You need lots of speed!” I shouted. He glared at me, but went farther back and started running. James landed with about five inches to spare, he almost fell off backwards but I grabbed his forearm and pulled him back up. He flashed me a grin and gripped me arm.
The rest of the day proved to be normal enough and James seemed to be getting the hang of some things. We had to go back to headquarters to sign out, well James did. I had a few things I needed to do before I was done for the day.
I wrote down a quick progress report for James and put it on Mr. Bard’s desk. He’d see it later. I had to gear up before I headed out again. I had to dress for the occasion and hide my weapons somewhere on my being. I decided I would carry small weapons, such as daggers and arrow heads, my bow be in my purse as well as my arrows. The cool thing about my bow was that it was foldable. It fit nicely in my purse. I also had about fifteen foldable arrows in my purse too.
I wore a black dress and black heels, black was my color. The arrow heads looked like decorations on my shoes, I finished off my outfit by applying red lipstick. I was ready. I grabbed my purse and got out of headquarters. James was sitting a chair near the entrance. He jumped up when he saw me.
“May!” he said “where are you going?”
“I have work to do” I said.
“Umm…Well do you have time to drop me off somewhere?” He asked.
I groaned inwardly “Sure” I said.
“Great! Thank you so much May” He said falling in step beside me.
“No problem” I said.
“Where are you off to all dressed up? A date?” He asked smirking.
I snorted at that. Me? A date? “No I have some more work to do” I said still giggling about me on a date.


I swerved away from the oncoming car and rammed into a lamp post. I swore under my breath. The car whizzed past us, I tried to see the driver but all I saw was blurred picture of a face. But what the face was I had no idea.
“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?!?” James yelled from the passenger seat.
“I don’t know” I said quietly. I tried to starting the car again and to my surprise it started. I could still see the car driving in the distance. I floored the gas and chased after the car.
We soon caught up to it, but I couldn’t seem to get beside it to see who it was. It turned left into a long driveway. My breath went in sharply. This was the address I was supposed to come too. I drove up the long driveway lined with oak trees. I looked around for the car that we were chasing but so many looked the same.
Then I remembered James, I was supposed to drop him off. Well too late now, I can’t let the trail get cold. I had to find out what had deliberately run into us. And I was already as it was. I turned to James.
“You’re going to have to come with me, I might need your help anyways” I said cringing at needing his help. But it was true, this may turn out to be a two person job.
I non chalantly handed him a gun from the glove box and put it in his jacket pocket. He offered me his arm and we walked into the mansion that stood before us.
Inside was full of people talking to one another and drinking expensive champagne. I had to find where the drugs were being sold in all of this. I spotted a large staircase at the end of the large ballroom. The path was clear but suddenly the band started playing, everyone started dancing and blocking our path. If we made our way through now then we would cause a commotion.
“Dance with me” I ordered. He grabbed my waist and we swirled to the music of a soft waltz. He gripped my waist.
“Make your way over to the staircase” I hissed.
He carefully spun me around to the staircase. After the song ended we bowed and curtsied to our partners. Me and James walked up the stairs being careful not to make any loud noises. At the top of the stairs were hallways on both ends. I saw a light under a down at the far end of the right hallway. I started walking that way, James following behind me.
I reached inside my purse and felt for my dagger. It felt cold in my hands, making shivers go up my spine, waiting for something to happen. We reached the door with the light under it. I heard nothing coming from inside, maybe nobody was in there.
I turned the knob slowly. Locked. I grabbed a bobby pin out of my short brown hair put my dagger in my mouth, I started to pick the lock with my bobby pin, after a minute or two I heard the satisfying click and the door quietly swinging open.
I walked inside the room my dagger in hand again. James had his hand over his coat pocket, ready to take his gun out at any moment. My heels made dull noises on the carpet as I scanned the room. It looked empty but you can never be too sure.
In the far corner of the room I saw something with a blanket draped over it. I walked over to it pulling the blanket it off. Underneath was a cage, it had something in it. But I had no idea what it was. It definitely was not human though. I turned on the bedside lamp to get a closer look.
What I saw amazed me. It had a human for, but its eyes were pure black, they bored into your sole looking at you silently. Its skin had an orange tinge to it. In fact it was very orange. It looked very sad and lonely, and alone.
“Can you talk?” I said barely audible.
“Yessss” It said slowly, drawing out the last syllable of the word.
“I see you have found our pet” Someone from behind me smirked. I whirled around on my heels pointing my dagger at the stranger. Three men stood behind me. One of them had their hand around James’s mouth.
“Put the weapon down if you want the man to live” He said pointing his gun at James’s head for emphasis.
“Okay, okay” I said kneeling down and putting my dagger on the floor.
“How much do you know?” The man asked.
“I don’t know anything” I said, mostly telling the truth. I had to act quickly before they got bored with us and killed us. I had to get them talking, get them to tell me something, give me time to get my weapon.
I sat down in a nearby chair and crossed my legs.
“I have this whole building rigged with explosives, if you want to live you will tell me everything you know” I lied trying to get information out of one of them.
“You’re lying” The man said.
“No I’m not” I said. I saw a look of fear in his eyes for a moment but it quickly disappeared. I reached down to my shoe and grabbed an arrow head, it was the gas one. It would gas the whole room for about thirty seconds. It had a small button on the end so that when you clicked it into the arrow shaft it would activate and spray gas once it hit its target. I held it up dramatically.
“Once I press this button it will blow everything up” I say. Without waiting for a response I hit the button and threw it as hard as I could against the wall. James managed to get free; he held his tie over his mouth to protect himself as much as he could. Before I ran out of the room I remembered the creature in the corner. I ran over to the cage and tried to open it. It was locked. I grabbed another bobby pin from my hair and started picking at the lock. I started coughing and I couldn’t see what I was doing my eyes burned and my lungs hurt with each breath.
The lock clicked and I grabbed the creature and ran out the door shutting it behind me. My vision was blurred but I saw James leaning against the opposite wall coughing. I fell to my knees on the floor coughing. I forgot about the creature until I could breathe properly again.
I swore under my breath again as I saw the creature beside me. It repeated what I said.
“Shhh” I said putting my hand over its mouth. It licked my hand.
“Ewww” I said wiping my hand on my side. I heard footsteps on the stairs. I grabbed the creature and James and shoved them into a closet I followed and closed the door behind me. I put a finger to my lips but realized it was dark and no one could see anything.
What a great place to hide May, I thought to myself. Hide in a closet; no one will look here for you. I mentally face palmed and thought of a way to get out. I grabbed an arrow shaft out of my purse and put it together. I grabbed a deathly arrow head from my shoe and attached them together. I waited to get my bow out. I heard the door across from us opening. The men were coughing and wheezing. I smiled smugly to myself.
“I’m gonna sneeze” James whispered in my ear. “I’m allergic to mothballs, and these fur coats are full of them.”
“You can sneeze when we get out of here” I whispered back. He held his finger beneath his nose and grumbled quietly.
“Find them” I heard one of them men say. Their footsteps echoed on the floor. It was only a matter of minutes before someone opened this closet door and we would be discovered. I took my folded up bow out of my purse and held my arrow ready in my other hand. The footsteps got nearer. I heard a loud sneeze come from behind me. The Footsteps stopped in front of the door. I whacked James with my arrow.
The door opened. I immediately went into action. I kicked him in the chest with my foot and sprang my bow to its full size. I knocked the arrow as he got up again and pointed a gun in my face I nailed him in the chest with my arrow. The two other men came running at the sound of the commotion. I put together another arrow shaft. The man pointed his gun at us.
“DUCK!” I yelled, luckily the creature knew what that meant. I somersaulted on the ground and grabbed an arrow head and attached it as I came up I knocked the arrow and shot again. Another hit.
James took care of the last guy, knocking him out with the butt of his gun. Then came the problem of getting the creature out of the building without being noticed. I realized I didn’t even know if the creature had a name.
“What’s your name?” I ask.
“Cally” She responds.
“Okay Cally we are going to do some hard things, you will have to do the best you can okay?”
“Hard things, okay.”
I ran to the end of the hall and opened the floor to ceiling window and climbed through, I signaled for James and Cally to follow me. I had one grappling arrow, I could lower me and Cally down, but I don’t know if James could shimmy down the rope. I decided James would shoot and lower himself down with Cally and I would climb down on my own.
I handed him my bow and an arrow with the grappling on it.
“Here take this” I said. “Shoot it into the ledge and lower you and Cally down.”
“Okay” He agreed slowly.
“Hurry up” I say looking behind me; I know the man that James knocked out would come around soon. James shot the arrow and started to lower himself down slowly. I hear a groan from inside the house.
“Faster” I hiss keeping my voice low. I close the window quietly.
“We’re down” I heard him say. Without a second thought I Jumped off the edge and grabbed onto the rope, I scaled down the rope quickly and was soon on the soft grass beside James and Cally.
“Get to the car and we can talk there” I said starting to run across the grass. Inside the car I started asking questions.
“Cally what exactly are you?” I say trying not to sound rude.
“I am a Ronan” She said from the backseat of my car.
“And what are Ronan’s, and where do they live?” I ask, almost running a red light, I slammed on the brakes.
“I am from a different place then you, some call us Orcai but our true form is Ronan” She said.
“Orc” I say quietly.
“Yes” She said. Wow this girl must have super hearing.
“What were those men trapping you for?” I asked.
“They capture creatures like us. Some of the species are worth very much. Those people were going to sell me.” She replied.
“To who?” I asked.
“To people who use us as slaves. Like a mule or a packhorse. For work” She said bitterly, as if she had experience with it. “My family was taken and eventually so was I. We are sold in the black market; hardly anyone knows about us, we are usually taken of earth once we are sold.” She said.
“Oh” I say, for once I am speechless. How did something like this get past the agency? I wondered. “I’m afraid that if I take you to headquarters they will want to do tests on you” I say sadly.
“Can you let me go? I have a sister somewhere” She asks hopefully. It would be breaking every protocol but after all this girl has been through it’s the least I could do.
“Yes, but you must never come back here. No one must find you.” I say seriously.
“Okay” She says. “You can let me out here. I can find the way easier on my own.” She says.
“Are you sure?” I ask uncertain.
I pull the car over and get out. “Thank. You.” Cally says to me.
“You’re welcome” I say in my most dignified voice.
She walked away I turned away and then looked back, she was gone.
“That was one heck of a day James Kirk” I said getting back in the car.
“It sure was May Jones.” He said smiling.

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January 17 - 23 Empty Re: January 17 - 23

Post by Melody on Fri Jan 23, 2015 6:39 pm

Bang, bang, bang!

The street was lit by a myriad hues of orange and red. Sparks few everywhere as bullets grazed off a metal jeep. Clay and mortar crumpled from the houses, now empty as families fled in a desperate attempt to save their lives.
What kind of weapon is that? Twenty-four year old Victoria Wayward's racing brain wondered. The bullets were obviously from a gun. But that didn't explain the fire engulfed the street.
After five years training, she had received her first mission. Iraq. A team of twenty special counter intelligence agents sent in to locate and destroy a local terrorist group. The report said the shipment was being received at noon that night.
Victoria fired her gun into the street. Bulletproof vest clad agents to her right did the same. It was an attempt to clear a path for five agents to reach the warehouse. There was a scream and an unheard thud as a body fell. The other agents were down before they made it half way.
“I'm going around the back,” Victoria shouted.
Each agent was specially equipped with a hand-grenade sized bomb. The mission was simple—destroy the weapons. The government had been very clear about that. They had also been clear that, should there be any hostages inside, they would deny any involvement with the mission. As far as the world was concerned, the government knew nothing of this elite team of agents.
Victoria unlatched the pin from the explosive. Judging by the explosions she heard, her team had created a diversion. She through the bomb into the warehouse. She couldn't look inside. It undoubtedly did contain hostages.
She ran. There was an eight second delay on the timer. Enough time to get out of the kill-zone.
She fell to the ground as the explosion went off. Bits of debris shot everywhere. Her ears rung.
Thump. Thump. Thump.
There was a wind-like sound in the ear. She at first thought it was the helo. But the extraction point was fifty clicks to the north.
Wincing in pain, Victoria turned. A dragon emerged from the ruins, its dark scales glowing from the explosion and heat. It's jaws opened wide, fire spilling out in her direction. It flew closer.
Well, she thought ruefully. That explains the fire.

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January 17 - 23 Empty Re: January 17 - 23

Post by JerrythKeen98 on Fri Jan 23, 2015 6:54 pm

“So, you want me back?” I said, glaring at the black suited man sitting across from me. “In a manner of speaking yes, you are the only operative who has the raw skill needed to succeed.” I downed the rest of my drink. “You know that the MI6 has black listed me, I cannot help you.” The black clad man slammed his fist on the table. “Jerryth, you know that if I am here then it is dire!” “Or it is an elaborate set up to get rid of me permanently.” I countered as I looked over the case file in front of me. “I’ll take the case; It’s not like I have anything else to do.” The man rose from the table “Good.” With that he turned and left. I paid for my drink and headed home. MI6… for what reason would they want me back after the damage I caused. I reached my apartment and opened the door. Oh well the answer will come tomorrow. I woke the next morning, took my morning medication, made myself presentable and went to the MI6 Headquarters. As soon as I entered the building I was escorted to the briefing room. When I had entered the room the doors sealed and every available gun was aimed at me. “Sit, Listen and obey Agent 224, or you will be eliminated.” “James, it’s nice to see you too.” I said sarcastically as I sat down. “Are you stable?” James bond continued. “Yes, I took my medication.” “Good then this will be easy; your mission is to infiltrate an island research facility copy all of their Intel and inject a virus into their Data bank.” “That’s it? Why do you need me for that?” “You know exactly why 224; just make sure you keep on your medication.” I shifted in my chair. “Just remember that you are still here because of my actions, James.” Bond looked away, “just go.” A battalion of guards escorted me to my transport. The containment truck I was locked in drove to the shore lines. Transported like an animal, I thought bitterly. I was almost thrown onto the boat. “Activate the auto pilot and go, all of your equipment has been stored in the hull.” “Yes yes fine! Calm down.” I said turning towards the ships navigation system. “Geronimo” I said under my breath as I flicked the auto pilot on.
The trip to the island was very uneventful. I went over my equipment, a silenced pistol with a double stacked magazine. I snorted in disgust fantastic they only gave me 15 bullets. I also received a supply of my meds, a secure memory drive, and a simpler virus storage drive. My personal favorite was also included; my custom wrist mounted concealed blades. Night had fallen as I reached the hostile shore. Dense foliage covered most of the visible land, Allons-y I whispered to myself. Using some of the foliage I concealed my boat and then headed inland. The sounds of the tropical forest worked well to cover my progress; the deafening buzz of thousands of bugs and the scuffling of hundreds of nocturnal creatures made my progress effectively silent. A patch of leaves rustled to my left, I crouched and drew my pistol. Advancing slowly, I heard a purring snarl, a manticore.

I rolled to the side as it leaped at me. I fired hitting it in the rear leg. It turned on me and leaped again as it jumped I fired again, the manticore slammed into me knocking the pistol from my hand. Its claws sank into my back, blood flowed from the gashes. Before the manticore could cause me more pain I jammed my hidden blade into its neck. Blood sprayed everywhere soaking the area. With its dying breath the manticore lashed out with its scorpion tail the stinger punched into my chest.
“You can’t kill me I’m already dead.” I stood up and tore the stinger out of my chest. My eyes glowed red and my fangs extended, I am not stable anymore the cravings are back. The damage I sustained was enough to cause my vampirism to show itself. My suppressive medicine can no longer help me I need blood. I found my pistol and set out. I reached the research lab, “Two guards in the front soon to be none.” I commented absently to myself. Shadow to shadow I crept, closing the distance to the unfortunate pair. I picked up a smooth rock from the ground I threw it at the closest guard. There was a solid thud and she collapsed to the ground. Before the second guard could turn to see his downed comrade I vaulted over my concealing crate, lifted the unconscious woman and dove back behind cover. Now that I am covered I have time to feed. I tilted my prey’s head exposing her neck; I wonder what blood type she is... I carefully dragged my fangs across her neck searching out her arteries. I bit down sinking my fangs into her. I drank as her steadily fading heart beat pumped blood into my mouth. I relaxed my jaw and withdrew my fangs, “Rest in peace, I give thanks for your life.” I whispered before turning away to deal with the other guard. With Fresh blood coursing through my system my fangs retracted. I drew my gun, I hate to waste blood but I can’t have him discovering my kill. I took carful aim and fired putting a bullet into his skull. He fell and I quickly concealed his body in a crate. There was an open window on the second floor. “Geronimo.” I said under my breath as I jumped up to it.
The interior of the building was stunning; it looked more like a Victorian style mansion than a research lab. “Fantastic!” I laughed to myself “these people have style.” I discovered a security interface on the wall and quickly hacked the system. I disabled the alarms and located the main system data bank, three floors up. “Allons-y” I mumbled to myself as I casually walked out of the room and towards the elevators. The elevator doors opened and I stepped in, pressing the button for the third floor. The elevator chimed as I reached the third floor. As the doors slide open I stepped out, simultaneously impaling the two men guarding the elevator. The main console lay dead ahead, “so much for security.” I joked. I sat down and quickly copied all of the encrypted files, then put the virus in. I turned to head back to the elevator congratulating myself on a job well done; when I heard the hiss of pressure sealed rooms opening. I turned to look, “Rot and damnation!” I said when I caught sight of my new adversaries. Three separate doors opened, revealing a griffin, a chimera and a Minotaur. “I don’t have time for this.” I muttered I pried the elevator door open and leaped into the service shaft. “Let’s hope I can hide until an opportunity presents itself…”

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