September 26-October 2

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September 26-October 2 Empty September 26-October 2

Post by Melody on Fri Oct 02, 2015 4:57 pm

This week everyone worked on one story, with quite an interesting result! Here it is:

KP Group Story

The waltzes of Strauss echoed throughout the brilliant hall as dresses spun and suits swayed. Nowhere else in Europe could one find such a marvelous ball, nor could one find such beautiful women. But I was not in Budapest for either of those qualities; I had a job to do.
“May I have this dance?” I asked a seemingly shy girl gazing in on the action from the outskirts.
“I’m not overly fond of dancing” She replied with a smile.
“Please, I insist.”
She looked at me with an expression of question and then decidedly placed her fingers in my offered hand.
I had to count in my head to manage the beat, slow as it was. One, two, three, one two three, right left right, left right left. She was good at dancing; I felt clumsy holding on to her, but tried to maintain an expression of ease.
“May I have your name?” I asked the lady in my arms.
“And what brings you to this delightful gathering?” I seized the moment she was thinking and explaining by directing us towards the east end of the hall.
“My father insisted that I attend. This banquet; it's for his work. Recently, they closed a large deal with another important company, the Waltberg Corps. It's been kept secret for a while, but just recently they revealed the deal and this was the celebratory party.

I nodded, my fingers tapping slightly as I tried to maintain the rhythm. I had been sent here to see how honest Waltberg Corps truly was, seeing as how they hadn't been keeping that clean of a slate in the past years. With their wealth, they had managed to cover up anything big before it reached the news, using everything at their disposal to stop their secrets from spilling out to the public.

“What brings you here? I don't remember seeing you around my father's work.” Katalin asked, and I smiled smoothly at her.

“I was brought in as a temporary guard. Seeing as how there is many important businessmen here, many of them could be targets in an attack.” It was my cover story, constructed before I was sent out here. I had memorized it, reading it over and over and perfecting any small errors that could lead to failure.
“A temporary guard, hmm? Dancing with the daughter of Nicholas Ziikar, not protecting him?” she smiled jokingly and I returned her smile with a grin as we danced towards the long table of rare and expensive foods.
“Well, I am on break, you know. Not… breaking any rules…” I slipped my hand into hers, and continued dancing to the music. We sailed around the opulently domed cathedral toward the crowd, which had moved once more. A couple glided past us, and we merged with the crowd, blended in, synchronized with the twirling and swinging of the crowd. That is, until I spotted him. He saw me. I saw others like him. They approached steadily, also in synch with the crowd. Katalin noticed my distress. Her gray eyes darted around, but unlike me, her untrained eyes didn’t see the threat approaching steadily. The men in the dark gray suits pulled something out, and even without having a visual of their arms, I knew what the Rhino Legion’s weapons were. But what were they, one of the most powerful mercenaries in the world, doing here? Waltberg Corps must have hired them. Katalin took action before I did, even though she had no idea who I was running from. She pulled me as she ran away from the crowd, back into the open.
“What are you doing!?” I whispered heatedly.
“I don’t know! It looked like you were scared!”
“Well, I wasn’t, and now we’re even more exposed!”
She stared at me, then stood up and started walking away.
“Wait! If they’re after me, they’ll be after you too! They never leave anyone close!” I covered my mouth as soon as I said it.
“I’m not close to you! I barely even know you!” she stomped away, but was blocked by two blokes who raised the visors of their combat helmets to reveal dark, narrow sunglasses. She turned around, but before she could make up her mind she was grabbed from behind, suddenly paralyzed. In fear? I didn’t know, but one thing I was sure of was that I wouldn’t let the Rhinos have her. I assembled my semi-automatic and slammed a silencer on, and launched out of my hiding spot. They were just turning away, and might have been caught by surprised, but if they did, they didn’t show it. A fist wrapped in hyper-diamond carbon slammed into my ribs, cracking them instantly, while I was left doubled over in pain.
I groan in pain as I stand up, the automatic still in my hand. My eyes watched as Katalin struggled in the man’s grip her screams were muffled as he covered her soft red lips with his rough hand. I screamed out for her, the look in her eyes of a mix of fear and sadness made me weak to my knees. Her once happy eyes were now washed with fear and I now knew I had to save her, I had only known her for a short while and already I loved her. She was extraordinary and I would do everything possible to save her.
 A groan elicited form my lips as I stood up, wincing as I chased after the men. After a few yards I collapsed again, wheezing heavily. It felt like shrapnel had exploded into every part of my torso, puncturing my lungs. I took in my breath sharply, willing myself to get up but my arms felt like pudding, ignoring my weak commands. I tried to regain my breath, but slowly a blanket of darkness took my consciousness.
 When I woke up I was attached to an IV by my wrist, the steady beat of a heart monitor making my head pound. The only thought running through my drug induced brain was: Katalin. My eyes fluttered opening. Sitting up I tore the IV from my wrist and de-attached the heart monitor. I noticed for the first time then the bandages wrapped all around my torso. The heart monitor started beeping rapidly, growing louder. I winced as I bent down to unplug the stupid machine. I had to find Katalin before it was too late. I ran down the halls of the hospital, scrunching my nose at the detestable smells.
I glanced behind me to see a doctor speed walking in my direction, coat flying behind him. Oh no, I thought, quickening my pace.
My surroundings were foreign; I’d seen many hospitals in my time but never one with a layout quite like this. First priority was to blend in – my patient getup and exposed bandages stuck out like a sore thumb. To the left, a service closet presented itself. I slipped in and waited behind the door. It wasn’t long before my pursuer entered – a swift knock to the head dropped him cold. Stripping him of his doctor’s suit I donned it as quickly as I could. The coat was a bit tight, but nothing that would draw attention anymore than my previous apparel had.
I exited the service closet at a cool pace, smearing out the wrinkles of my coat as I walked, chin high. I took a moment to lean against the wall, pretending to check a patient’s records at the door to their room. My head felt nauseous from the pain, and who knows what else. It had been roughly two hours since I had last seen a clock, the internal bleeding could have persisted. But it was my job, no – my duty, to find this girl and bring her to safety.
I pushed myself off from the wall and continued walking down the corridor, my feet a little wobbly. I took a turn to the right, only to swing back and continue down the original path. Two large men in black leathers had been walking down the corridor behind me – definitely mob.
Two more had just entered the room up ahead. Black spots began to make themselves prevalent as my vision began to fade in and out. I shook my head vigorously to keep myself awake. If they hadn’t changed me earlier, I would have still had my stims. For all I knew, I was a wanted criminal – caught red handed, Uzi and all. I thought back to Katalin; it was the only image that would keep me going. I began to wonder – was I still doing this for the mission, or for her?
My chest throbbed, my stomach turned into knots. Stealing a glance behind me, I saw the two mobsters from the corridor earlier had changed direction and were now closing in. Sweat streamed down my forehead in large beads as I began searching for the best place to hide. I slipped into a patient’s room to the left with the door slightly ajar, “Room 56”. I quickly but silently closed the door, cursing when I realized it didn’t lock from the inside without a key. Spinning around, my jaw dropped as I witnessed the woman before me, dressed in average hospital attire. I could hear the footsteps from the men in the hallway outside as they neared Room 56. My heart rate quickened.
“Katalin…” I whispered, making eye contact with the ghost from the ball.
“Don’t look back,” she said as the doorknob slowly turned from the outside. “Just keep your eyes on me.”
We run down the hall. I try not to let on to the pain in my chest, but an involuntary grimace works its way over my face.
“Are you alright?” Katalin asks.
“Fine, just a little bruised,” I lie.
She doesn't look convinced, but resumes her hurried pace. I follow as best I can. Then I see it.
In her hand there is a gun. Small enough to easily conceal, large enough to kill.
“Where did you get that?” I ask.
She puts a finger over her mouth in silence. “We will talk later.”
There is a fire escape to our left. Katalin opens the door quickly—thirty second before the alarm sounds—and motions for me to go through. I make haste as best I can.
The stairs are murder.
The parking lot is mostly empty, and she leads me to a black muscle car. The leather seats feel good against my back. Katalin takes the drivers side.
“Can we talk now?” I ask.
She keeps her eyes trained strait ahead as she speaks.
“My name is not Katalin. Mr. Ziikar had feared harm might come to his daughter at the banquet, and so I was hired to take her place to avoid rousing suspicions. Actually,” she says, giving my a wry smile, “I work for the same Company as you, Mr. Heart.”
I try to process this information. She knows my real name?
“Ziikar hired someone from the Company? That doesn't make sense.”
“It does if he didn't know I was from the company,” she responds. “I didn't expect you at the party. I already had a plan. Good thing I have a second one.”
“What is that?”
“As you know, the Waltburg Corps. has been smuggling military grade weapons to our enemies and smaller militant groups for the past nine months. I was going to place a tracker on the latest shipment of weapons—you know, casting a bigger net. But now we're going to have to take them down with a quick blow, the shipment has already left the country. Luckily, I'm not bound by rules as you are, Mr. Heart.”
“What do you mean by that?” I ask incredulously.
“I'm working covert. If I want to get the information I need, I can squeeze.”
“You're planning to track down Ziikar and his men and torture them until they tell you who they're supplying?” She seemed to frail and delicate before... But now there is no doubt in my mind that she is more than capable of this.
“Yup,” she says with a cold smile, eyes fix on the horizon.
“What is your real name?” I ask, suddenly more captivated by this woman than ever.
She laughs. “All in due time, Mr. Heart, all in due time.”

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