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Post by Admin on Fri Aug 15, 2014 5:34 pm

Post your completed works from this week here.

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August 15-22, 2014 Empty Re: August 15-22, 2014

Post by LittleDancer on Sat Aug 16, 2014 2:14 pm

I sat in my rocking chair quietly darning socks for my papa. My mama was making bread, and Margie and Luther were playing with the few toys that we owned. My papa was a woodcutter, he went out into the forest every day and then the next day he would chop the wood and take it to town. Town was a long way off and He took the wagon full of wood to town.
“Go to bed Charla” Mama urged me.
“No I am going to stay up to wait with you” I replied, papa was not home and all the little children had gone to bed. It was near midnight when papa came home.
I opened the door to see my papa. His face was white as a sheet. I grabbed him and sat him down in a chair by the fireplace. Mama got up and bolted the door closed. My papa’s hands were shaking.
“Papa what happened?” I asked holding his hands.
“It’s out there, it will find us.” Papa said with a blank look in his eyes.
“Papa, everything is okay now. You are safe.” I said trying to reassure him. I was getting scared; papa has never been scared of anything.
Papa reluctantly went to bed with mama. I lay down beside Margie in our small bed. I lay awake thinking about how scared my papa was. After hours of lying awake I finally got to sleep.
What seemed like five minutes later, mama came in and was shaking us awake. She gently shook me and Margie.
“Charla you must come and help me in the kitchen.” Mama said.
“Margie and Luther I need you to go out into the forest and find me all the spices that you know; I am making a special supper for papa tonight.” Mama says with a twinkle in her eye.
I quickly got up and dressed. I put my hair in a low bun so it would not get in the food. Lastly I tied my apron around my dress and went to help mama.
Margie and Luther soon left with small baskets and cloaks tied around there necks.


“Come on Luther we must hurry” I said picking some wild sage from the ground. Luther went up to a tree trunk and picked some more sage. I looked up and saw something that had not been there before. It was a stone house.
Luther looked up and dropped his basket. I walked up to the door; it was a round wooden door. But there was no handle on the door. I lightly pushed on it, it didn’t budge. I put all my weight on the door and it opened enough for me to squeeze through. Luther followed me reluctantly.
It was very dark inside but as we walked along suddenly a candle was lit. I could see everything. There were buckets that had a red liquid in them. Suddenly there was a crash. I looked over to see a bucket tipped over with the red liquid all over the floor. But in the bottom of the bucket there were bright gold coins that glimmered in the candlelight.
Then I saw something that I had not seen before. There was a figure on the wall. I couldn’t quite see what it was because it was wrapped in many clothes. I didn’t want to know so I turned my back to it and focused on the red liquid coming towards me.
The red liquid reached my boots and it stained them. After a moment I realized that it was blood. I stepped away and grabbed Luther’s arm.
“Come on we have to get out of here” I said to Luther. But before I could stop him Luther grabbed a huge handful of the gold coins and put them in his hood. Luther ran out of the house and into the woods. I followed behind him.
“Luther we can’t take the coins!” I yelled at him. Luther just kept running.
Luther ran into the house and I came in right behind him. I couldn’t say anything I was so breathless from running.
“Mama, Luther-Stone house- There was blood. He took the coins” I said trying to form a whole sentence.
“What are you saying Margie?” Mama asked.
After a few minutes Luther and I explained everything. Luther put the coins soaked with blood on the table.


I heard a rustling behind us and a door opening. Papa came into the house and took off his cap and coat. He came over to us and then saw the coins on the table. He stopped dead and his face became white and pale again.
Then I saw something that I would never expect. Luther was trying to bite Margie.
“Luther now is not the time for games” I said. Luther turned and looked at me. He had an evil smile on his face and his eyes were sunken in and they were glowing white. I screamed.
Luther had succeeded in biting Margie. And now Margie looked the same as Luther with her eyes glowing deathly white. I led them to the bedroom without being bitten and closed the door and put a chair under it.
I was almost in tears when the door opened. And this time in walked an old man. He had cloth wrapped around most of his body but I could see his face, he looked like he was thousands of years old and that his face was about to fall off. His eyes glowed with the same deathly white as Margie and Luther’s. He walked toward us groaning and moaning. It looked like a picture that I had seen in town. It was a mummy
I grabbed the gun by the fireplace and shot the mummy. It had a huge hole in its chest. But it kept walking. It came closer and closer. I reached my mama and bit her in the neck.
“Your blood will be in my house by the full moon” The mummy said.
“We will be your blood” My mama said her eyes began to become white and glowing. Then mam bit papa. He began to change just like mama had.
“We will be your blood” said my papa.
Margie and Luther broke through the door of the bedroom. I was surrounded, tears poured down my face. I couldn’t kill my family. Then papa lunged at me.
“We will be your blood.”

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August 15-22, 2014 Empty Re: August 15-22, 2014

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 21, 2014 12:19 am

Fate had made his choice; he was going into the fray. The opposing champions had ambushed a fellow teammate in the northern jungles of Summoner’s Rift, and with Fate’s ultimate ability off its cool-down, he was just the man for the job.
Veering off from the battle arena’s middle lane, he reached into his pocket pulling out a fresh deck of cards. He always kept plenty on him just in case. He spun around, throwing three cards out in a fork like shape into the oncoming wave of enemy minions, reducing their health before channeling his ultimate. A lightning beam of cerulean light flashed down from the sky as Twisted Fate was surrounded by a flurry of cards. Leafing through yet another deck, Fate planned out his next few moves very carefully in advance before entering the fray.
Although he had lots of output, he was one of the least defensive members on his team of five, making him an easy target for the enemy team. The key to his survival was to stay behind the more durable team members while raining damage onto the enemy champions from a safe distance.
Stealing a glance up, he observed the trail of destruction in the jungle, noting where the team-fight was heading. The cards flying around him increased in fury. Fate placed a hand over his hat to keep it from falling off while travelling through the portal. Once the gate was open, Fate blinked to the other side of the map, arriving in the tempest of cards he’d been surrounded by moments before. Three of the enemy champions were within a stone’s throw from where he stood, chasing down his team’s roaming member, Vi. The girl could take care of herself in the jungle despite its extremely hostile environment, however three enemy champions was quite the different story. She charged up her large metallic gloves before powering out of the fray and into the safety the nearby tower. The north-end of Summoner’s Rift housed three towers for each of the two teams, Fate was glad she’d taken refuge. However her departure posed a new problem – now all the enemy champions were focused on him. He knew he’d made an immediate mistake, having opened the gate at the wrong timing. Fate was no match for the enemy champions who could take him out together in a matter of seconds. Without thinking, Fate snatched a card from his pocket and sent it flying in the nearest enemy’s direction.
“It’s my lucky day,” he muttered as the yellow card he’d chosen made contact, freezing the enemy champion in place. He recognized the other two members of the enemy posse as Shyvana and Soraka, the first one being a dragon kin that could change form at will, and the second a faun skilled in the mystics. Between Soraka’s healing capabilities and Shyvana’s raw strength, he knew he was outmatched.
Running due south along the meager trails the jungle had to offer, Fate placed a hand over his hat, bracing for the impact of his inevitable doom. He glanced a glimmer of sapphire from the corner of his eye, followed by the shout of a martial artist. From out of the brush jumped a shirtless monk with tight bindings over his eyes – the blind monk Lee Sin. Fate took a moment to marvel at how the martial arts prodigy had learned to navigate solely by sound. Lee preformed a powerful roundhouse kick, sending Soraka crashing into one of the nearby trees. Ignoring the intrusion, Shyvana kept pursuit.
Fate spun around, weighing his chances.
“Only two jokers in the deck, and I get dealt with you?”
Shyvana flashed him a ferocious grin before changing from her human form into the monstrous dragon she was. Fate could feel the heat of her breath from where he stood, only a few yards away. He threw a card at her bestial form, which she snatched with her jaws and swallowed whole. Fate braced himself for the inevitable. A shout sounded from his left, drawing the dragon’s attention for a split second. A large metallic hand came smashing through the trees, connecting with the dragon’s jaw sending her head over heel. Fate smiled as Vi landed nearby, her armored hands still charged.
“Looks like you could use some help.”
“I reckon,” Fate remarked, sending a wink in Vi’s direction before reaching into his belt for more cards.

Twisted Fate:




Lee Sin

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August 15-22, 2014 Empty Re: August 15-22, 2014

Post by Wlonnie on Thu Aug 21, 2014 11:08 am

The Dying TARDIS

He looked all right on the outside. His chipper smile, the way he buzzed around to solve problems, the excitement hidden deep down in his voice; none of that had changed. Yet when I looked at him, I knew he wasn’t telling me the truth. No, something else was going on with my friend.
Something was troubling the Doctor.
“When do we go? We’ve been at home for at least a week now.”
“Aren’t you enjoying it? That little chap with the hat from yesterday seemed pleased as punch to see you.”
“Children usually are – but that’s not my point. I haven’t stepped foot into the TARDIS since we arrived. Neither have you, and that’s even weirder.”
The Doctor shrugged. We were standing out at the park near my house. My siblings were playing grounders on the brightly-coloured toys, and a couple of my friends were scheduled to arrive within a quarter of an hour. The Doctor had gotten along well enough with the people I knew. What was really bugging me was the fact that the TARDIS had been empty of him for nearly eight days now. Blatantly speaking, it was unnatural.
“I’ve been hypothesizing. You know, working things out in my head.” He straightened his bowtie before looking down at me. “Do you really want to go into the TARDIS?”
I nodded fervently. “Yes!”
He stood up straighter. “Make sure not to expect much.”
There wasn’t time to question why the Doctor was acting so strangely. Within minutes, we had run to the other side of the park. In amidst the trees and right beside the soccer field sat the TARDIS; just as if she’d never been left.
The Doctor walked up to the blue wooden box and snapped his fingers. The door opened, revealing a large, dark space that was impossibly fit into the small police box shell.
I walked straight in. Oddly enough, I was met by a cloud of dust. I coughed and fanned the dust away from my nose. “She obviously doesn’t like being left alone. Doctor, can you turn the lights –“
The TARDIS’s interior lights flickered on, revealing a very grey room. Instead of hearing the happy whirring of engines, the dismal aura of silence was the only sound in the room.
But the silence wasn’t the worst part.
A large, plain, grey stone coffin rested in the middle of the room. Light cracked through thin gaps in the coffin, casting shadows around the floor in every which way. The control room of the TARDIS had been turned into a crypt.
“What ... what happened here?” I could barely speak. This wasn’t right. If the Doctor himself had avoided this place for a week, what could this mean?
“She’s dying, Jenn. It’s a rare disease. You know that a TARDIS is a highly advanced form of life.” He sighed and brushed a layer of dust off of the coffin. “All life has its weakness.”
At that perfectly inopportune moment, the strangest face I had ever seen walked into the TARDIS. The party face from the list of Skype emotes was attached to a body. It didn’t look quite like a cartoon, but it was still horrifying.
I frowned. “Adley?”
“Do you like it?” He turned around. “Jubs and I got it done yesterday.”
“You look ridiculous.”
“Wait, that’s it!” The Doctor jumped up in excitement. “You! Where did you get the face?”
“Um, he didn’t say.” Megan randomly walked out from the shadows. Jubs came with her.
I was confused, but the Doctor seemed to be thrilled. Jubs and Adley were decked out in weird party faces. Megan – thankfully – was looking rather normal.
“We got them from Steven.” Jubs said.
“Okay then,” I didn’t question the abnormality of it all.
“Steven, Steven, Steven,” The Doctor repeated the name over and over. “Ah, yes! He’s the one who can help us.” He turned around and grinned at me. “Come along, now. Let’s go find Steven!”

- from the dream realm of Jenn

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August 15-22, 2014 Empty Re: August 15-22, 2014

Post by Elithran on Thu Aug 21, 2014 10:18 pm

Darkness.  Absence of light.  Harsh, choking, unbending, blinding. I couldn't feel the choking sensation as the air about me entered my lungs, and I couldn't smell the smoke of burning rock, but I could feel the hatred, asphyxiating as any cloud of smoke, and I could nearly taste the malice, seeping out of the darkness on all sides like a airborne venom.  
         Light.  Dark light; red and lurid, around a corner of black volcanic stone.  My eyes strained even for one glimpse more of that light, and my feet took me toward it.  The edge of a precipice.  I knew it before I came to it – in this place, wherever I had fallen, I seemed omnicient.  All knowing.  Except, I guessed I wasn't.  I looked down, over the lip of the sheer black rock, curled down like a sneer.  I saw one, two, three scores of black figures, writhing and dancing on a bed of red light.  
         Demons, dancing on lava.
         They weren't dancing.  They were killing.  Killing one another.  Slaughtering, maiming, goring, and eviserating.  Limbs lay strewn across that dark red floor, lit somehow by magma flowing underneath a transparent platform.  Bodies too, dismembered, shuddering, screaming in agony and rage with tongues that should have still long ago, lay dotted like corpses of black ants.  More fluid were the forms that still moved.  The demons.  Those of the Void.  Spawn of Valkaen.  I watched with intense, fascinated horror at the scene transpiring below: two demons, locked in combat.  One falling to the savagery of the other, writhing, twisting in its death throes, blood and viscera poured out on the ground.  The victorious one exulting, then turning for its next victim.  But my eyes were trained on the one who had been slain.  It ceased its twitching, and for several moments appeared to be dead.  But then the twitching began again.  The body of the gruesome fiend reknit, and it shoved itself to its feet.  Then, turning about and summoning a massive blade from nowhere, it rushed upon another demon.  
         Turn around.  A sixth sense, my omniscient self.  I whirled.  Behind me had crept a demon, grotesquely ugly, horns splitting the skin of its face and shoulders, bearing a gristly blade with glyphs of the Abysses upon it.  It shrieked when it saw me turn and lunged forward with an impossibly fast moulinet.  I was doomed, I knew, with that speed.  But I blinked anyway.  
         And I blocked the blow.  Somehow, in that blink, I had countered with a move of my own, with a sword of my own -- glowing and misting faintly with white smoke.  Skills and weaponry that appeared out of nowhere.  My body was taut with the most electrifying readiness for combat I had ever felt, and yet even as the demon was cursing, readying its next strike, its grating, shrieking curse became a viscous gurgle.  Black ichor bubbled forth in a froth of glistening bubbles, the body of the demon convulsing as the tip of a black blade burst from its sternum.  My face was spattered by hot blood as the blade was withdrawn swifter than the eye could follow and the demon slumped to the ground.  I took a step back.  Grimy nails gripped my ankles with an iron-strong grip, and hissed at into my face,
         “Go then, lordling!  Exult, and weep.  Haven’t you guessed where you are?  Haven’t you?  You fool!  Welcome to Hell!  Hate and kill, kill and hate, KILL!”  The last word wavered into a grating shriek, and was cut off by the black blade.  I looked.  And there, before me, behind the slumped form of the slain demon, was a being of night, of flame and terror, fuelled by derision, malice and jealousy, wreathed in darkness and utterly tall.  In its hand was a weapon born for blood, and it had no face, but as I gazed upon it I knew in one instant that I would not survive the engagement.  
          Before me was death.  Behind me was Hell.  I backed away, farther and farther.  Then, in a rush, the form slammed forward with supernatural speed.  I cried out, but with one last burst, I threw myself backward.  Backward, to safety.  Backward, off the cliff.  Backward, into Hell.  Falling, into an Abyss.


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August 15-22, 2014 Empty Re: August 15-22, 2014

Post by Natarsha on Fri Aug 22, 2014 2:24 am

We all had a dream to be able to fly or be incredibly fast, we may have dreamed of at a young age to be princess or knights in shining Armour. Around the age of five I followed the same stereotype when it came to a dream I vaguely remember:
I woke up to the birds chirping and the summer sun shining through the windows. I got up and put on one of my best dresses because today was my coronation and as I was the princess or soon to be queen of fairytopia (Yeap, I actually called my imaginary kingdom fairytopia) I had to look my best. I finished getting ready and flew out on to the balcony and looked across the kingdom I would soon rule. I flew away from the castle and down to the lake wear I dove in and magically had a tail (I’m guessing I’m half mermaid?) I swam around for a bit playing with the dolphins (Right because there are dolphins in a lake??) Before my mother called me for my coronation, I flew to the castles grand hall where the coronation is being held I went to my seat and my mother was late, just as the coronation began my mother rushed through the door and sat beside me “Your late mum” I whisper “A queen is never late, everyone else is simply early” (That was a princess diaries reference in case you didn't get that) I giggled and waited for the coronation to begin.
Note: I would like to note, I was around five and being a princess was a common thing so of course I dreamed it. Also for the bad writing skills this week has been full on and I only had an hour on the computer so I wrote really fast my apologies

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August 15-22, 2014 Empty Re: August 15-22, 2014

Post by Natarsha on Fri Aug 22, 2014 2:49 am

The Nightmare
The lighting lit up the room, just as the thunder shook the house awake. I sat up in my bed pulling the duvet closer to me leaning against the wall in fear of what may attack me. The rain pelted against my window as I heard the thunder, then came the lighting and as it lit up my room I saw it. The china dolls that sit on my desk opposite my bed slowly turn their heads to face me… I scream but no one can hear me. I watch as they get up and head to me, my screams get louder as I hug my knees to my chest, They moved ever so closer... and closer till they were a mere centimeter away from me…  I felt something drip on my head and looked up to be faced with a spider, its teeth stained red as the blood drips on my fore head. My screams become croaks. I closed my eyes wishing the nightmares to go away but as I opened them the china dolls were there in front of me with their demon eyes glaring at me, their painted on smiles looked like the joker. They looked at me like a hunter and I was their prey. I could hear my heart pounding, the spider moved closer all its eyes following me now I know how Ron felt in Harry Potter being around that spider. So this was how I was going to die? Murdered by my china dolls and a spider… I screamed but nothing came out I tried to move but I couldn't find my way out of the room, I moved just in time and stumbled against the wall that wasn't even far from my bed. I sat in the corner and felt the room close around me, the dolls moved closer with each step their smile represented the joker with each step, the spider crept closer waiting for its feed my heart pounded in my chest as the lighting lit up the room brighter than before “Natarsha..” the dolls whispered “Natarsha..” again it came even louder than the last. I watched them as they said my name over and over again in their creepy little voices I covered my ears and closed my eyes waiting for this nightmare to be over… I opened my eyes sitting up in bed tears down my face my heart pounding in my chest.

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August 15-22, 2014 Empty BBC Sherlock dream

Post by ScrambledMemories on Fri Aug 22, 2014 12:38 pm

I walked into the bathroom, hoping to grab a shower before we left, but when I tried opening the door it only opened partway.

“John? Sherlock? Is anyone in there?”

I knocked on the door, but no answer came from behind it.

After five minutes, I put my weight on the door, and slowly pushed whatever was blocking it out of the way.

“You guys, this isn’t-”

My words died in my throat, as I stepped into the room fully, before shrieking at the top of my lungs “JOHN!”

In front of me was Sherlock, collapsed on the bathroom floor, a pool of blood surrounding him.

John came tearing through the door, his breath hitching when he saw Sherlock on the floor.

“Help me get him onto his side!”

Working together, we quickly rolled him over, and John felt for his pulse, letting loose a sigh of relief when he found one.

“He’s still alive, but the pulse is very faint. Hand me some of those towels.”

I got off my knees, and grabbed a few of the white towels, handing them to John.

He carefully peeled the blood soaked shirt off Sherlock, and after checking over the wound for debris, started gently placing the towels over it.

Sherlock groaned softly, then his eyes flew open, looking wildly around the room.

“Sherlock, calm down! It’s going to be okay!” I begged, and he shook his head, his breath coming in short gasps.

“N-no. It’s not okay.” He started randomly babbling, talking about when he was a kid, and as he got further me and John just stared at him in shock, horror filling us.

“I was a kid, just a kid, he was gone, far gone. He was sick, she tried helping him, but he couldn’t be cured.

No one knew what was wrong with him, he was always, just different. Mumbling to him self, saying strange things.

There were always moments where he would go feral, attacking people, but she was the only one who could calm him down. They let her keep him, take care of him, because he hadn’t hurt anyone severely, yet.

One day, she was doing house work, and she hurt her self on a nail.

It was like a shark in a pool of blood.

Me and him were standing in front of the window, just looking outside, and when she came downstairs, he instantly stiffened up, looking to where she was.

Slowly, he came over, and I followed to see where he was going.

Walking behind her, he watched for a moment as she applied the antiseptic to her hand, then suddenly grabbed her arms, biting down on her neck.

She screamed, and tried to shove him off, and I was frozen, staring with shock.

Coming to my senses, I grabbed his arm, trying to pull him off, and he let go of her neck and arms, turning towards me and growling, his mouth stained red with her blood.

He started slowly limping towards me, although he had never sustained injury to his leg.

Quickly, I ran up the stairs, away from his growling, running into my room and locking the door.

I looked around franticly for an escape route, and my eye fell upon the window, slightly ajar.

I pushed it all the way open, and climbed out onto the roof, trying to get away from him.” 

He went on for a while, talking and blathering about that, and I looked at John in shock.

“Did... Did that happen? Who was that? Who’s he talking about?”

John shook his head, and said “Not as far as I know. He’s never spoken about this, like that. Not in all the time I’ve worked with him.”

We finally realized it had gone quiet, and looked over at Sherlock.

“I don’t know everything about him. It could have been real, something he dreamt up, a hallucination. Given his condition, if it was a hallucination, he won’t remember it at all when he wakes up.”

He got up, and said “Watch over him, I’m going to call an ambulance.”


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August 15-22, 2014 Empty It All Started with a Simple Game...

Post by Sunshine1498 on Fri Aug 22, 2014 1:31 pm

It all started with a simple game. My two cousins and I were playing a harmless cops-and-robbers game inside my house. Mark was playing the bad guy (as usual) and Greg and I were trying our best to be the good guys. I guess we got a little carried away, because before I knew it, another strange guy who I had never seen before was playing with us. I have no idea where he came from, but all I knew was he was chasing me down, and with a sharp knife. Now our game of cops-and-robbers had turned into a lethal game of tag, one where the people who get tagged don’t survive to be “it”…

    I quickly dashed into the kitchen and headed for the double glass doors. I had to get away from this guy! I risked a glance back. He was nowhere in sight. Excitedly, I ran to the doors and opened one. Suddenly the guy appeared out of nowhere and started after me again. I dashed through the open door and slammed it in his face. Now where to hide?  I thought desperately. A taunting thought came to my head. You can run, but you can’t hide!

    “Doesn’t that fit this scenario just perfectly,” I mumbled sarcastically. With no time to waste, I ran to the forest. I hid behind the woodshed to catch my breath. Then I gasped as I remembered something.

    “Oh man, I forgot about Mark and Greg!” Gathering my courage, I glanced around to make sure the guy wasn’t around. Then I stealthily ran back to the house. This time I entered through the laundry door and just saw Greg slip into my room. I followed him in.

    “Greg! It’s me. Where’s Mark?” I hissed.

    “I don’t know. I think he’s hiding somewhere,” he panted.

    “Or he could be running away from that guy. Do you have any idea who he is?”

    “Nope. Might be one of Mark’s friends. Or guys he hangs out with,” he amended. I heard a sound coming from the other side of the room.

    “Psst, guys, I’m under here,” whispered a familiar voice from under my bed. It was Mark! He started to crawl out from underneath.

    “I didn’t know a person could fit under there!” I exclaimed.

    “Yeah, well, good thing I’m skinny,” Mark replied. He brushed himself off. “With all three of us out here, we might have a chance against that guy.”

    I smiled weakly. Yeah, three teenagers versus a guy with a sharp knife… that doesn’t have a pretty ending, I thought to myself.

    “Do you know that guy?” I asked Mark. He opened his mouth to answer but never got the chance, because the guy appeared in the doorway at that moment. Mark fell to the floor, but thankfully I didn’t see any blood spurting. As I looked up, the guy grabbed my arm and pulled me towards his knife. I tried to wrench myself free, but he was stronger than I was. Amused, he brought the knife closer to me. I struggled vainly to get away, but it was hopeless. He quickly jabbed my arm and let go of me. I stared as small rivulets of blood tricked down my arm and formed a spider web. Shocked and enraged, I glared at him. I decided to risk it.

    “Ok, that was not funny or amusing! Do you know that that thing is sharp?! If you don’t be more careful, you could cause much more damage than this! What is wrong with you?! If you’re going to continue this, we aren’t going to let you join in anymore! I have no idea who invited you, anyway! It sure wasn’t me! I advise that you put that knife down right now, before someone else gets hurt!”

    My reprimanding seemed to be working; he lowered his arm and dropped his gaze. Mumbling something, he dropped the knife, just missing my feet, and stalked off. He shot me an ominous look before slamming the laundry door. I heard a motorcycle start up and saw the guy blast out of my driveway. I crossed my arms as I watched him drive away.

    “Good riddance! Bikers are always trouble,” I muttered.

    “Hopefully he stays away now, and doesn’t kill you in your sleep when we’re gone,” Greg said.

    “Yeah, now that he knows where you live…” Mark agreed. I shivered at the thought. Then I turned and looked at them brightly.

    “Let’s hope he remembers who he is dealing with before he even thinks about killing me in my sleep. I’ll get up and give him another lecture about knives and sharp objects, and that will send him running back to where he came from!”

    The next week alternated between being outside and playing video games. I was at Mark and Greg’s house now, and all thoughts of the biker guy were out of my mind. I was having a good time, and whenever a thought about that guy would come up, I would brush it away like a pesky fly. But, like a pesky fly, the thought kept returning. I couldn’t get the ominous look on his face out of my head. It was almost like he was threatening me… Threatening me about what? I could almost imagine him saying, “I’ll be back! Mark my words, I will be back to get you…”

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August 15-22, 2014 Empty Re: August 15-22, 2014

Post by Adley☮ on Fri Aug 22, 2014 4:06 pm

I will be travelling home via zeppelin! I have always wanted to ride on a zeppelin, but they don’t make them any more, not since the Hindenburg. However in this modern age we discovered a way to run zeppelins from Helium. Soon after the discovery, Tony Stark opened the first airship ports in the world since the 1960s, these airships are more economical then planes, but slower. The bright side is, if you miss your flight, you can charter a plane to fly you to your airship, which can dock on the bottom of the airship and transfer passengers.
My flight is in 1 hour, lots of time to pack and say goodbye to my grandparents. I had been staying with them for the past 2 weeks, painting the inside of their house.
“Would you like some blueberries for your trip?” asked grandma, holding out a huge zip lock bag. I popped a blueberry into my mouth, trying to hide my expression; the blueberry tasted awful.
“I don’t think they would be a good travelling food” I said.
“Ok, maybe just an apple” She said, putting the blueberries away.
The phone rang, grandma picked it up. I sat down and toyed with some crib pegs while she talked on the phone. Eventually I realized I should be packing, so I went to my room and crammed all my belongings into my bag. Just as I finished zipping up my bag, grandma poked her head into my room. “Excuse me Adley, but would you like to meet your great aunt before you leave?”
“What time?” I asked, worried about my flight.
“Oh, she’ll be here in 15 minutes”
“Sounds good” I said.
“I think it’s time for ice cream” said grandpa, stepping into the room. I quickly agreed and opened the freezer; I had become quite familiar with the ice creams location over the past 2 weeks. I could never understand why my grandparents had so much chocolate sauce, neither of them ate any, but they had 3 bottles of it. They must have bought it for kids like me, who eat ice cream every day.
The doorbell rang. “I think that’s her!” said grandma
“Who?” asked grandpa, looking up from his ice cream.
Grandma didn’t answer; she was already at the door.
Next thing I knew, an old woman was saying “So nice to finally meet you” while hugging me.
“You to” I said awkwardly, “What was your name again?”
She didn’t answer, instead she just asked me a bunch of questions about my family, and then at the end she said:
“Oh so your Judy’s grandson!” at this point I had gathered she was not exactly in the loop.
“Well I had better go now” I said, remembering my flight.
“Ok, it was nice meeting you David” said the crazy aunt.
I hugged my grandparent’s goodbye, and then grabbed my bag of belongings, leapt out the window and landed at the airship port.

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August 15-22, 2014 Empty Cataclysm

Post by Hybukee on Fri Aug 29, 2014 5:22 pm

It is the year 2032. My name is Kaela Stryker, and this is how my story ends.

I was born and raised in the Sector 11. For the past 17 years of my life, life has been mundane and routinely. Be that as it may, I’ve never been able to figure out what in the world (pun intended) this ominous gut feeling I had was foreboding. It was like my brain was whispering to me… It’s going to implode. Soon.

That may have been why I received a message last week from the One; no one clarified that for me. The message was a warning. I was to leave my home and travel to some type of Underground-Railroad-type of home and stay under the radar. The internet radar, that is. It seems that the situation is critical, because I was harshly instructed to fake my death on the internet, and my high school teacher was to help. Faking my death was no easy task; it was detrimental to my dearest friends and relatives. I may not have had a huge circle of friends, but I had very close ones and it breaks my heart to do this to them. There was no choice, though. Moments after I "died", oddly dressed people in masks came to take me to their base.

As we drove across the suspension bridge, my mind started racing. I was terrified. IT'S GOING TO IMPLODE. NOW. As if on cue, a gargantuan wave towered over us, blocking out the sun. Tsunami. Of course. Bracing myself the best I could manage, I hollered, "FLOOR IT, DRIVER. WE'RE NOT GOING TO MAKE IT!"

What happened next was all a blur; the tsunami wave hit the bridge dead center, just missing us. Others were not so fortunate. Everything went in slow motion as we sped against the crumbling bridge. I watched in dismay as the debris, cars and shipping containers got violently washed ashore.


"KAELA! Wake up!" That was Lucas. What is he doing here?
"C'mon, you need to do something! She's out cold." Ariana?!
"Please, Kaela. I'm begging you. Wake up!" He pleaded again.


I gasp for oxygen -- terrible idea. My sinuses sting with the water that'd forced its way in. According to Lucas and Ariana, our car had slid into the raging waters below, along with the bridge. We miraculously made it out alive, considering the fact that I fainted and had to be dragged along. The sharp, charred rocks that covered the shore contrasted what was left of the buildings -- mounds of rubble and debris. Amongst the scarce few buildings still standing, Lucas pointed out a specific building that we were supposed to be at hours ago. The building was no spectacle, with solid grey walls and an overall monochromatic design. Despite the unimpressive exterior, the interior was striking. Glass panels, white walls and minimalistic furniture made for a sleek, clean feel.

Apparently this was where Lucas and Ariana were working at, in the HoverFlight repairs and recruitment departments. Neither knew the purpose of my faked death, which was peculiar. Recruitment teams are usually fully briefed by the One. My thoughts were suddenly interrupted, though.

A crackle and a snap over the intercom, then an announcement followed. “LUCAS KNIGHT AND ARIANA JACOBS, REPORT TO OFFICE [ONE].” A holographic message also appeared overhead, visible to everyone in the common area.

I turn my head to Lucas and Ariana hoping for a quick explanation, but they were already speedwalking away towards ‘Office [ONE]’.

“Right, leave me here, all alone! Great! See you around, friends…” I mumbled under my breath.

Being the only raven-haired girl in the building meant lots of stares, and not all of them were friendly. As a result, chipper wasn’t exactly what a passerby would describe me as; it’d be something along the lines of “that grumpy Asian girl pouting by the water fountain”.

All complaints aside, I ended up going exploring. There were dozens and dozens of offices, mostly lower-class employees. The doors had some sort of locking mechanism I’ve never come across before; it was composed of glass-like cubes, gears and chains. Fancy. Wandering down a harshly lit hall, I realized that it was actually naturally lit. Since when did midday sunshine get so starkly white?! Looking out for more than 5 seconds was barely possible. My eyes already burned with such intensity that hot tears started clouding my vision. Oookay, we are walking away…look away…look away!


“AH, I am so sorry!” I gushed, completely flustered.

A deep, melodic voice replied, “It’s alright, miss. Are you okay?”
“I’m fine, thank you – Mr. Evans”, I said sheepishly, having read his nametag. I didn’t look fine, I know that much. I bet my eyeliner was smudged and giving me panda eyes.

“Are you by any chance Miss Kaela Stryker?” He smiled.

“That’s me, sir. How…how do you know who I am?” To be honest, I was kind of freaked out. He better not be a creepy stalker.

Mr. Evans had a pensive look on his face, then said, “It’s actually a long, complicated story, Miss Stryker. You’re no ordinary teenaged girl. We found you 17 years ago, abandoned in the middle of a crop circle that read ‘PROTECT KAELA STRYKER’ in Gallifreyan. We thought it was some sick prank, but after some tests, you proved to be a genetically enhanced human. Since then, you were placed in a trusted family’s care, and raised to hopefully save the world one day. It sounds ridiculous, but we’ve been monitoring your brain activity and that constant gut feeling you had is real. The Tsunami hit the bridge you were on, the exact moment you had the feeling that something terrible was about to unfold.”

His words turned into a drone as I went into a stupor of disbelief. I…wasn’t wholly human?

“You actually died, Kaela. The wave hit the car you were in. It doesn’t seem that way to you because you were programmed in a way that alters the memory of your death somehow so that you never know you’ve died. You CANNOT know that you’ve died; it’s fatal to you. I’m only telling you this because the One alerted me moments ago that it is your time to go. Farewell, Miss Stryker. Godspeed.” He finished, his face downcast.

At this point, my head was spinning and the last thing I saw was the roof opening, and a hoverplane picking my limp body up deftly. Where am I going?

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August 15-22, 2014 Empty Re: August 15-22, 2014

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