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Post by Adley☮ on Sat May 16, 2015 1:53 pm

This weeks challenge: write a story (can be about anything you wish) where the reader cannot tell whether the main character is male or female. Challenge by Adley.

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Post by Melody on Fri May 29, 2015 4:44 pm

Sooo, I kinda cheated this week, and used an old story of mine Razz (Not one from kp). I just rewrote it a little, to fit with the challenge. The original (better, I think) version can be read here:

Gifted. That is what they call it. I am lucky, they say. I am special.

I am cursed.

It was discovered when I was eight, nearly seven years ago, that I was not like the other children. I was taller, better looking they told me, but that was not what set me apart. Perhaps if it had not been discovered I would have had a normal life. My family would still be alive. But because of me and my gift, they are dead. I killed them.

I sigh and look out the window at the sky. It is painted a ruddy orange with just a hint of gold. I listen to a flock of seagulls as they pass by, disappearing into the hazy distance. I don't notice the smell of salt in their anymore; I have been here too long.

Superficially it is nice here. A large castle set upon an island far out to sea. And it would be nice, if not for one thing. I cannot leave.
I have the gift of fire.

Thousands of years ago, when the world was new, there was a race know as the slvÿth. Tall, dark, fierce in battle. Each one possessed a special power—it might have been profound wisdom, courage, perception. Or, sometimes, fire.

The sun is below the horizon now. The beautiful display is the sky has faded, slowly giving way to night.

There were ten different gifts. Of them all, fire was the rarest. The ability to set fire to anything that will burn, at will.

Somewhere long ago, slvÿth blood entered my heritage. My parents tried to hide it. If they had not, they would still be alive. If I had only known...

I shake my head as if to clear it of the awful memories that pour in. Father, mother, my three siblings, all dead, their charred bodies lying in the ashes of a ruined house.

Unlike a pure-blooded slvÿth, I cannot set fire to objects merely at will. Only extreme emotion can provoke me to it. Joy, excitement... Anger. I had been so angry that day. I had questions, they had answers. But they would not tell me. They were only trying to protect me, I see now. But it is too late.

After my parent's death, there was no hiding the secret anymore. The king had discovered it. Immediately I was sent off for training in the hopes I could control my gift. No such luck. Still, the decided I would be useful in case of war. So here I stay, on reserve, to be called upon if needed.

I can't escape from this island; I've tried. The castle is well guarded and impervious to fire. Even if I could get out and onto the hard rock below, there is no way I could get off. No boats are kept here, and there is no other land in sight. Once a week, a freighter comes to drop off supplies. I am most heavily guarded then.

I hear a rattling sound, like chains. I have heard this sound many times before. Someone is unlocking the large padlock that holds the metal chains in place on the opposite side of my door. Putting on my best look of disdain, I wait for them to enter.

A man's voice calls roughly through the door. I prickle at the use of my name.

“What?” I reply sharply.

He steps into the room. I stand like a coiled snake ready to strike. He is evading my privacy; my space.

“I have orders to bring you to the mainland. The king wants to speak with you.”

“My answer is the same now as it was then: no, I will not serve him.”

The short pudgy man fidgets with the end of his tunic sleeve. He looks nervous. Good—he should be.

“I have orders. You must come."


“You must come...” he repeats, but his voice trails off. He avoids looking at my face.

I become aware my teeth are barred in a snarl. That always happens before I... Use my gift. He will not be the first guard I have burned.

I suddenly stop myself as I raise my hand to strike. Why did they send only one guard? Once I use fire, I cannot use it again for a long period of time; sometimes hours, sometimes days. Once, it was several weeks. They sent him to make it safe for the other guards.

“Alright, I will come,” I say. I lower my hand. Perhaps I will get a chance to show my gift to the king.

A look of relief floods over the man. “Follow me, please.”

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Post by Natarsha on Fri May 29, 2015 5:48 pm

[Not a 100% proud of this, I've been packed with exams, assessments and everything in between so excuse my lack of motive :p]

Putting on my jeans and graphics tee, I tie up my laces of my sneakers, looking in the mirror I fix my hair and grab my car keys. I look at the old run-down silver Mercedes car and sigh I get in and start up the car pulling away from the complex, I head down the street towards the local inn.


“…I don’t want to do that to them” I say in anger, “Oh but you must, it’s the only way to save them, if you just… disappear” that word rolls of his tongue and it makes me feel disgusted and sick to my stomach. “Fine. You win, tomorrow I’ll leave never to return” He smiles bitterly and I turn to leave full of anger “Oh don’t forget be at the inn at 9 to collect your items” I heard him chuckle and I murmur to myself please let them forgive me.

Flashback over

I get to the inn and park the car, I don't bother locking it. The clock ticks nine when I walk in, I quickly grab my things seeing the man smiling to himself in the corner, I pack some food, money, clothes and any other essentials needed. I rush out of there as a shiver runs down my spine feeling is cold eyes stare at me, I get into my car and hit the steering wheel out of anger. Once I was calm I drove away and towards the city as far as I could from the country side, seeing as I was having to disappear

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