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February 6 - 13, 2015 Empty February 6 - 13, 2015

Post by Wlonnie on Fri Feb 06, 2015 6:59 pm

Assignment: Write a poem reflecting your current mood, without right out saying what your mood is.
For example, if you are happy, write a poem resembling happiness, but do not include the words "happy" or "happiness."

Created by Shay.

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February 6 - 13, 2015 Empty Re: February 6 - 13, 2015

Post by Titanhawk 881 (JT) on Sat Feb 07, 2015 9:58 am

Here's mine! Very Happy i'm not that good at poems, so it was fun to make up something (:

That loathing feeling everyone will know
Strong, but saddening, it burns out our soul
As severe as a feeling may go
It may cause an inimical and furious show
Without limit to power it yields to no blow
To feed it, to fuel it, to just watch it grow
Then wither away, scars of grudge all aglow
And like the calm of the sea after quite a harsh flow
Your mind will pace back and forth, pace to and fro
Then a tear glissades down your check and you barely crow
The only phrase your raging being will speak to your foe
“You don’t care what I’m feeling. Some kind of bro.”
Titanhawk 881 (JT)
Titanhawk 881 (JT)

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February 6 - 13, 2015 Empty Tiny Heartbeats

Post by Wlonnie on Sat Feb 07, 2015 2:33 pm

Sparks collide within her bones
Screaming, tearing, at the cold
Heavy chest with fears unknown
But this is love; why's she not bold?

Tiny hands rip out her heart
Glass in flesh, no comfort starts
Whispers dance; all she can do
Take the hands to someplace new

Burdens rise and burdens fall
Little feet walk through them all
She lifts them up, holding tight
To tiny heartbeats through the night

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February 6 - 13, 2015 Empty Re: February 6 - 13, 2015

Post by LittleDancer on Tue Feb 10, 2015 2:19 am

I have two poems this week... I don't know if thats allowed but I have two

Drip drip, drip drip
Every droplet of water louder than the last
Chair shifts and groans
Small cough echo’s around concrete walls
Hot breath escapes from thin lips
The room  stifled with nothing
Cracked lips pressed together in a  line
Concentration thick as blood
Nothing can break what has fallen

It picks away at my very being
Everyday it reminds me
I feel it creep up
It’s cold breathe on my neck
I think about it constantly
Every waking moment
Already lost
It scares me
Makes my heart pump
My head burn
I can no longer control it
It hurts everyone around me
No one must know
But I am afraid
That someone will find it
I can hold it in no longer
It slowly escapes
It must be found
I must tell the truth
It picks away every day

The first is titled 'Silence' and the second is titled 'It'

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February 6 - 13, 2015 Empty Re: February 6 - 13, 2015

Post by Natarsha on Tue Feb 10, 2015 2:27 am

So I didn't really write this about myself but it’s about a close friend of mine which I half relate to so here you are, sorry I’m super stressed out so it’s a bit muddled. Also sorry if it’s all over the place ha

You don’t see the scars
Written on my body in red
You don’t hear the voices
That scream for help inside my head
You don’t see the tears
That drown me in my sleep
Or the frown I hide behind the smile that you see
The long nights ahead behind these tired eyes
The screams and tears that call your name
But you never show

I’m afraid of trying things
It never works right
Talent you say
Spur of the moment more like
Eventually I’ll do something
That you won’t like
Then the mockery begins
And the hatred flows
Meanwhile I wait
As the darkness grows
I will eventually disappoint
I might stop now
Before my cheeks get moist

Despite what you say
I am no poet
I write all day
But nothing flows
You want it real
You’ll see what I mean
This is honestly my first try
Poetry isn’t my greatest suit
But when I put feeling it's always for you

People don’t realise
I don’t like me
But some people do
I don’t like boasting
I don’t have talent
But you all read
So I must have it
You read my poems
You write your comments
Eventually you’ll hate me
So c’mon lets be honest
I know this is long
But its got truth
So now you know
Let's see what it means to you

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February 6 - 13, 2015 Empty Re: February 6 - 13, 2015

Post by Wlonnie on Tue Feb 10, 2015 12:17 pm

Reflections in a Hazy Mirror

I'm too far gone
You're out of reach
Avoid my mouth
Awake my speech
Accept my tongue
But you do not
For the lies you drop
Are ember-hot

We sit alone
Within raging seas
But in the end
It's only me
Why can't you wait
A thousand days
To see my face
Before it rains?

We were meant to break
Of this I know
The words you spoke -
Imitation gold
I once held you
In high regards
Yet here I sit
In a pile of shards

It's time to release
The darkness, bittered
It's time to relive
The moments I quivered
It's time to repaint
All the dreams you broke
It's time to move on
From this heart of smoke

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February 6 - 13, 2015 Empty Re: February 6 - 13, 2015

Post by Melody on Wed Feb 11, 2015 4:18 pm

It has never made much sense to me
Rhythm and meter, blank verse and prose
Doing it hurts more than chopping of my toes
Poetry should rhyme, if you ask me
I will explain my reasoning, you will see
If it does not rhyme, then why is it not a book?
Come, we'll take a closer look
A novel tells a story, yet that is what blank verse claims to do
See the difference between the two?
Poetry should rhyme, this is my belief
(To finish this poem is a great relief)
If you think different, I understand
But please, don't ask me to write a poem again!

(I put that last line in
just because it rhymed.
Challenge makers feel free to involve poetry, I will do it again,
even though I might complain Wink )

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February 6 - 13, 2015 Empty Re: February 6 - 13, 2015

Post by JustJosh on Thu Feb 12, 2015 1:12 pm

(This a poem I did for an English assignment. It doesn't have a title yet and I don't like the last part about the elevator. Had to keep in 'faith based' for my Christian school right? xD But anyway, enjoy.)

If I woke up and you were still asleep,
I'd hope with all my heart that you'd be dreaming of me
'Cause dreams are the reality that nobody knows,
I tried to tell all of my friends, but they became my foes
It's too bad for them, they could be living happy lives,
but when I tried to tell them they said I was full of lies,
Life's like an elevator, going up some friends will leave,
But keep on pushing forward, they might see you and believe

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February 6 - 13, 2015 Empty Poem thingymabobber. xD

Post by ScrambledMemories on Fri Feb 13, 2015 4:37 pm

Shadow covered room
I step quietly closer
Red stained clothes
"We will have to do this again"
Knife blade digs into cold skin

I blow one last kiss
Wiping red paint from my fingers
"Not very talkative..."
Screams are heard as I leave the place
"They've struck again. Murderer."


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February 6 - 13, 2015 Empty Re: February 6 - 13, 2015

Post by Admin on Fri Feb 13, 2015 5:43 pm

Fair savory sugared plums,
Stuffed after pitting, glistening, pruned.
Wine glass emptied – hollow and glum;
Filled to the brim, with tastes fine-tuned.

Like the Black, Klondike or Grizzly;
Afore a winters hibernation.
Or the repeated process of busily
Chewing stock, regurgitation.

To witness Liber’s gleeful triumph!
Having brimmed his inner teases;
Or watching the god of wine harrumph,
The corpulent Dionysus!

Nay, let it be said to all who hear,
The space beneath one’s bosom;
Though empty, vengeful, howling queer,
Gives congruence to fading blossom.

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February 6 - 13, 2015 Empty Re: February 6 - 13, 2015

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