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Post by Titanhawk 881 (JT) on Fri Feb 13, 2015 7:36 pm

The challenge this week is to either solve the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle or solve the mystery about the Yeti/Sasquatch/Bigfoot (whichever you prefer)
Challenge created by Jer
Titanhawk 881 (JT)
Titanhawk 881 (JT)

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Post by Wlonnie on Thu Feb 19, 2015 4:08 pm

Author's Note: Please realize that this is more of an abstract story. I don't "solve" the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle by means of logic or discovery. Instead, I imagine what the spirit of the Bermuda Triangle is. We've all heard the tales of people lost at sea. Physically lost. I took the Bermuda Triangle as an idea and formed it into a losing of the mind, emotions - the very being of a person. Read from either a male or a female perspective; the story doesn't really lead to one or the other. It's meant to embody the idea of being simply lost. I hope you all enjoy!

Ghostly Echoes and Wilted Flowers

Rays of sunlight dissipate as the waves grow stronger, pulling me under in a swirl of cerulean and washed-out turquoise. The sensation is relentless, like the screaming of an agonized child mixed with the thousands of whispering ghosts living in my head. Something is scratching at my flesh, placing damage on my body without drawing any blood. It’s a whisper of pain, a reminder that feelings are a normal human experience. A flurry of needles is being injected into my arms, some strange sensation that thins my blood. And it doesn't stop until the waves recede.
My head rises above water, and I gasp for a lungful of salty air. Stinging droplets of angry ocean water spit in my face, leaving a thousand little red marks at every point of connection. My arms are growing weak, but I can't allow myself to let go of the plank that's keeping me afloat. I don't know where I am. I don't know who I am. All I can manage to tell myself is a repeating loop of two simple words, "Stay alive. Stay alive. Stay alive. Stay alive.”
After the tears of the sea stop churning, I’m able to force myself up and sit on my barren plank of wood. It’s not a moment of hope like a scene from a movie. My muscles feel like Jell-O and my brain is a rusted spinning top. Silver-white sea foam seeps up onto the board, introducing itself to the spaces in between my toes. After years of sitting in that place, catching my breath and soaking up energy from a bright but nonexistent sun, I see an island. In a daze, I straighten my back and adjust my vision. How long have I been in these calm waters? How long have I sat afloat next to shores of soft eroded rock?
It takes me a while – I don’t know how long – to arrive on the island that has become the centre of my focus. Tantalizing daydreams trace themselves on the inside of my eyelids like the gentle touch of an infant; there’s no substance to the feeling, just a whisper of what could be. What could have been. Now there’s sand between my toes. I stagger up the shores before falling, my knees colliding into an abrasive cushion of hot white sand. The odd sensation makes me feel like screaming, but I keep the pain to myself. I don’t know where I am. I don’t know who could be watching. Last thing I knew, I’d been on a cruise ship somewhere in the Caribbean. Now I was here. Who knew what kinds of dangers could be lurking behind the wispy grasses that lined the high banks of sand?
“Is anyone here? Can you hear me?” Questions fall from my lips like blood from the mouth of a dying warrior. No one answers. No one hears me. Before long, the questions are all I can hear. Even the persistent lapping of turquoise waters over marble-cream sand fades to a silent hum.
The impossibility of this place stuns me. The island is like a filtered photograph, the colours marring its surface cracked and jaded. It’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between truth and vivid reality. My strength doesn’t come back to me, not really. Instead, I find myself floating on the verge of an ecstatic mental breakdown. Loneliness is something I’ve never quite experienced before, and it is the only constant amidst the scenery and colours of this dreadful, lackadaisical, stunning island.
After my throat goes raw and my vision turns dull, the questions stop. I begin to look for the answers, tracing them along the flower tattoo on my wrist. I don’t know when I got the tattoo, or what it was meant to symbolize. All I can focus on is that it’s something permanent; something to remind me of who I am. I am the Flower. I focus on the tattoo so much that the flowers of the island all bend to its shape.
Before I can take a breath, years have passed. My life before the island fades away into the molten colours of sand being stolen back into the ocean by tidal waves. In a way, I forget what it means to be human. Emotions are of no consequence. There are no other people. I am alone. There never were any other people. Solitude is what this island represents, mixed with a deadly strain of survival and crystalline waters. It’s like torture wrapped and topped with a bow. I don’t change, and the voices in my head become neither quieter nor louder. It is simply how I learn to live. Sometimes I question the faint memory of a cruise ship and wonder what happened to the others. But then I remember: there were no others. I am the only one.
Years pass. I never age. It’s an endless string of azure and cobalt, peppery waves that kiss my face on sandy beaches, and a hidden pit of loneliness suppressed in the back of my mind. I shed the name Flower, for what use do names have when there are none to speak them out? I am simply the only one. The last, the first, the ending. The island is nothing. I am nothing. I am alone.
And this is what loneliness does to a person’s mind.

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Post by Adley☮ on Fri Feb 27, 2015 3:34 pm

The mystery of the Bermuda triangle is mysterious indeed. However the mystery has nothing to do with the geographical location of the Bermuda triangle, rather the mystery lies in the patterns of popular culture. If examined closely there is no exceptional mystery within the triangle itself. What few mysteries existed inside the triangle have been exaggerated, added to and denied their official explanation, making the triangle “mysterious” in the eyes of popular culture. But when broken down and unravelled, all we are left with is a few mysteries, the likes of which happen in all parts of this planet.
         Let’s begin with our beloved Columbus, discoverer of the America’s (also the man who enslaved natives and chopped of their hands, what a hero). According to his log he reported that his compass was not working properly within the Bermuda triangle. Instead of pointing to magnetic north, it was pointing to true north. This is a common problem within the triangle (along with one other location on the planet) known as compass variation, if un-accounted for, a sailor could find himself incredibly off course. This magnetic declination is nothing mysterious and all sailors know how and when to account for it.
         So why is it mysterious? I would blame a number of writers in the 1950s that began writing reports and fictitious novels about the Bermuda triangle. Some reports even included ill-researched and made up stories containing false figures such as: 1000 lives being claimed in the area. There is no mystery within the triangle; rather the triangle is something that popular culture has made an incomplete story of. Just as popular culture often has throughout history, made stories of mythical creatures, myths about foreign countries and lies about other races. Popular culture has also made Bermuda into a mystery; at least this mystery is relatively harmless compared to others.
         If in the future, humanity discovers that the Bermuda triangle does have unique properties, I would say that that makes it no different from the rest of the world, as we discover unique properties in every area of this planet.

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Post by Natarsha on Fri Feb 27, 2015 5:20 pm

(This was rushed, and it is not well structured or easily to follow. so I apologize it isn't my best work but I needed a break from the mountain of work I had, so I hope it's okay. Again I apologize for the quality and how it turned out hah)
  The Truth

The waves crash against the boat, the water so clear you’re able to see the ocean floor. The Bermuda Triangle is a mystery within itself. So many lives lost, mothers, fathers, and children. Someone’s dad, mum, brother or sister, all lost when sailing or flying over the Bermuda Triangle.  But now the mystery needs to be uncovered and that’s exactly what I am doing. I, Elizabeth McIntyre have found out the truth of the Bermuda Triangle.

Our story starts off a conference room, it’s all business suits and paparazzi, it’s the middle of summer and most of us want to leave. I clear my throat getting the rooms attention “Uh um.. I’m here to tell my story about the Bermuda Triangle, it is in fact not haunted, or cursed the incidents that occur are more freak incidents as there are many cases where people have passed through and have not vanished into thin air or deep water” I take a deep breath watching the murmur of people muttering, “Any questions?” I say to break the muttering, one person raises their hand “Yes, the guy in blue” I smile softly at him, “My question is, can you read some of your book to us?” I smile and began reading the first page:

“Our story starts way back in 1945, one of many recorded aircraft incidents occurred, during World War Two. Flight 19 lost 14 airman whilst flying over the triangle, later that day the Martin PBM Mariner fighter plane was lost with 13 men when trying to find Flight 19. But that is just one of many incidents to of occurred during World War Two, one odd thing about the Bermuda Triangle is that many ships and planes have passed through but not all are lost many pass through and come out alive in one piece, it’s quite odd and more of a freak accident when people go missing and get lost.

Another point in our story, is some believe that the Bermuda Triangle is full of sprits who haunt the Triangle in search of souls, which was then proven not be true. Another theory involves the planets and stars but that gets way to complicated, to even comprehend, the Triangle is a mystery to be solved and that is in fact what I have done” Closing the book an around of applause erupts and a standing ovation occurs as I walk out of the room head held high.

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