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Post by Heather (the Ninja) on Wed Apr 22, 2015 2:25 pm

These are a few short stories I've written. do you guys have any suggestions or comments?
These stories are 1695-2693 words each.
this is the order of how much I like them, greatest to not-as-great:
1: Simon the Zealot, about a pair of almost opposite boys who are brothers. They love eachother, but one day... (Fiction)
2: The sharp click of the gun (Also just called Rea) About the ATLP (Above the law police, lame name right?) against the Raiders, a dangerous gang. Rea, a Raider, is captured! (Fiction)
3: Dare Dragons. Based off real Christians, sharing the Gospel in China, and changing lives. (Based on true stories)
4: Shadows in Autumn A girl and her evil, but loving, Shadow.

and here are the stories

Simon the Zealot

“You will remain for three months in prison, and then you will be moved, again. Your new foster parents are all police and agents, so you will always be under watch. You will have six weeks of public service. You will always be under strict watch, so don’t cause any trouble, I’m letting you off easy, kids, but if you end up back here again I will have to be a bit more stern. Do you understand?” Mr. Crake paced around the two teens in wide circles. It was just a habit to pace, many troublesome kids were un nerved by his pacing, but not these kids. Mr. Crake examined the two teenager boys. The older one, Jack, stood calmly. His shoulders back, and his posture perfect. Facing his consequences with submission, but still relaxed dignity.
“Yes, sir.” Jack replied respectfully, causing Mr. Crake to smile slightly. There was hope for Jack yet.

The other boy was a total different matter. The younger boy, Simon, was still slightly struggling. He had no submission, just hatred. He stood in a wrestling position. He looked like a stack of dynamite, waiting for the smallest spark to set him off. Because of Simon’s temper, Mr. Crake assigned two men to hold Simon back.

“One other thing,” Mr. Crake sighed, and slipped into the chair behind his desk, “This is, what, the fourth time, we’ve had a little chat. I will have to split you two up; you can contact each other, but are not allowed to socialize with each other.” Jack’s eyes grew, and despite being a teen able to stay calm under most dire circumstances he freaked out.
“No, you can’t, please no!” Jack pleaded. Simon wasn’t a pleader though. Despite the men holding him being rather strong, Simon managed to use his good training, strong body, and good form, to throw one guard into the other. He didn’t actually ‘throw’ the guard, but he swung his arm that the guard was holding so hard that the guard was pulled right into the other. The men tumbled to the floor, but were back up in an instant. However, Simon was able to jump away before they could grab him. He landed a show-off flip on Mr. Crake’s desk. And before the old man could do anything Simon sent him sprawling with a swift uppercut. Someone grabbed Simon, hard, on the shoulder. Simon pivoted his body so he was able to attack his captor, but stopped last second noticing that it was his brother.
Jack pulled Simon away from Mr. Crake, and stared into his younger brother’s eyes. Simon struggled a bit, not very strongly though, but soon his angry breathing slowed to controlled calm breaths. The guards moved towards Simon, who crouched ready to attack. But then Jack rested his hand on his brother’s shoulder again. Simon stood back up, and allowed himself to be grabbed and handcuffed by the men.
“Very good training Simon, I’ll give you that much.” Mr. Crake stood up, rubbing his sore jaw, and sat back in his tall office chair.
“Thank you, sir.” Simon said, trying to copy his older brother’s perfect respectfulness.
Mr. Crake nodded to the guards to take the boys away. Both the guards held the, once again struggling, Simon and led him to his cell. With no one holding him Jack just followed a step behind peacefully. Once Simon was safely in his cell the guards led Jack to one cell over, and shut the door behind him.

Jack sat on his large bed, and waited for the phone to be answered. After a few seconds he could hear the phone on the other end get picked up. He had been calling his brother everyday to keep him calm. Simon was like a bomb ready to blow, and Jack was the only one capable of diffusing him. Simon answered,
“I can’t talk right now, doing homework, but I’ll chat to you tonight.” With that he hung up. Jack felt a sick feeling, Simon would never pass a call, and he usually, being incredibly smart, finished schoolwork by 1:00. It was already 4:00. Jack looked through the phone book and called Mr. Rein’s cell. Mr. Rein was Simon’s foster dad, and a very important man, not to be bothered with un-important calls, but this was important.
“What?” The man on the other end demanded.
“Mr. Rein? This is Jack.” Usually if Jack wanted to say anything to Mr. Rein he would pass it through his foster father, Ryan, but this was too important to wait for Ryan to come home from golfing.
“I have a bad feeling, sir; I think Simon is going to try to run tonight,”
“You called me in the middle of an important meeting because of a feeling?”
“I’m worried for Simon,”
“I’ve got him under watch, he’ll be fine.”
“I think you underestimate him, sir. Just please make sure he is taken care of please.” With that Jack hung up, and with a sigh plunked onto his bed. As much as he would like to run off with Simon, again, he didn’t want anything bad to happen. Last year Simon almost died of hypothermia from falling in a glacier fed river.

About three hours later the phone rang. Ryan reached for it, but Jack snatched it up first.
“Yes?” He asked. The caller was from Mr. Rein. After a long sigh the man on the other side finally spoke,
“Simon ran. We couldn’t stop him.” Jack had put it on speaker phone, so that Ryan could hear it.
“I’m sorry I didn’t listen,” Mr. Rein concluded, then hung up. Jack plunked onto the couch.
“Where would he go?” Ryan asked, seemingly forgiving Jack for rudely snatching up the phone.
“I don’t know, he couldn’t have found that I live here, could he?”
“No, he couldn’t, not under Mr. Rein at least.” Jack could only think of one other place Simon would go. Their clubhouse, it was stashed with food and blankets. It was the hideout of the teens. But all the food would surely be stale by now.

That night Jack slipped downstairs. He carried a suitcase and a cooler. The shiny leather suitcase held all Jacks clothes, and a bunch books, mostly school books. He didn’t want to get behind in school just because he was going to the middle of nowhere. He packed the cooler with food, and headed towards the door. He was surprised that it was locked on the inside.
“Leaving so soon?” Jack turned to see Ryan smirking, teasingly. Despite Ryan being over twice Jack’s age, and his foster dad, him and Jack were great friends, and liked to tease each other.
“I’m finding Simon,” Jack said confidentially, “I’ll try to be back for lunch.” He added with a smile.
“So you do have an idea were Simon went?” Ryan asked
“Tell me, we can get a search party.”
“Ryan, Simon just ran away, if anyone tries to drag him back, well, someone could get hurt!” And with that Jack kicked the door as hard as he could. The door smashed down, surprising Ryan, and Jack slipped out into the blackness.


“Simon!” Jack pleaded.
“No, Jack, I am not going to another foster home, or back to the one I have now.”
“Come on, I don’t want to go without you, maybe now the police will listen.”
“No, they won’t, they never do.”
“Bye Simon.” Simon watched as Jack jumped down from the tree house and turned to disappear into the forest.
“No, Jack where are you going?”

Diing doooooooong Ryan answered the door, and was quite surprised. Jack was back, and with him was Simon.
“Could you call up our social service worker? We wish to speak to him.” Jack stated.
“Already here,” Jack and Simon turned to look at Mr. Crake, who was reclining on a sofa, “sit down please boys.”

After hours of discussing, Mr. Crake finally slammed his hand down on the coffee table.
“No!” He yelled, sick of arguing, “You two will not be living together, and that’s final!” Simon stood up anger pouring out of him, Jack grabbed Simon to keep him from attacking Mr. Crake, but Simon pulled away from his brother’s grasp. With one last glare at Mr. Crake, Simon bolted towards the door. He already knew it was locked, and a lot stronger than before, Jack had told him about them having to get a new door, since he wrecked the old one. So Simon just pushed off it to propel himself out an open window. The manoeuvre worked perfectly. Simon did a roll when he hit the ground then pulled himself up and ran.


Jack sighed, staring at the photo of him and his brother together. Years had past, many years. Jack was now a strong man. And he was a police. Ryan, his foster dad, was a police officer, and since Jack was already exceeding him in hand in hand combat and shooting skills Jack was promoted to above his father’s rank. He still never called Ryan dad, just Ryan, and as it had been since they first met, they were more like brothers than parent and kid. All Jack’s criminal record had been removed, when he had appealed to the court. He was a fine, well-tempered speaker, which made it easy to convince people. All of Jack’s criminal record was deleted, and Jack was a member of the police force. His true brother had only visited him a few times, and only for short periods of time. But ever since Jack became a police there were no more visits.

Jack’s promotion went up, and up. Even Ryan couldn’t believe that once Jack was a robber, and a runaway. Soon Jack was one of the most important men of the police force. He was only thirty and was in charge of over seven hundred men! Of course he only had to oversee the few dozen officers in charge of squads of around eight or nine men.

Many men in high positions like Jack’s didn’t participate in actual fighting. But Jack was a good warrior, and a loyal worker. He was usually sent against the worst gangs around. Using his self-taught, later expanded by police, training, Jack was able to take down any opponent. He was called Mr. Jack formally because everyone still associated his last name with Simon, but most his force just called him Jack.

Jack got a call, and after less than a minute of speaking on the phone found out that there was a dangerous man, with superpowers, robbing many large banks. The few, who had seen the man, before getting knocked unconscious, reported he seemingly had a high temper, and wore a black fire-proof cloak, shooting fire out of his right hand, and sleeping gas out his left. Jack didn’t believe in superpowers, but apparently there was proof. Jack’s job was to take a squad and face the fire-man. He had been given the coordinates.

Once inside the old, rugged, warehouse that was apparently the fire-man’s base, Jack and his squad spread out, staying hidden, but surrounding the interior in case of someone entering it would be easy to capture the guy.

The whole warehouse echoed with coarse laughter as a man in black dropped from the ceiling. He sprayed out gas every which way, apparently immune himself. But the police were prepared, holding kerchiefs to their faces they ran to attack the man. The fire-man was well-trained and was able to throw off his attackers. The rest of the police aimed their guns at the man, demanding that he surrender. The fire-man did no such thing, and instead jumped into the shadows. No matter how hard Jack looked he couldn’t see the man. Then the fire-man came out of hiding, right above an officer. He landed on the officer, and with a high kick, sent the officer crumbling to the ground.

“No one shoot!” The fire-man growled, pointing a long shiny knife at the unconscious officer’s neck. The warehouse fell silent.
“You police are invading my space, please leave, or I will kill this man.” There was something distantly familiar in the voice. “Now!” Fire-man barked. Half the police slipped out the building, hoping fire-man hadn’t seen the other half. But the black-cloaked man looked a diagram on a small electronic device and pointed at each of the spots the police were hiding.
“Go!” He ordered.
“What about Sebastian?” On officer asked, nodding his head towards fire-man’s prisoner.
“He will die if you don’t get going!” The man hissed. Jack notice one officer sneak up while the fire-man was distracted. That officer quickly hit the fire-man hard, trying o knock him out. Not hard enough though. The fire-man swung around and knocked the officer down. Then he lifted the officer up and pinned him against the wall, choking him. No one moved, the officers couldn’t do anything, without the chance that someone could get hurt. Jack slipped off his gear and quietly walked up behind the fire-man. All the officers expected Jack to attack the fire-man, but all Jack did was gently place his hand on the man’s shoulder.

The man turned to face Jack, his angry breathing slowed to controlled calm breaths. All the officers in the room stayed silent, waiting for Jack to give an order.
“Simon.” Jack sighed, and gave the Fire-man a long hug. Simon hugged back, and they stayed embracing for a minute.

“Move out.” Jack finally ordered, letting go of Simon, clasping cuffs onto Simon’s wrists. Simon looked up at Jack the same wild look coming to his eyes as it always did when he was captured, but Jack simply rested his hand on Simon’s shoulder and the wildness disappeared.

Jack entered the interrogation room. The normal interrogators had tried everything, but Simon just smiled at them and asked for his brother. When the interrogators demanded information, NOW, Simon would simply smile and then say,
“I can wait.” So now Jack was to interrogate Simon, though he guessed it would be a lot closer to a chat than an interrogation. He entered the room, to see Simon relaxing in his chair.
“What’s up?” Simon smiled.
“Nothing much.” Jack chuckled. Then he started interrogating. In the first ten minute Jack already learned everything about the multiple gangs Simon had paired up with to do robberies. Also Simon explained how he made the gas that he put in a sprayer in his gloves. And explained how his miniature flamethrower on his right hand’s glove worked. Simon also agreed to help Jack with making new technology for the police.

Jack visited Simon’s cell every day for hours, and they chatted about the same things they did as kids,
“I still think Superman is cooler,”
“No way, it’s defiantly Bat-man.” (The End)

The Sharp click of the gun
A short story by Heather Ritter
Rea heard the sharp click of the gun’s hammer pulled back, ready to shoot. She wanted to fight, take down the gun-bearer, and let him know just what she felt like, all the pain, the dizziness; but she couldn’t, she could barely move, held in place by two very strong husky police officers, every one of her muscles aching, she was defeated. The police officers cruelly tossed Rea to the ground, she couldn’t even cushion her fall, her arms where handcuffed. Not just her hands, her arms, her feet, her neck had a long chain going to the cell wall like a leash.

Rea was just fifteen, still young, but most likely was to be shot. And she hadn’t even hurt anybody, well not permanently. There was those couple dozen of times she helped rob a bank, and quite often resulting in taking out a couple guards. Only fifteen and already part of one of the most wanted gangs… in 7 countries! She was part of The Raiders; robbing banks, labs, palaces, random citizens, they were a much hated gang. But they had never killed anyone; they had a strict no against that. If it was between kill or be killed they always took option two, they had honour, and they loved their families, but criminals none the less.

“Where is The Raiders’ hideout” Officer Ryder, the guy with the gun, demanded, practically spitting the word ‘Raiders,’
“I will never tell you, I will not betray my friends!” Rea said through clenched teeth, her muscles cramping.
“Foolish girl!” Officer Ryder growled, giving Rea a hard kick in the side. Rea cringed, her eyes were dry from crying already, but they tried anyways. All this, this was defiantly more than a normal fifteen-year-old goes through.

Ryder bent down and pressed the barrel of his cold gun against the back of Rea’s head, causing Rea to tremble.

“I will one last time, where is the hideout?” Ryder hissed, growing impatient

“I won’t tell you.” Rea whispered.
“Very well.” Ryder had enough of this; he stood aiming the pistol down at Rea’s trembling body.
“Please, sir,” Rea whispered, “Please don’t shoot me, I’m just a kid.”
“Kid or no kid, without giving information you are useless, and you lived a Raider, so you will be killed as a Raider.”
“Please,” Rea curled herself into a ball on the floor, she wasn’t sure if anyone had heard her.
“Give me one good reason not to shoot you!” Ryder demanded, still hoping for information. Rea suddenly thought of something, and she blurted it out,
“If you shoot be you will have nothing to bargain with, The Raiders have captured many of your men, now that you have a Raider you can make a trade.” Ryder nodded, he would not let her go, all Raiders were dangerous, trained extremely well and committed, no she would not go free, but he could use her to trap The Raiders, I will do that, he told himself.

Dear Raiders:

We have your fifteen-year-old. We will shoot her, unless your leader surrenders himself. No tricks. Also we want all our men back. If you do not follow these demands your girl will be killed.

Sincerely, the police

Ryder felt stupid e-mailing The Raiders, they were just, like, his worst enemies. He was actually surprised when he got a response only a minute later:

You can’t shoot her! She’s just a kid! Besides we’ve read the laws, it isn’t legal while you have her captured unless she is put in Death Row, and we would have heard about that!

Ryder snickered to himself while typing his next email, but his smile soon turned to a glare as he typed:

I am a member of the ATLP (Above the law police (we made it anyways)) you Raiders have gone too far. She will be shot unless you give in to our demands. We will give you a week to think about it before she dies. BTW: Don’t even think about hurting your captives/our friends, because if you do, or threaten to, the girl’s life will be taken

*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*At The Raiders’ base*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

Graydon, the leader of the Raiders stared at the screen, blinking repeatedly, as if blinking could change the email. He re-read it at least twenty times before getting up and leaving the room to talk to Shawn. Graydon knocked on the door so quietly he was pretty sure Shawn didn’t hear it. He shut his eyes, took a deep breathe, and knocked harder.
“Come in.” The 17-year-old inside called out in a cracking voice. Graydon stepped inside, the usually neat, but right now messy, room. Shawn was lying in bed still, but even though he was in bed for hours he had dark strips under his dim eyes.

“I got news,” Graydon sighed, causing Shawn to perk up, “but I wouldn’t call it anything close to good.” Then seeing fear in Shawn’s eyes Graydon quickly added “She’s not dead, yet.” The yet came out hesitantly, and painfully. Shawn followed Graydon to the computer room. Shawn was proud of it; it was he who had thought of the technique the Raiders used to go online without being traceable. But now he had too much on his mind to think about that. He scanned the email, and then read it more slowly, and again, and again.
“I never should have allowed her to join the bank robbery.” Was all Shawn said,
“Wasn’t your call.” Graydon reminded him, hoping to take some of the guilt off Shawn’s heart.

*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*At the ATLP’s base*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

Kevin tried to avoid Rea’s eyes as he patrolled the area around her cell, but he was unable, as she watched him at all times. Unlike most Raiders, Rea had a normal life. She was an orphan where she met Shawn, her adoptive brother. When she was adopted Shawn wasn’t, but he ran from the orphanage to continue training Rea. She had always been a Raider, because Shawn had always taught her. Sure he once had a normal life, but his secret ID was discovered soon after he ran away from the orphanage. He was only 5, so how could a 5-year-old get away. Well with the help of The Raiders it was rather easy, plus even at 5 he was an escape artist. Rea would sneak off every night, while she was only 3, to see him. In the younger parts of her life Rea had been mute, so The Raiders weren’t worried about the toddler not keeping secrets.

While Rea had lived with the Johnson’s, her adopted family, she pretended to be a normal kid. Her family still didn’t know that she was a Raider, that is unless if the ATLP ratted her out, which they most likely did. Rea looked back up at Kevin, a friend from school, she never knew he was an ATLP member, but then again he never knew that she was a Raider up till her.

Rea looked up at Kevin pleadingly. Kevin felt guilty, Rea might be a Raider, but she was also being mistreated, fed minimum rations, Kevin couldn’t leave her like this. He had a plan!

It was the last hour of his shift, last ten minutes actually. He shuddered slightly; he knew what happened to traitors. He waited until his reliever came down, then, gently, he squeezed the igniting switch. Kevin had barely enough time to grab onto the bars of Rea’s prison before the explosive went off. The impact threw his reliever into the stairs; the ATLP would defiantly slow down to help him.

Kevin pushed the key into the lock and opened the door of the prison. He ran right in, and helped Rea out. Feet pounded coming down the stairs, the alarm sounding deafening loud. Kevin and Rea ran out the huge hole in the wall caused by the explosion, and ran off into the woods. Kevin dropped a special gas bomb behind him, knocking unconscious the closest pursuers. He dropped a fog bomb, and he and Rea disappeared in the thick mist. Lastly he dropped a stink bomb, it smelled pretty bad to him, but it would cover their scents from the tracking dogs.

They ran as fast as they could. Even though he was trained for endurance Kevin slowed down after an hour of straight sprinting. Rea barely looked exhausted, but since she just escaped prison she was probably dying to keep running. When she noticed Kevin falling behind Rea fell back to join him. He leaned against a tree to catch his breath. Despite all the clever tricks and gasses the ATLP were still tracing them. Rea knew she could out-run them and get to the base safely and undetected, but she wasn’t so sure about Kevin. Rea saw flashlight beams rounding a boulder a couple hundred metres away.
“Not that far now.” She tried to coax Kevin to run, even though it was really far to the hideout. Rea tried to keep Kevin from looking back, but he did, and he saw the lights.
“Run!” He commanded her
“Not without you,”
“That’s cute,” Kevin teased, and with that he ran right towards the flashlights. Rea knew she couldn’t do anything, so she turned and ran, and ran. She could hear a couple of guns going off, and seconds later she was too far to hear anything. Tears filled Rea’s eyes as she ran, her a Kevin was good friends, but not best friends, but he had still given his life for her.

Rea finally reached the gang house, and passed out of exhaustion just metres from the door. When she woke there was Shawn, he gave her a huge hug.
“Down boy,” Rea giggled pushing her brother away.
“What happened?”
“We were so worried!”
“Where were you?”
“Are you ok?”
“How did you escape?” This last question hit Rea, like a baseball bat hit’s a ball, sending her mind flying to see what she could remember. All the questions kept coming, not waiting for a answer.
“Kevin!” Rea yelled; the room went silent. Shawn grabbed his sisters hand, Graydon crossed his arms and everyone else there, which was pretty much the whole gang, whispered among themselves. Graydon held his hand up for silence and the whispering ceased. All eyes focused on Rea.
“How did you escape?” He asked calmly and slowly.
“Kevin, my friend, he’s one of them,” Rea started, and then assuming he was shot painfully added “was one of them.” Graydon raised an eyebrow, symbolizing he was waiting to know more.
“He blew a hole in the wall, and helped me escape,” Rea was about to continue, but it hurt too much.
“They got him, didn’t they.” Shawn asked, but phrasing the question more as a statement. Rea just nodded, tears rolling down her cheeks. Shawn put his hand on her shoulder.

*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*In the Middle of Nowhere*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

Kevin tried his hardest. I must keep them back! He told himself, running right into the light. This startled the pursuers; they didn’t expect their quarry to come right to them. Kevin shot a well aimed bullet into the leader of the squad’s gun. This started the shooting. Kevin dove behind a large rock. He aimed his gun, but he couldn’t bring himself to shoot these men. These men who had taken him in, and protected him. Kevin sighed and dove behind another rock which had an almost identical rock beside it. Kevin used the tiny space between the two rocks to aim his gun. He shot one man in the foot, and continued doing this to others, knowing they can’t follow Rea if they can’t run. Kevin heard a slight noise behind him. How could I be so stupid? He asked himself. He should have seen this coming, the whole squad wasn’t there in front of him, and so they must have sent some around. Kevin turned just in time to see a fist moving straight for his face, he neatly ducked it, but wasn’t able to dodge the second man’s blow to the stomach. Kevin dropped his gun in pain, as the first man’s fist collided with Kevin’s face. He dropped to the ground, breathing became hard, and time seemed to slow and fade.

Kevin woke up being dragged along by two men. He looked up to see Ryder glaring at him. Kevin swept his eyes around to take in the scene. All of the squad that got after him was there. Apparently Ryder had been the one leading the squad, for he was wearing a makeshift hand cast to stop the bleeding in his right hand. The bleeding caused by his gun blowing when Kevin had shot it.

“Kevin Michel Rackson,” Ryder spoke steadily, using Kevin’s full name, which made Kevin cringe, it meant he was in big trouble. Well, duh, you’re in trouble! You helped the enemy. Kevin’s voice sounded in the back of his head. Ryder continued to speak with the same strong, steady rhythm he usually used, though with a bit of pain this time: “do you know what happens to traitors?” Of course Kevin did, they all knew, but it was still respectful to answer, so Kevin answered Ryder as respectfully as possible.
“Yes, sir,” traitors were shot. The ATLP couldn’t afford to have any, so they shot all the spies and traitors.

Kevin heard the sharp click of the gun’s hammer pulled back, ready to shoot. He wanted to run, escape from the gun-bearer, now he knew what Rea had felt like, all the pain, the dizziness; but he couldn’t run, he could barely move, held in place by two very strong husky police officers, every one of his muscles aching, he was caught. The police officers cruelly tossed Kevin to the ground.

Kevin was just sixteen, still young, but most likely was to be shot. And he hadn’t even hurt anybody, well not permanently. There were those couple dozen men he shot in the foot; he helped Rea to escape, and resulting in taking out a fellow guard. Only sixteen and already a helper of one of the most wanted gangs… in 7 countries! He helped The Raiders; robbing banks, labs, palaces, random citizens, they were a much hated gang. But they had never killed anyone; they had a strict no against that. If it was between kill or be killed they always took option two, they had honour, and they loved their families, but criminals none the less.

And now he was treated like one, probably counted as one. Kevin heard the loud bang of Ryder’s gun. He blinked, once, twice. He was still alive, no pain even. Kevin looked up at Ryder. Ryder’s eyes were full of compassion.
“You are a good soldier Kevin,” Ryder’s rhythm just as steady as ever, but softer, “you’re a good man, you don’t deserve to die.” With that Ryder turned and started to walk away. He made a hand symbol to the two officers in charge over Kevin, and they followed his command. They pulled Kevin onto his feet and led him off into prison.

Kevin was surprised, his prison wasn’t really that secure, and it was very nice. With a couch, TV, a soft bed, mini fridge full of good food, it was better than most hotel suites. Kevin chuckled to himself; Ryder truly was a good friend.
Dear Raiders!

I am alive! I didn’t believe it at first, but I am! I use way to many explanation marks! But anyways, I’m alive! So please don’t be sad. I’m just glad to have had such a great friend. (That’s you Rea) Also it was kind of fun running for our lives, and at least I got the exercise.

BTW: Officer Ryder is really not that bad, he just has a grudge against The Raiders, that’s all. He’s really a softy if he knows you

BTW2: All e-mails coming out or into this cell are checked, so Ryder probably knows I called him a softy… you can mourn for me now, he will probably kill me for it.

(The End)

Dare Dragons
those who Dare To Believe
By Heather Ritter

A man, dressed in all black, dropped silently from his hiding place. His landing didn’t even make a sound. He slipped into the house, unseen. When he entered the living room a tall old man strolled up to him, and held out his hand. The smuggler slipped a small book, with a leather cover, into the old man’s hand; And without a word slipped back outside. He moved to his next stop, and delivered a similar book. This went on for most the night. Then as the man pulled his black coat closer around himself he moved into the next old wrecked house, almost identical to the last dozen houses he delivered to. There was tension in the air, but not the normal tension of peasants scared of being caught by the secret police, it was a different kind of tension; almost anticipation of some sort of fun. The man continued with extreme caution. He entered the dark house, and the door slammed behind him. The lights burned on, the black man was surrounded by the secret police. All of them holding their rifles trained on his head.
“Your coat,” A tall gruff man held out his hand. Ryan reluctantly pulled off his black coat, revealing a torn black sweat shirt, and handed the coat to the apparent leader of this police squad. The officer snatched Ryan’s coat, and dumped its contents onto the floor.
“Bibles,” The officer spat “shoot him.” The police lined up, blocking the door, all guns aimed at Ryan. Seemingly enjoying themselves, the police men took aim. Ryan scanned the area and took in the scene in seconds. The escape plan played out in his head, he memorized every detail. Ryan loved how quick he was of a thinker, he had a plan and barely a second had passed. Ryan knew he would most likely be shot, but he had to try, or that would happen anyways. Ryan ran up the nearest wall, a move the police hadn’t seen coming, so they all shot at the wrong place, anticipating a different move. Ryan fell towards the leader, and with a swift kick he launched himself one way, and threw the leader against a few police. Using his life-long training and, quick thinking, he flew through the old broken window of the house. Then Ryan ran, as fast as he could, but he could hear them hot on his tail. Finally getting exhausted, Ryan pulled himself into a tree. His sweat shirt didn’t hide him as well as his taken coat, but it would have to do. Ryan could hear most of his pursuers split off. Three were coming this way though. Ryan stayed very still and quiet. He saw one of the men look up casually at the tree, and meet Ryan’s eyes. The man raised his gun and started shouting something, but he was too late. Ryan couldn’t afford to have the other squads to hear a yell or a gunshot, so he pounced. Ryan landed squarely on the man’s chest, and used the butt of the man’s rifle to knock him down. Before the other men could do, anything Ryan swiftly knocked one down with a well aimed uppercut. He then aimed a kick into the other man’s stomach, and then a punch, that was dodged well. However this police man hadn’t even close to the same amount of training that Ryan had, and was soon unconscious.

Ryan looked over the three police. One was just a boy, looked no older than seventeen. Ryan felt a wave of compassion rise up in his soul.
“Heavenly Father,” Ryan started, he knew that another squad would come this way soon, but he stayed as long as he dared, and blessed the boy, “this boy, he’s so young. He is lost in sin. Bless him Father, lead him to you. Help him to find you, and give him love. Make his path turn towards you, and fill it with joy, as you have given me.” And with that Ryan turned and ran into the darkness of the woods.


“Our Father in *oof* heaven, hallowed *whoooa* be your *THUD* name, your *swish* kingdom come, your will *kick* be done *block* on earth as it is *ow* in heaven. Give us *hit!* today our daily *dodge* bread. Forgive us our *ow!* debts, as we also have *oof!* forgiven our *block* debtors. And lead us not into *auuuug!* temptation, *Thud, sigh*” Carson, the youngest member of The Dragons laid on the ground coughing a bit, and once he had stood and caught his breathe he finished the prayer, “but deliver us from the evil one.”

“Good job Carson and Ruby,” Nick nodded to the handsome, blond, teenage boy, and to the teenager’s slightly older girlfriend. Noticing Ryan, Nick broke away from the pair and fell into step with Ryan. Nick waited patiently for a report.
“I lost three Bibles,” Ryan sighed, Bibles were all too hard to smuggle into China, and each one was precious, “The Rucker’s house was a trap, I should have been more careful.”
“You lost three Bibles? That would mean you already delivered twelve, not too bad.” Nick smiled, and patted Ryan on the shoulder, then went off to train.


James sat up, he couldn’t sleep. And it wasn’t just that large bruise on his chin, and all the swelling. That wasn’t the hard part, James was tough, and he was used to that.
“It’s that man,” James thought, whispering in his mind as if other secret agents might try to hear, “he took me down, but what did he say?” James scrunched his forehead trying to remember the man in black’s exact words,
“Something about me being lost in sin? What is sin, I know those Christians always talk about ‘sin,’ it’s something wrong, right? Then he mentioned something about blessing, yeah ‘Bless him Father’ he blessed me, while he asked for me to be blessed. He wanted me to have joy even though I had thought of shooting him, for fun! He wants me to be one, but he doesn’t want me to just join them for no reason. He wants me to find God? He wants me to have love? And how did he end, something about giving joy like he has been given. What’s that about? He is hunted, shot at, and from the looks of him I’d guess he is poorly fed and over tired. And yet he has joy? I live with rich parents, my job might be dangerous, but it is very well paying. I’ve got at least a dozen different girlfriends, and yet I have little joy. If he, with his torn shirt and tired eyes, has joy in this God, how much more would I have joy?” James scolded himself for even thinking of this, it wasn’t what he was taught, he wouldn’t listen to Christians just because some dude talked to God as if he was a great guy, ready to listen.


Ryan struggled in the hands of his captors, but when a cold gun barrel was pressed against the back of his head he let himself be pulled along. He knew he probably couldn’t escape this time. One of his holders was the boy, from weeks ago. The boy didn’t seem to have been getting much sleep, and walked a reluctantly as if he too was being pushed towards his death. The boy would not meet Ryan’s eyes.

Ryan was led to an old post, with many bullet holes and tears in it. The heavy metal cuffs connected to the pole were snapped onto Ryan’s wrists, a little too tightly. The police men lined up, taking aim, ready to shoot. The first bullet zinged and scraped the edge of Ryan’s shoulder, the next just missed his head. Many flew past, and a few managed to skim him. Through all the noise and dizziness Ryan looked up, past all the generals, past most the officers. His eyes landed directly on the boy.


James aimed and fired. The shot was almost perfect, hitting his target. James could hear the man groan as the bullet sunk into his belly. The shooting stopped, and many of the police complimented James on his shot. But he didn’t hear them. He walked along with another man, to unchain Ryan from the post, and to drag his body off. The other man was chatting to James excitedly about something, probably the party last night, but James didn’t pay any attention. James could only focus on the man. The man, his breathing laboured as his color began to drain. The man looked right up at James, James tried to look away, but he couldn’t shift his gaze from the man’s loving eyes. All the pain, and still love.

Even as James and his partner started to drag dying man, James could not shift his gaze.
“Father forgive them, they know not what they do.” And with those words the man passed on.

That night James just kept pacing his room. Those words, he had heard them. He remembered the one time he had secretly opened an old Bible that he and some other men had taken from a Christian’s body; he had turned to a bookmarked page. James couldn’t remember the whole verse, but it included those same words “Father forgive them, they know not what they do.” It had been when their leader, their king, had died. God’s son asked for his persecutors to be forgiven, and so did this man.

That night James asked God into his heart. He later slipped off to study the Bible with some Christians. He remained in the police force, but just so he could help free Christian captives, who in return always helped add to his knowledge of the Bible. The next firing squad was his. It was painful, but James still had joy. He ended with the same words that the man in the black sweatshirt had spoken, and the same words The Lord had spoken: “Father forgive them, they know not what they do.”
(The End)

Shadows in Autumn

Autumn was just another teenager girl, chatting about boys, animals, and randomly changing topics. Unlike other of the girls at her university, though, she was a hard worker. Her University, The University of Rington, a small town in the middle of nowhere, was mostly filled of procrastinators. The university professors gave really long, easy deadlines, and no strictness for late, poorly done homework. Normally Autumn would have stayed in her old town, going to the university there, but she had to go to a easy university to get enough free time.

As she opened the door to go out to her classes Shadow, a large Bernise mountain dog, came to watch her go.
After giving Shadow a thorough ear scratching, Autumn slipped out the door.
“Have a good day!” Shadow called into her mind, wagging his tail.

Autumn’s schedule was mostly sleeping whenever she could get rest. She had to be rested whenever Void called. Void was the leader of the younger bunch of secret police; he was also a bit of a jerk. Both Void and Autumn had lost their parents to the Sables. The Sables were a dangerous gang, wanted mainly for murder, and smuggling illegal weapons. They also were gas experts, and were good shots with their customized guns.

“Agent Hallows come in” Void’s voiced buzzed through the hidden com in Autumn’s ear, right in the middle of class. Luckily it was so quiet only Autumn, called Agent Hallows after Halloween, could hear it.

“I’m feeling sick, may I go home?” She asked her professor. His answer was no, so Autumn went with the old way of doing things. She started to bug the people around her, doodle noisily, play with her water bottle, and just be a rude person. The professor soon ushered her out of the room, and granted her permission to go home.

“Agent Hallows come in!” Void said once again. Making sure no one was near-by Autumn pressed the talk button on her com and answered void.
“Agent Hallows in, what’s up Void?”
“There’s been an explosion near base 2, investigate.”

Autumn met up with the rest of the police crew. She was the youngest there, but was still respected as just as smart as her older comrades. They fanned out around the crater, left by the explosion, searching for clues of who, and why,

After a few minutes Autumn reported into Void.
“Doesn’t look like anyone got caught up in the explosion, though it would be hard because they’d be practically disintegrated by the explosion. And their remains would be fried by the aftermath heat.”
“I’m frying over here too. Is it hot here, or is it just you?” Autumn rolled her eyes at Voids lame pickup line.
Autumn used her sophisticated high-tech gas scanner. Under her breathe she whispered the names of the explosive gasses. Then she reported to Void, after relating the gasses and most likely explosive types she added:
“yup, this explosion got ‘Sables’ written all over it.”
“Did they use a Sharpie or a pen?”
“Pay attention Void!”
“As you wish, Princess Buttercup.”
“Hallows out.” Autumn turned off her com.

“He likes you, and you like him back.” A soft, smooth, almost shadowy, voice teased in Autumns head.
“Shut up.” Autumn rolled her eyes and continued on with the inspection.
Her gas scanner beeped, quick as lightning she read the screen. Turning her com back on, she whispered through to all her partners.
“It’s a trap, don’t inhale, they have knockout gasses!” With that she pulled up her gasmask and strapped it on, she could hear someone close doing the same thing. She assumed it was another of her partners, but one could never be too careful, so she turned to look behind her.
“guys they are- Krrrrrrrrk Krickle.” All Autumns partners quickly regrouped and charged their adversaries who had lost the advantage of surprise. They did not see Autumn, but they couldn’t look for her, they were fighting for their lives.

Autumn got swiftly back on her feet, touching the sore lump where she had been hit, however not hard enough to knock her out. Autumn noticed her com had been knocked into the muddy river near-by. She hoped her friends had got the message. Autumn faced her challenger and ran towards him. The gang member made the dumb mistake of looking down to grab his gun, by time he had it in his hand he was out cold.

Void split apart from his group to find Autumn, not the best move because the others of the group had been relying on him to give orders, but now he couldn’t because he couldn’t see the fight. The group still fought though, and quickly appointed a new leader for the fight.

Autumn was soon surrounded by Sables, which wasn’t that bad because they couldn’t shoot her for fear of missing and hitting a team-mate, so instead they charged for hand to hand combat. A stupid move, because apart from weapon use, the Sables weren’t well trained in fighting. Taking a few down gained Autumn access to their knockout gasses and blackout guns. She released a knock out gas, taking down the few Sables who weren’t smart enough to keep on their gas masks after their gassing failed. Autumn found the Blackout guns extremely easy to use, and took down many of her competitors. However she was greatly outnumbered, and finally subdued.

Void, all alone, searching for Autumn, was an easy target for enemy rookies, and was soon shot with a blackout gun. And his team mates were slowly split apart from each other and captured.

When Autumn awoke she was chained to a cold, damp, wet stone wall. She looked around, noticing every one of her team mates were caged. She didn’t now whether to be happy to be alive, or wish she was dead. The Sables were known for torturing their captives, which is one of the reasons they used blackout guns. Using blackout guns they could capture the police and make their death slow and painful, instead of a quick shot.

Once all of Autumns comrades were awake a tall, thick shouldered, actually rather neat looking, man entered the dungeon. All the police charged, but couldn’t quite reach him, with chain leashes connecting them to the back wall. The man snickered, and struck out, knocking the closest agent to the ground with a hard slap. The other police pulled back a bit.

The man pulled a whip out of his belt and toyed with the end of it, enjoying the fear of the police. They were usually fearless, but when they were trapped these police were quick to cower.

For three days the police were mistreated, underfed, and beat up. They were all tired, and wished the Sables would hurry up and take their lives. Autumn sat in the back of the cell, thinking.
“What you thinking about?” her friend Skylar, whose agent name was Cloudy, walked up and sat near Autumn.
“Whatcha’ thinkin’ ‘bout, sista’?” Skylar had an odd accent, shortening most words, and using slang sometimes too. He wasn’t related to Autumn at all, just friends, but he called any girl sister. Autumn turned towards Skylar.
“Do we have anything here, anything you would be able to, say, kill me with?” Skylar’s eyes grew wide.
“No, we will escape don’t worry!” He blurted. Autumn leaned in towards him.
“Yes we will, I have something that can free us. But I need a back-up plan, do we have anything?” Skylar moved off, and soon returned with a sharp stick. Very sharp and sturdy, apparently the other prisoners had been making a spear.
“This will work.”

With that Autumn stared off into space, the others couldn’t see what she was seeing, but she could. Autumn was walking through the hallways of her house; she entered her room and whistled. Her sleeping dog, Shadow, got up and ran over. With a wave of her hand he was no longer a dog, but a perfect imitation of her as a guy. Shadow now had the same brown hair of Autumn, same dark clothes, and the exact same placement of dim freckles.
“Come.” Autumn commanded. Her mind snapped back into the cell. All the prisoners were staring at her curiously, as they heard her command, wondering who she was speaking to. Autumn started smiling, her shadow grow darker and larger. A few other police noticed this and pulled back. The shadow slipped out of the prison and formed as a tall teenager boy, Shadow. Shadow took down the unsuspecting prison guards.
“Killa’ Moves!” Skylar complimented Shadow. An alarm sounded, and Sable gangsters rushed down the stairs. With a wave of her hand, Autumn transformed Shadow into a terrifying pitch black, horse sized, dragon. With ease Shadow took down all gaurds, he was impossible for them to defeat. The Sables’ gasses didn’t affect him, their bullets zipped right through him, as if he wasn’t there. The Sables’ were not able to hurt him with their fists either. Anytime someone had a chance to try to hurt the Shadow dragon, Shadow would take them out. Soon the Sables were fleeing. However it was hard to run from the vicious dragon and soon all Sables were in a heap in the corner of the room. Shadow licked his lips and opened his mouth to eat one.
“Shadow! No.” Autumn held the spear point tight up against her neck. Shadow took a step back, and transformed into a boy once more.
“Let us out.” Autumn commanded, pushing the spear point in harder. She flinched as it pierced through her skin slightly. Shadow flinched too, putting his hand to his neck which was now bleeding slightly. Shadow came and released the police. As he came close to Autumn, she pressed the spear even more. He retreated back a step, and Autumn calmed.
“Go home.” Autumn requested of Shadow.
“No, I’ve been stuck there forever, I want freedom. Give me freedom!” Shadow demanded, turning into a dragon again and snatching Void, who had wandered too close.
“Let me free or I will kill him!” Shadow growled in Autumn’s head.
“And condemn the rest of the world to your merciless temper?” Shadow had once been free to do whatever he wanted; he had come out of the darkness randomly, scaring children. He was given the name: ‘the boogie man’ but he much preferred being called Shadow. He had murdered many, and was a cruel creature, that was before Autumn found how to control him, but there was still a risk in releasing him. Being connected to Autumn, actually being part of Autumn, if Autumn was to die, so would Shadow. Autumn knew this, so that is why she threatened Shadow with her own life.

Shadow would not stop; he started to bite into Void. Autumn wouldn’t let him kill Void, but he would not go free. Autumn watched as Shadow started to sink his teeth deeper into Void. Autumn stabbed herself with the spear, it sure was sharp, and she staggered around a bit before slumping to the ground. Shadow started to fade.
“No!” he yelled, dropping Void and running towards Autumn. All of a sudden he noticed something, she had ticked him, he snapped out of their mental link. He was holding void, but Autumn had not stabbed herself. She merely used the mental link to try to trap Shadow back into her head.
“your plan failed.” Shadow growled.
“I’ll just have to put it into reality then.” Autumn sighed, and pulled back the spear, to stab herself.
“No!” Shadow flung the bleeding Void off into the wall, and raced towards Autumn.
“I surrender!” Shadow said it just in time to stop Autumn. She outstretched her hand and rested it on Shadow. Shadow slowly faded away. Autumn avoided the confused stares of her friends, and raced to Skylar to help Void up.

The force agreed that their over-all boss, Agent G, wouldn’t understand what had happened, so instead Void reported following a stray Sable worker to the base, and infiltrating it. He boss believed this, and everyone was promoted. Also, because it would be too hard to explain her messy condition to her professors and friends, Autumn was pulled out of her university, and instead was privately tutored by Agent G himself.

“So your doggy is Shadow?”
“How come you don’t lose control of him when he’s in that form?”
“Because that’s the form I first captured him in.” Autumn answered Void as they walked together towards her house to watch a movie.

Autumn opened the door and stepped in with Void. Shadow, her pet dog, raced over, but stopped short staring at Void.
“No you cannot bite him.” Autumn answered Shadow’s question that he had asked mentally, the only way he could in dog form.
“We are watching a movie, you can join.” Void shook his head; he wished he could hear Shadow too, though it might be good that he couldn’t. Autumn turned to Void,

Autumn started to laugh, turning to Void she chuckled,
“He wants to know if you remember him, or if your concussion caused by him throwing you knocked that memory out of your head.”
(the end)
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